Top 10 Best Puppy Training Apps for Android And iOS
Top 10 Best Puppy Training Apps for Android And iOS

Training a puppy is difficult, especially for first-time pet parents. You have to teach him everything from walking on a leash to potty training, basic obedience training, bite inhibition, and a whole host of tricks. Numerous puppy training apps are available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to make this process easier. They are very useful and offer features such as clickers, insights, tips, etc.

Take a look at these 10 best puppy training apps for Android and iOS.

The basic must-have things before you begin to train your dog

Photo: AdobeStock
Photo: AdobeStock


The most well-known and common items to aid you in dog training is having the right treats and rewards for your dogs. This can help them keep their motivation high as well as to show them that they are on the right track. Whenever they do something right, they learn that it is good to do so. You can purchase high-quality treats that are specifically designed with dog training in mind and these are easy to pack and carry. The actual size of the treats should be about the size of a berry. Some dogs may be picky eaters so you may need to get creative with the type of treats or rewards that you give them. You can try using play time with their favorite toy when they do a task or trick well done.

Treat Bag/ Training Carry All

Keeping in the theme of treats a little bag where you can store them would make a great addition especially on walks. You can buy a washable, treat pouch that can come with different departments with the use of zippers in order to keep your keys, phone and clean up bags separate for each other so you can get to them quickly when your dog does something good. Or you can make space in your handbag and make sure you do not forget all the items you may need before you leave the house.


Another way to reinforce the correct and positive behavior is dogs are with the use of clickers. There should be many types to choose from at your local pet stores such as small handheld ones, ones that can be attached to leashes or some that have wrist straps on them. Some leashes can even have built-in clickers. However, you can also get an app for clickers. Clickers can be used on multiple dogs at the same time or on individual dogs since they use different sounds depending on the type of dog. Clickers are one of the recent, great ways to show the dog what type of behavior you want from them regardless if they show it on cue or natural. Training can be a full-time job so be on the lookout to reinforce positivity.

Long Leash

While you are training your dog on walks it is a great idea to invest in a high-quality and strong lead and dog harness that is also quite long. About six feet (1, 8288 meters) would be a good length that can give you control as well as give your dog some freedom when need be. You would not like them to stick by your side so that neither of you have space to move. A leather leash can be a good choice since they are flexible, easy to hold in your hand, and should be durable enough to withstand even the biggest and jumpiest dogs. A good leash can also help keep your dog from running away and getting lost while you are taking them for a walk, especially if they are still learning the commands of ‘stop’, ‘stay’, ‘come back’ or their own name. However, if you are, unfortunately, looking for a lost dog you can go to a lost pet finder website to check if they are on there or to send out a request for people to keep an eye out if they are not yet on the site. Keep your long dog leash by your door so you can grab it on the way out for walks with them.


Something that goes along with a leash is a high-quality collar or a harness depending on the size and breed of your dog. The most common type of collar is the simple, flat-buckle that has some metal hardware. Metal elements are stronger and less likely to break or pop open when compared to their plastic counterpart. However, a harness could be a better choice since they can help you to guide the movements of your dog. Correction collars are not at all required for training purposes and would be best to avoid them.

Target Stick

A target stick can be used to help your dog stay on target while they are on their walks as well as for tricks such as teaching them to bow or even spin. A target stick is a long stick which could even be a wooden spoon if you have a spare in the house. However, you can also get ones that come with clickers or a foldable to allow for carrying and storage.

Training Book

There are as many methods to teach and train your dog as there are books. Find one that would suit your needs with easy to follow instruction and the theory behind the method so that you can understand and maybe even tweak it a bit to suit your dog.

Dog training can be a worthwhile and rewarding investment not only for your dog, but for yourself as well.

Benefits of Training a Dog at Home

People who have a generally well-behaved and socialized dog that happens to pull on the leash from time to time and occasionally destroy their slippers might want to consider training their dog personally. It will be cheaper, safer, and you will build your bond with your dog. You should be familiar with your dog’s quirks already. The training at home has not been easier with people sharing their skills, information, and practical knowledge across the Internet. Many motivated and confident people have trained their dogs through YouTube tutorials and mobile apps.

You will have to adapt your schedule to fit training sessions at least twice a day and you will need to be very patient. Dogs, much like people, learn at different paces and pick up on tricks and tasks with varying degrees of success. If you need to train your dog better obedience, retrieval skills and maybe making your dog a service dog — grab your phone and check the apps mentioned below.

Why are pet training apps so popular?

