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The ranking of the Top 10 friendliest tourist destinations in the world for the years 2023/2024, as presented by, is derived from an assessment conducted by globally recognized travel sources including CNN Travel, Travel + Leisure,, Lonely Planet, and various tourist forums.

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1. La Rioja of Spain

Top 10 Friendliest Tourist Destinations in the World in 2023/2024
La Rioja - Friendliest Destination in the World for Tourists

This is a famous tourist destination located in northern Spain. Although La Rioja is not too prominent, it is popularly known by the wine industry. The information that appears most often when you search about this land is grapes and wine.

Tampranillo - is a special grape variety here, the main ingredient for premium red wines. For this reason, La Rioja is known as the wine heart of Spain.

2. Eprius of Greece

Eprius is a land with rugged terrain, mainly mountainous. There are many national parks here with rich, unique ecosystems, beautiful scenery, diverse vegetation and many typical animals such as bears, wolves, lynx...

That is why Eprius attracts tourists. calendar with interesting experiences of visiting national parks, participating in outdoor activities for those who are passionate about paragliding, mountain climbing...

3. Oberosterreich - Austria

Top 10 Friendliest Destinations in the World for Tourists in 2023/2024

When talking about Austria, tourists often think of classic music by musicians. However, you may not know that tourism here is also very developed, there are many famous places and Austria has a land in the top 10 friendliest lands in the world in 2023: Oberosterreich.

Most of the landscape here is covered by the Alps, so there is a typical alpine climate that creates wonderful scenery, majestic cliffs and many beautiful meadows...

4. County Down in England

The UK always impresses tourists with its mountain slopes filled with purple heather flowers, each dense forest with its own advantages, or captivating coastal roads... including tourists. Visitors cannot miss the County Down coastline.

Coming here, you can freely experience the system of more than 6,000 sand dunes - a magical feature that Mother Nature bestows on this land. This is also the home of more than 600 species of butterflies and other precious flowers.

5. Mures in Romania

The district of Mures was officially established in the year 1968 within the country of Romania. The northeastern region of the district is characterized by its mountainous and hilly terrain, which offers suitable environments for camping and picnicking activities.

The remaining portion of the Mures region consists predominantly of plateaus and valleys. Furthermore, when visiting Mures, one has the opportunity to explore various historical artifacts, including the clock tower and the Palace of Culture in Targu Mure.

6. Marlborough in New Zealand

Top 10 Friendliest Destinations in the World for Tourists in 2023/2024

Maybe you don't know that Marlborough is in the top 10 friendliest lands in the world in 2023 because of many high evaluations from experts.

Marlborough is located in the northeast of New Zealand's South Island - an extremely important wine-producing region. With a grape growing area of more than 20,000 hectares.

Marlborough covers a quarter of the entire country. Here, grape varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc account for 70% and some other types such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling...

7. Ninh Binh Province - Vietnam

Ninh Binh is a province of Vietnam, located at the southernmost gateway to the North and in the Red River Delta. This place fully synthesizes three types of terrain: hills, semi-mountains and plains. That is what has created the extremely unique landscape and natural landscapes of Ninh Binh. Some famous destinations include: Cuc Phuong forest, Hoa Lu forest, Dong Thai lake, Da Lai lake, Bai Dinh pagoda...

The most special thing when mentioning Ninh Binh is Trang An - Hoa Lu area - a destination recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, attracting thousands of tourists every year.

The beauty of Ninh Binh is extremely special, creating an unforgettable impression for those who have set foot here

8. Limon of Costa Rica

Top 10 Friendliest Destinations in the World for Tourists in 2023/2024
Limon in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small country in Central America that can meet many different travel needs of tourists. Limon is a province in the country of Costa Rica, it includes the cities of Limon, Guapiles and Barra Colorado.

Coming here, visitors can experience unique vegetation; beaches with white sand, golden sunshine and clear water, admiring the beauty of volcanoes and many other landscapes. Limon will be a destination that will make many impressions and surprises for you.

9. Newfoundland & Labrador is in Canada

Top 10 Friendliest Destinations in the World for Tourists in 2023/2024
Newfoundland & Labrador

This is the easternmost province of Canada. Newfoundland is a large island and Labrador is a continent. This wonderful combination of creation has helped the province reach the top 10 friendliest lands in the world in 2023.

When coming here, tourists can experience both sea tourism, cultural tourism or continental jungle tourism. Newfoundland is Canada's fourth largest island and the 16th largest in the world. Some outstanding places that you should not miss when coming to this land are Fogo Island, Terra Nova National Park...

10. North Dakota of the US

Different from the luxury and splendor that people often think of when talking about America, North Dakota is a completely different place. This is considered a wild part with deserts and long mountain ranges.

Some famous scenic spots here that you can refer to are North Dakota, Vang Protestant church in Manfred, Fort Union national historic commercial area... The time is suitable for visitors to experience the beauty and The culture here is in the summer, May until October.


Above are the top 10 friendliest lands in the world in 2023, ranked by You should refer to them if they want to have the most accurate experiences.

The above places are mentioned many times in global travel forums or reputable websites.

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