Donghua, the Chinese equivalent of Japanese anime, has been gaining international recognition for its unique storytelling, stunning visuals, and richly developed characters. One of the most exciting aspects of Donghua is the presence of overpowered main characters (OP MCs) who dominate their worlds with unmatched strength, intelligence, or abilities. These protagonists captivate audiences with their awe-inspiring powers and compelling journeys. Here’s a closer look at what makes Donghua special and the top ten Donghua with the most formidable and fascinating overpowered main characters.

Top 10 Best Donghua (Chinese Anime) with Overpower Main Character
Top 10 Best Donghua (Chinese Anime) with Overpower Main Character

What is Donghua?

Donghua refers to any animation produced in China, encompassing a wide range of styles, genres, and target audiences. Unlike Japanese anime, which is often closely associated with specific artistic and thematic conventions, Donghua boasts a distinct blend of traditional Chinese aesthetics and contemporary storytelling techniques.

Key Characteristics of Donghua

Cultural Roots: Donghua frequently draws upon China’s extensive history, folklore, and mythology. Many series incorporate elements from classical Chinese literature, historical epics, and traditional art forms, providing a deep cultural resonance and unique visual style.

Diverse Genres: Donghua covers an expansive array of genres, including fantasy, action, romance, and science fiction. Whether exploring ancient myths or futuristic worlds, donghua offers something for every viewer.

Artistic Styles: From the lush, painterly landscapes reminiscent of traditional Chinese ink wash paintings to sleek, modern designs, the visual presentation of donghua is as varied as its narratives. The use of color, fluid animation, and intricate details often set it apart from its global counterparts.

Global Influence: While deeply rooted in Chinese culture, donghua is increasingly influenced by and contributing to global animation trends. Collaborations and distribution partnerships with international studios and platforms have helped bring donghua to a wider audience.

Top 10 Best Donghua (Chinese Anime) with Overpower Main Character

1. "Soul Land" (斗罗大陆)

Top 10 Best Donghua (Chinese Anime) with Overpower Main Character
"Soul Land" (斗罗大陆)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Synopsis: Follow Tang San, a genius disciple of the Tang Sect, who sacrifices his life to acquire forbidden knowledge. Reborn in a world of spirits, Tang San retains his extraordinary skills and embarks on a journey to become the supreme martial spirit master. His overwhelming prowess and relentless pursuit of strength make him an unstoppable force in the world of "Soul Land."

Why Is It Famous:

  • Epic Narrative: "Soul Land" crafts an intricate world where martial arts and spirit cultivation drive the plot. Its complex system of spirit abilities and levels offers a deep, engaging lore.
  • Character Development: Tang San's journey from a talented but troubled youth to a formidable martial artist keeps viewers invested. His evolving abilities and personal growth are central to the story's appeal.
  • Stunning Visuals: The series excels in its vibrant, dynamic fight scenes and beautifully rendered environments, enhancing the immersive experience.

2. "The King's Avatar" (全职高手)

Top 10 Best Donghua (Chinese Anime) with Overpower Main Character
"The King's Avatar" (全职高手)

Genre: Action, Game, Slice of Life

Synopsis: In the competitive world of esports, Ye Xiu, a top-tier player of the online game "Glory," is forced to retire. However, his unparalleled skills and deep understanding of the game lead him to rise once again from the ashes, taking the esports world by storm with a new identity and unmatched expertise.

Why Is It Famous:

  • Realistic Esports Depiction: "The King's Avatar" authentically portrays the competitive world of esports, resonating with gamers and fans of competitive gaming culture.
  • Inspirational Protagonist: Ye Xiu's resilience and strategic brilliance as he reclaims his position in the esports world inspire viewers, emphasizing themes of perseverance and expertise.
  • High-Quality Animation: The series' animation, especially during in-game sequences, is meticulously crafted, capturing the excitement and intensity of esports battles.

3. "Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation" (魔道祖师)

Top 10 Best Donghua (Chinese Anime) with Overpower Main Character
"Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation" (魔道祖师)

Genre: Action, Mystery, Supernatural

Synopsis: Wei Wuxian, the infamous Yiling Patriarch, is a master of demonic cultivation whose abilities defy the natural order. After his tragic death, he is resurrected and embarks on a thrilling journey filled with supernatural battles, political intrigue, and a quest for redemption. His formidable powers and charismatic personality make him an unforgettable character in the world of donghua.

Why Is It Famous:

  • Intricate Plot: The narrative weaves together past and present events, unraveling a mystery while exploring themes of power, corruption, and redemption.
  • Charismatic Protagonist: Wei Wuxian's combination of charm, moral complexity, and unmatched demonic cultivation skills makes him a compelling and multidimensional character.
  • Cultural Richness: The series is deeply rooted in Chinese folklore and traditional cultivation practices, providing a unique cultural experience.

4. "Battle Through the Heavens" (斗破苍穹)

Top 10 Best Donghua (Chinese Anime) with Overpower Main Character
"Battle Through the Heavens" (斗破苍穹)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Synopsis: Xiao Yan, once a prodigy, loses his powers under mysterious circumstances. Driven by a thirst for vengeance and a desire to reclaim his strength, Xiao Yan undertakes a journey filled with challenges, battles, and the pursuit of ultimate power. His transformation from a fallen genius to an unrivaled warrior is a testament to his indomitable spirit.