Pet parents could not use the services of in-home or on-premise pet trainers due to the COVID-19 induced lockdown. This led to the rise of pet training apps such as Puppr, GoDog and many others that help pet parents train their dogs through interactive classes and training sessions. These pet training apps provide a host of information, and some even offer 1-on-1 sessions with top trainers to solve puppy problems. The convenience of training your dog anywhere, at any time has made pet training apps boost their popularity in a very short time. However, which pet training app should you choose with a host of apps available on popular mobile platforms?

The important of dog training

Training is an essential part of owning a dog and can be started at any age. Training builds confidence, provides mental stimulation and strengthens the human-animal bond. Dogs are always learning. It is never too late to start training.

Dogs that have anxiety or more timid personalities can benefit from training. It provides a sense of accomplishment and provides a way for us to communicate with our four-legged family members. This strengthens the bond we have with our dogs through positive attention. Plus, they can spend time with us, which is what most dogs want, to be close to us.

Mental stimulation is an important part of a dog’s overall well-being. It is just as vital as daily physical exercise. When it is too cold or rainy outside, going through basic training skills indoors can be the exercise our bored dogs need. Or if your dog must limit exercise due to an injury or after a surgery, mental stimulation is necessary to keep them occupied.

What method of training is recommended?

The preferred method of training is positive reinforcement. This consists of rewarding your dog for doing something “right.” Rewards can be tasty treats, a favorite toy or praise. Training methods that use punishment can cause the “bad” behavior to get worse or even lead to aggression. Seeking help from a professional trainer is best. He or she can recommend a specific class or one-on-one sessions. Trainers that have gone through the Karen Pryor Academy have an extensive knowledge of positive reinforcement.

When should I start training my new puppy?

It is recommended to start socializing and training your puppy as soon as you get them home. Some breeders recommend waiting until the puppy has completed their vaccine series. However this is too late! When puppies are between the ages of 6 to 16 weeks they are in an ideal developmental stage to socialize them to all aspects of our world. This means exploring new people, new dogs, new cats and new locations. Enrolling your puppy in a “Puppy Socialization” class will help with both socializing and beginning early training process. Additionally young dogs will go through an adolescent phase between 8 – 18 months when socializing and training can be important tools to keep your dog friendly and happy as they go through the “teenage years”.

List of top 10 best puppy training apps that you can use for your furry friends

1. Dogo

2. GoodPup

3. Puppr

4. Doggy Time

5. DogLog

6. Pupford

7. Pocket Puppy School

8. GoDog

9. Everydoggy

10. Pawsitive

What are the best dog training apps for you to use, with reviews?

1. Dogo

Photo: Google Play
Photo: Google Play

What makes Dogo unique is that it is an all-in-one app that requires you to create a profile for your dog. After that, you can start training him various tricks, games, good manners, etc. The app provides detailed step-by-step instructions for each trick. It is mainly based on the clicker training method, which is suitable for beginners. You can teach your dog things that might not be possible without this app by using positive reinforcement techniques. It also offers the possibility to rate your dog’s performance for each trick. So you can train him until he gives a 5-star response.

In addition, the app also offers daily workouts. The app recommends different tricks every day based on your dog’s abilities in the workouts. It also repeats old tricks from time to time, so your dog doesn’t forget all the training. Although most of the tricks are free to start with, some professional tricks are locked and require a premium membership to access. With the premium membership, you can share your dog’s profile with your family members and also add multiple dog profiles to your account. Dogo Premium also offers video exams for your dog and provides certificates for him to be proud of.

The Dogo App, in short, has a site here — — and boasts personalized training programs where you can choose what you want to train your dog and which advanced skills you want. The app comes with a clicker, exams, an activity log and you can attain a certificate. The content is presented in text and video format. You can get access for 7 days for free (at the time of writing) and then enter a subscription model called “Dogo Premium”. The app has been described by its creators as a “gamified training” that might be appealing to some. You will find plenty of games for you and your canine as well as interact with other Dogo users on a tight social network. The Dogo Premium accounts benefit from personal feedback through video exams. The project is lead by a certified veterinary doctor specializing in internal and behavioral medicine with over 7 years of experience in the pet care domain. If you are seeking personalized support through video the Dogo app may be the right choice for your training at home.

2. GoodPup

Photo: GoodPup
Photo: GoodPup

Goodpup is great for those who need one-on-one training sessions with certified and reviewed trainers. These trainers can help with behavioural and special skills training for your dog. These trainings are held in real-time, ensuring that you can train your dog while the trainer observes that everything is going according to plan.

