Top 10 Friendliest Animals in the World

The list of top 10 friendliest animals in the world

1. Capybara

2. Dog

3. Dolphin

4. Cat

5. Giant Panda

6. Rabbit

7. Guinea Pig

8. Horse

9. Swan

10. Sheep

Which animal is the friendliest on Earth?

Fact: The dog is not at the top!


Top 10 Friendliest Animals in the World
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Don’t be fooled by the enormous size of this mammal. Capybara is the friendliest animal in the world. Belonging to the Hydrochaeridae family, Capybara is an exceptional rodent and also the largest in the world. They are native to Central and South America, mostly found in swampy areas and close to water bodies. Capybaras grow as tall as 2 feet and weigh up to 65kgs. They gaze on grass (adults eat nearly 8 pounds of grass each day) and need water all the time to supplement their dry skin. They are also excellent swimmers.

This tailless, webbed feet, the brown-haired animal is immensely social and trainable; thus a dear friend to everyone. Capybara lives in large groups usually contain 10 to 30 members, howvever, during dry season it can be more than 30 members. The most dominant capybara is the leader and he is responsible for the safety of other members. The aimal species are excellent swimmers and divers. Females used to take care of the young species because they can easily attacked by jaguars. The average lifespan of the species 8-10 years in the wild and 12 years in captivity.

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#2. DOG

Top 10 Friendliest Animals in the World
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Dogs are undoubtedly among the friendliest and most faithful animals in the world. Their innocent puppy face could melt your heart. They are often referred to as a human’s best friend, and for good reason. They are good at understanding your emotions and sentiments. Dogs are also more likely to trust strangers than other animals. Dogs belong to the same genus as wolves. Humans began domesticating them thousands of years ago.

The dog is one of the most loyal and friendliest animals in the world. It is purely a domestic animal. Due to their loving nature, dogs are the most favourite animal of humans. Thus, is a symbol of loyalty. Many different species of dogs are present. Most humans kept them for security purpose because it is very protective in nature. It is the first animal ever send to space along with humans. Due to their aggressive and athletic nature, Hence, they are given special training and keep as military dogs in military and police departments.


Top 10 Friendliest Animals in the World
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One of the smartest animals in the world, Dolphins are known for their social skills and friendly behaviour. They are surprisingly intelligent and mostly harmless. These grey coloured aquatic animals are playful near humans and other beings too. They are often spotted following ships and boats. Humans and Dolphins share a special relationship, which has been dated back to many years. Iceland’s Cost is one of the most sorted destinations for Dolphin spotting.

Tourists get a chance to see various types of Dolphins in their natural habitat. Dolphins usually saw in large groups known as pods and they are popular as social and very playful animals. They have a hole at the top of the head from where they breathe atmospheric air. There are some dolphins that can stay 20 seconds underwater, however, some of them can stay 30 minutes without returning to the surface of the water.

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#4. CAT

Top 10 Friendliest Animals in the World
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Cats are the most attractive animal of all. Because of its friendly nature, they are considered as one of the most common pet animals. Humans are obsessed with this pet because of very fun loving and playful in nature. They love to keep themselves clean and tidy. Cats are usually carnivores in nature but the pet one has a special process and formula diet.

This friendliest animal in the world loves to be cuddled by their master. The factual thing about the cat is their hearing sense is almost five times stronger than human beings. Cats spend most of their day sleeping while having amazingly flexible bodies which help them to jump from the heights. It can rotate their ears up to 180 degrees. As they climb up the trees and has a very excellent night vision ability.


Top 10 Friendliest Animals in the World
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Mountains of Central China is home to Giant Pandas. They are not only the cutest creatures but also the friendliest. 99% of their diet consists of Bamboo. These Pandas weighing up to 135kg are excited in nature and fun-loving. The Black and White Pandas are considered a national treasure. Unfortunately, they fall into the group of Endangered species. Well, The Giant Panda Research and Breeding Centre in Chengdu, China lets visitors spend time with these adorable creatures.

Baby pandas listed as one of the cutest baby animals in the world. The panda’s molars are very broad and the shape of the teeth is in such a way that it helps them to crush the bamboo shoots, leaves, and stems that they eat. They hod the bamboo with their front paws and eat them with their mouth and have enlarged wrist bones that act as thumbs for gripping. Pandas will be able to climb as long as 13,000 feet and are also very good swimmers.


Top 10 Friendliest Animals in the World
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With their big ears and cute faces, bunny rabbits easily make the top ten friendliest animals list. The adorable herbivores get along splendidly with people, can be litter box trained, and come hopping when their names are called.

Families started keeping rabbits as pets in the 1800s, and they’ve grown in popularity since. Like cats, they’re very particular about their space and like to keep things clean, so they do take work to keep healthy and happy.


Top 10 Friendliest Animals in the World
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The domestic guinea pigs are rodents belonging to the Caviidae family. They are cute and friendly creatures, though they want a lot of attention. They are rodents, not pigs. But they’ve earned the name guinea pig because of their appearance. They are herbivorous creatures with a lifespan of up to four years. Their teeth grow throughout their life.

They are most common in Spain and feed on hay mostly. The sleeping span of pigs is very short, like almost 3 to 4 hours a day. They love to be surrounded by humans or of their own kind. When these friendliest animals are excited they jump straight up and down on the ground which makes them a dancing animal. Most importantly pigs leave their scent on their stuff to mark their ownership.

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Top 10 Friendliest Animals in the World
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One of the most useful animals to humans known for their luxurious life. The horse is an exotic and glorious animal. You will be surprised to know that there are more than 300 breeds of horses in the world. Though they differ in size and nature, one thing always stays the same; that is the friendly nature. They drink almost 25 gallons of water per day. A horse is a social animal and a group of horses never sleep at the same time, at least one horse stays awake. They have a similar kind of emotion as humans which is reflected in their facial expression.

#9. SWAN

Top 10 Friendliest Animals in the World
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The curved neck swans are the epitome of love and loyalty because they are always loyal to their partner. These birds belong to the Anatidae family within the Cygnus genus. Ducks and geese are their close relatives. Swans feed both on water and land. They are friendly as long as you don’t hurt their partners and younglings.

Swans may have a reputation for being stuck up, but they’re one of the friendliest birds around — and are soothed by the human voice. However, they will fiercely protect their babies (called cygnets), so watch out! These amazing long-necked avians mate for life. However, about three per cent get “divorced,” usually due to a nesting failure. Egalitarian in their daily lives, male swans even take turns incubating eggs! The white swan is one of the 10 most beautiful animals on Earth too!

#10. SHEEP

Top 10 Friendliest Animals in the World
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Sheep don’t just bring their master bags full of wool, they are curly and cute. They were first domesticated decades back. Today, Australia, India and New Zealand are major contributors to Sheep production. There are more than 200 breeds of sheep. They are found in a group called flock. Lambs are one of the cutest baby animals. Their socials and non-aggressive nature help them to be a companion of humans.

They are friendly and non-aggressive. They are wonderful companions to humans. These mammals are typically kept as livestock. Sheep are among the first animals domesticated for agricultural purposes. They have a lifespan of up to 12 years.

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