Top 5 Must-Visit Destinations in New York City Top 5 Must-Visit Destinations in New York City
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New York is an extremely large, rich, crowded city with countless attractive destinations. However, if you are a first-time visitor to New York, with a short time, you need to prioritize doing the following 5 things:

1. See New York City From Above

The only way to truly appreciate the size of this city is to observe it from above.

The Top of the Rock and the Empire State Building are two of the most well-known structures with good views of New York City among the many other structures and rooftop bars. Fortunately, both are included in the NYC CityPASS.

If you can only choose one, we advise Top of the Rock because you'll be able to see the Empire State Building in the skyline, which is New York's most recognizable view.

2. Eat Ice Cream at Ample Hills Creamery

5828 ice cream at ample hills creamery
Ice Cream at Ample Hills Creamery. Photo: WDW News Today

Ice cream is always an option. I live by this adage, especially in New York City where there are so many different ice cream flavors to choose from.

We received recommendations for places to visit in New York City before our trip from a number of readers, and one establishment that kept coming up time and time again was Ample Hills Creamery.

There are several locations throughout the city, one of which is conveniently close to one of the High Line's entrances. And let me tell you, it was just as delectable as everyone had described. In fact, it was so good that the following day we went back and ordered the exact same flavors. Sincere gratitude to Carmela from No Wrong Turns for the fantastic recommendation.

3. Take in some Impressive Street Art

5603 take in some impressive street art
Impressive Street Art. Photo: Trip101

Street art originated in New York, which is still the best city in the world to see it.

Seeing art in the street is much more visceral than seeing it on a gallery wall in a museum. Check out the Bowery Graffiti Wall at Houston and Bowery to see what top-tier street artist is currently on display (previous artists have included Banksy, JR, and Shepard Fairey), or check out the Coney Island Art Walls' changing roster of artists for more evidence.

Go to the Lower East Side for the 100 Gates Project, which features impressive artwork on the grates that cover businesses at night, if you're looking for an artistic activity to do after dark.

It's entertaining to stroll down one of the most well-known streets in the world and observe people power-walking while wearing business suits. They'll make you glad you're on vacation as you watch them!

4. Stroll The High Line

5310 stroll the high line
Strolling The High Line. Photo: Citi Bike

In between the daring skyscrapers of Manhattan's west side, Chelsea's above-ground park and garden, built on former train tracks, provides a natural haven and 1.4 miles of car-free walking space.

Recently opened in July, the High Line now has timed entry to reduce the number of visitors. The park hasn't been accessible to the general public for several months. We really missed it.

There are still pieces by Sam Falls and Lara Schnitger that were displayed as part of the park's En Plein Air exhibition. Look for a large-scale sculpture called Sister of the Road made of painted aluminum and four ceramic archways supported by the steel rail tracks from the High Line's original railway.

5. See Sunset on West Street Highway

5105 sunset on west street highway
West Street Highway at sunset. Photo: twowanderingsoles

Locals love to stroll along the 9A West Street Highway at dusk. Visit some of the grassy spots along the Hudson River Greenway for a picnic or to observe people. Overlooking the Hudson River, the colors are quite spectacular.

The Frying Pan is a fun place to stop for live music and drinks if you're in town during the summer and up for a beer and a lively atmosphere.

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