The app includes potty training, crate training and behavioural training and other basic training programs. All the pet owner has to do is find a training plan, give a brief assessment, schedule a training session, and that’s it. Goodpup’s trainers take care of the rest.

Their financial information is private. The app makes money through payments for 1-on-1 calls with trainers and training packages.

The app is offered by and helps teach better in-door manners, basic commands, skills to avoid bad behavior and educates users on dog health. It has been praised for its support, illustrated guides, quick daily sessions, and cooperation with the American Veterinary Medical Association. The app comes with daily text check-ins from a trainer and will require you to follow a schedule. The GoodPup app comes with an auto-renewing weekly subscription and you will have to set up a credit or debit card in advance. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your balance and charges lest you are surprised with their bills. They have pretty good reviews on the Apple Store and Google Play but may not be the right fit for people with not a lot of free time available.

3. Puppr

Photo: Puppr
Photo: Puppr

This simple puppy training app offers a list of tricks in different categories. However, what makes it special is the number of tricks available in the app and how easy the app is to use. First, the app greets you with a list of categories such as New Dog, Basics, Performer, Circus, Agility, etc. Then you can find tricks or subcategories for your chosen category. The app offers simple tricks like “sit” to advanced tricks like “turn off lights”, “close doors”, etc. The app provides detailed step-by-step instructions with the necessary photos to explain the process when you open the trick page.

Just like Dogo, Puppr comes with a built-in clicker and a tracker for tracking the progress of the dog’s training. Every chapter includes video instructions with easy-to-follow steps so dog owners can train their puppies like professional dog trainers. The first tricks in the app deal with how to start clicker training. If you choose Puppr Premium, you will get even more tricks, professional help with live chat, etc.

The Puppr dog training app offers lessons by Sara Carson who is described as one of the top dog trick instructors in North America. The Puppr app includes potty training, “sit”, “fetch leash” and various tricks. The app has free lectures and support via live chat. The support is paid through a subscription called “Puppr Premium” which is auto-renewed each term. Keep in mind that refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. The app allows tracking the progress of several dogs at a time and provides valuable help to owners dealing with separation anxiety. Puppr looks to be centered around the experience of Sara Carson and how it can help you train your dog better manners and tricks that can be entertaining and serve as good exercises for your dog. You can visit their official site here — — where you can find the Android version and the iOS version easily.

4. Doggy Time

Photo: Kidplay
Photo: Kidplay

Puppy training is challenging and Doggy Time makes it easier. Doggy Time is the puppy training app that helps you track your dog’s daily habits and health. Log puppy training activities, set reminders and create training schedules. Doggy Time is a daily activity tracker, puppy training assistant, puppy potty log, dog walking app and diary.

Doggy Time enables you to track all of your dog's important information with other caregivers and your vet. Share all the exciting milestones of your puppy’s development with friends and family. Doggy Time handles all the details so you never have to take significant time away from the joys of having a dog or a puppy.

Training your puppy is an ongoing process. Balancing your job, spouse, kids, and hobbies can take up a great deal of your time, leaving you wondering if you will have time to train your new puppy. A very simple dog training tip is to train your puppy whenever you can. Consistency with a tool like Doggy Time is important when it comes to puppy training.

• Login is not required

• Internet access is not required - work offline

Create reminders and alerts for daily, weekly and one time puppy training events.

Track Meals:

- drink

- eat

- treats

Track Outdoor Activities:

- dog walking and runs

- pees and poops for potty training

- playtime

- dog/puppy training

Track Dog Care:

- grooming

- cleaning

- medication

- vaccination

- weight

- height

- temperature

- medical conditions

Track Other activities:

- crate, house

- sleep time

Time is one of the most important aspects when it comes to potty training. You also need to feed, vaccinate, administer medications, groom the dog on time, and so on. Doggy Time is designed to meet precisely these requirements. You can create reminders for all these activities so that you don’t miss them.

When it comes to puppy potty training, it is always better to take your dog outside once in a while to do his business. So keep reminders according to your dog’s age. If your dog is still a puppy, you will need to take him outside every few hours, while an adult dog can be outside for 8 hours at a stretch. If you take the dog outside before the accident, it will help the dog to stop making it into the house.

5. DogLog

Photo: Google Play
Photo: Google Play

While most apps here are about tricks, GoDog is more about obedience training. Basic commands in this app involve stopping jumping, barking, biting, chewing, etc. Also, tricks like staying home alone, leaving everything on command, etc. It almost feels like having a personal dog trainer at your disposal.

Apart from training, GoDog is also known for its health features. It helps you keep track of deworming, vaccination, tick control, medications, bathing, and other grooming like nail trimming, ear cleaning, teeth, haircut, etc., of your dog. Moreover, you can set reminders for such health-related tasks as they are important.

GoDog is a great dog behavioural training app. Complete with a walking tracker, a clicker, training exercises and videos, a pet health section that includes vaccination reminders, prescribed medications and upcoming vet visits, this app is great for new dog owners and existing owners alike. The app also has a host of dog articles for you to read up about pet health and training.

The app earns through in-app purchases and keeps its financial information private.

Dogs are energetic and emotional beings. It is crucially important to provide them with energy releasing activities so they won’t act out, get depressed or become unfit. You should take the best care of their physical state and mood by letting them exercise a proper amount.

6. Pupford

Photo: Google Play
Photo: Google Play

The Pupford dog training app is created with the cooperation of Zak George who is a respected dog trainer and operates a YouTube channel with a significant following. The app is aimed at new puppy owners and covers a wide range of behaviors, basic skills, and a few commands. The content is provided free of charge. It is meant to serve as a good basis for subsequent advanced training. The app is bundled with videos and text to guide you and your puppy. The Pupford app has been praised for its excellent videos and has good reviews. Sadly, the app does not have a lot of in the way of customization and the ability to follow the progress of several dogs at a time (as seen at the time of writing this). Another drawback pointed out by users is that the videos do not play out smoothly all the time and you lack support. It is an overall good app for new puppy owners who want to start training their puppy good manners. You can find the “Pupford: Dog & Puppy Training” app on Android and iOS.

Pupford is a company that sells treats, chew sticks, and other dog food. Besides the products they sell, they also offer training video lessons in the app. The advantage of this app is that it works with some of the best dog sneakers in the world and has developed courses. You can take any course you want and complete it slowly. Some last 30 days, others less than a week, depending on the course.

Pupford also offers paid courses tailored to niche issues such as separation anxiety, snapping, pulling on the leash, crate training, recall behavior, etc. In addition, the app provides a free course summary so pet owners can learn before they buy.

Pupford has a 30-day video course that includes all basic training lessons for your pup, including leash walking and more! With an inbuilt tracker to check training progress, a large community for dog-related advice and other info, you can have all your questions answered and train your dog at the same time!

Pupford’s finances are private. The app earns revenue through in-app purchases and subscriptions to the Pupford academy.

7. Pocket Puppy School

Photo: Pocket Puppy School
Photo: Pocket Puppy School

This is another simple puppy app that just gives you daily tasks. Start with day one and just complete the entire 20-day course. It’s not about tricks you need to teach or behaviors you need to practice, just tasks for the day. But the task usually requires input from your dog. Once you get the information you need, the task for the day is done.

The explanatory part includes gifs and memes, which make the app stand out from the crowd. So if you want to train your dog in a fun way that will save you a lot of trouble, then you should definitely consider this app.

Learn tricks

Lots of tricks to learn like sit, down, come, etc. Every trick has easy to follow videos, which you can follow.


The app provides lots of dog training information about problems like barking, potty problems and more.

Day by day

All of the dog training information is organized into daily, bite-sized topics.

Easy Reading

Keeping focus is mady easy by using lots of pictures, videos and different styles of texts.


Every completed lesson rewards you a star. Not only does it help you keep track, but it also gives you a punny title!

8. GoDog

Photo: GoDog
Photo: GoDog

While most apps here are about tricks, GoDog is more about obedience training. Basic commands in this app involve stopping jumping, barking, biting, chewing, etc. Also, tricks like staying home alone, leaving everything on command, etc. It almost feels like having a personal dog trainer at your disposal.

Apart from training, GoDog is also known for its health features. It helps you keep track of deworming, vaccination, tick control, medications, bathing, and other grooming like nail trimming, ear cleaning, teeth, haircut, etc., of your dog. Moreover, you can set reminders for such health-related tasks as they are important.

GoDog is a great dog behavioural training app. Complete with a walking tracker, a clicker, training exercises and videos, a pet health section that includes vaccination reminders, prescribed medications and upcoming vet visits, this app is great for new dog owners and existing owners alike. The app also has a host of dog articles for you to read up about pet health and training.

The app earns through in-app purchases and keeps its financial information private.

9. Everydoggy

Photo: Google Play
Photo: Google Play

Everydoggy is a top-rated dog training app that helps you potty and crate train and stop your dog from biting. Used by over 300,000 dog parents worldwide, Everydoggy has a built-in dog whistle and clicker that are extremely useful during training sessions. The app comes with step-by-step video lessons and helps you to train your dog better.

The app earns revenue through in-app purchases and personalized puppy training sessions. Their financial information is private.

What makes EveryDoggy Unique?

  • We have 70+ exclusive guided videos for all essential skills and behaviors (reliable recall, leash training, potty training, sit, down, stay, and more).
  • Our puppy program covers ALL of the secrets of raising your pup. Get video lessons on socialization, essential commands, and behavioral issue prevention.
  • Well-proven methods created by top canine specialists. All our dog training programs are tested in practice by thousands of dog parents.
  • For dogs of all ages and training levels. Whether you have a puppy or a senior dog, you can train them with EveryDoggy.
  • 100% dog-friendly approach. All our lessons are taught with force-free positive reinforcement.
  • We help to save your money and time — you’ll only need 15 minutes a day to train your dog.

What will your dog learn with EveryDoggy?

To stop biting and chewing

Reliable recall and walking on a loose leash

Potty training

Essential commands such as Leave it,

Drop it, Come, Down and, many more

To stop barking excessively and jumping on people

Amazing tricks such as Reverse, Spin and Heel

Crate training

To cope with separation anxiety

10. Pawsitive

Photo: Pawsitive
Photo: Pawsitive

Pawsitive is a highly-regarded Android-specific app. The app has pet-specific games, a clicker and healthy food guides for your furry friend. The app focuses on positive reinforcement training and makes it easy to train your dog with illustrations and step-by-step instructions. Whether it is your first try at training your dog yourself or if you’re retraining your dog, Pawsitive has enough to help you get a headstart.

The app earns revenue from ads and in-app purchases. Their financial information is private.

Need some extra help with dog training? You came to the right place. Pawsitive is a fun and instructive dog training app. It's great for both new and experienced dog owners. Join to the Pawsitive family today and start to train your dog! (We hope youll like the app as much as we do. )

You only need three things for dog training: a clicker, tasty treats and lots of praises. And you need to download the Pawsitive app ofc.

We are happy to say that our content is completely free and accessible to everyone. Who needs a personal dog trainer, am I right?

Pawsitive's Features

-Positive Puppy & Dog Training

-Training Clicker

-Games for Dogs

-Food Guide for Dogs

-Helpful Articles

About Dog Training

We use positive training methods and go over each command & trick with step-by-step instructions and fun illustrations. This way, we try to make dog training more practical and accessible to everyone.

Thanks to Pawsitive, you can teach new tricks and commands to your dogo every day. You can start with the basic tricks and eventually move on to more advanced ones. And you can track your dogs/puppys training progress.

About Training Clicker

Clicker, like a dog whistle, is a simple yet useful device that makes a sound to mark a behavior, helps to reinforce dog obedience and reduces training time significantly. The sound that comes out from the clicker is unique, which means your dog will only hear it during the training.

Dont worry if you dont have a clicker for dog training. Pawsitive has a built-in clicker so you dont have to download another clicker app for dogs. You can also choose a sound your dog reacts the best to.

Food Guide

Since dogs have a different digestive system, they obviously cant eat anything that we eat. So we created a food guide for dogs. You can find what dogs should/shouldnt eat or drink in there.

If you tap on any of them, you will see a short explanation about why it is safe/unsafe for dogs.

You can also search for a food or beverage that you are thinking to give to your dog/puppr.

Tips for creating a great dog training app

Entrepreneurs who wish to move to the dog training app space must understand that they will need a truly groundbreaking app to move customers away from existing solutions. Here’s what you need to do to ensure that you create a unique app that your customers will love:

Research, research, research

Understand your competition and work on the underserved needs of their customers.

Only add features that bring value

A long list of features confuses people. Understand that they are trying to learn how to train a puppy. Add features that bring real value to the app and are not just a list of features that every app has.

Create an intuitive user interface

Your take on the app might not go well with your users. Ensure that you create a simple, easy to use, intuitive interface that customers love.

Follow up

Interact with your early adopters to know what they miss in the app and add it in an upcoming update. Remember, agility is the first step towards success in the app world.

Keep innovating

The key to continued growth is constant innovation. Keep working on your app with learnings and data points gathered during the app creation and launch process. Make informed decisions to ensure that your users love what you create and keep asking for more.

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