Why Is It Famous:

  • Empowering Protagonist: Xiao Yan’s journey from losing his powers to becoming an unrivaled warrior embodies a classic underdog story, appealing to viewers who enjoy tales of personal growth and vengeance.
  • Epic Battles: The series is renowned for its thrilling combat scenes, showcasing Xiao Yan’s strategic brilliance and evolving strength.
  • Engaging World: The diverse realms and cultivation paths provide a rich and expansive universe for the story to unfold.

5. "Heaven Official's Blessing" (天官赐福)

Top 10 Best Donghua (Chinese Anime) with Overpower Main Character
"Heaven Official's Blessing" (天官赐福)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Supernatural

Synopsis: Xie Lian, a former crown prince turned deity, is known for his boundless strength and unwavering kindness. Despite facing countless tribulations and banishment from the heavenly realm, Xie Lian's divine powers and compassionate heart guide him through his adventures, making him a beacon of hope and resilience.

Why Is It Famous:

  • Emotional Depth: The story's exploration of themes like love, sacrifice, and redemption gives it a profound emotional resonance.
  • Elegantly Crafted Protagonist: Xie Lian’s blend of divine power and human vulnerability makes him a deeply relatable and endearing character.
  • Exquisite Art: The animation’s intricate designs and fluid movements enhance the ethereal quality of the series, drawing viewers into its heavenly and earthly realms.

6. "Scissor Seven" (刺客伍六七)

Top 10 Best Donghua (Chinese Anime) with Overpower Main Character
"Scissor Seven" (刺客伍六七)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Supernatural

Synopsis: In the quirky world of "Scissor Seven," the amnesiac hairdresser and assassin Seven wields his extraordinary scissor skills and psychic abilities with comedic flair. Despite his laid-back attitude, Seven's hidden powers and mysterious past set the stage for a blend of humor and high-octane action.

Why Is It Famous:

  • Comedic Charm: The series stands out for its clever humor and whimsical approach to the assassin genre, making it a refreshing break from more serious donghua.
  • Unexpected Depth: Despite its comedic tone, "Scissor Seven" delves into meaningful themes and character backstories, adding layers of depth to its narrative.
  • Distinctive Style: Its quirky animation and creative fight choreography set it apart visually and tonally from other series.

7. "Fog Hill of Five Elements" (雾山五行)

Top 10 Best Donghua (Chinese Anime) with Overpower Main Character
"Fog Hill of Five Elements" (雾山五行)

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Martial Arts

Synopsis: Set in a world where humans and mythical creatures coexist, the series follows the powerful warrior Wen Renyu, who commands the elements with unparalleled mastery. His journey through a landscape fraught with danger and conflict showcases his incredible abilities and unyielding determination.

Why Is It Famous:

  • Visual Spectacle: The series is lauded for its breathtaking animation, which blends traditional Chinese art with modern techniques, creating a unique and visually stunning experience.
  • Mythological Richness: Its story draws heavily on Chinese mythology and folklore, offering a richly textured narrative filled with gods, spirits, and elemental magic.
  • Heroic Protagonist: Wen Renyu’s command over the elements and his unwavering resolve make him a captivating and formidable character.

8. "The Daily Life of the Immortal King" (仙王的日常生活)

Top 10 Best Donghua (Chinese Anime) with Overpower Main Character
"The Daily Life of the Immortal King" (仙王的日常生活)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy

Synopsis: Wang Ling, an immensely powerful teenager with god-like abilities, yearns for an ordinary life despite his overwhelming strength. Navigating the mundane challenges of high school while suppressing his true powers, Wang Ling's humorous and extraordinary adventures make for an entertaining and delightful watch.

Why Is It Famous:

  • Relatable Humor: Wang Ling’s efforts to blend into a normal high school life despite his god-like powers provide a humorous and relatable twist on the typical overpowered character trope.
  • Charming Protagonist: Wang Ling’s laid-back attitude and extraordinary abilities create an entertaining contrast that keeps the series light-hearted and engaging.
  • Fun Dynamics: The interactions between characters, often revolving around Wang Ling’s attempts to hide his true strength, add to the series’ comedic and endearing nature.

9. "White Cat Legend" (大理寺日志)

Top 10 Best Donghua (Chinese Anime) with Overpower Main Character
"White Cat Legend" (大理寺日志)

Genre: Action, Mystery, Supernatural

Synopsis: The story revolves around the fearless and enigmatic white cat Bai Xiaoqing, who possesses extraordinary combat abilities and a keen intellect. As he uncovers mysteries and combats supernatural threats in ancient China, Bai Xiaoqing's prowess and cunning are always on full display.

Why Is It Famous:

  • Intriguing Mysteries: The series excels in weaving supernatural mysteries with historical elements, keeping viewers hooked with its clever plot twists and investigative adventures.
  • Distinctive Protagonist: Bai Xiaoqing, with his formidable abilities and sharp intellect, navigates a world of intrigue and danger, making for a compelling and resourceful hero.
  • Unique Setting: Set in ancient China, the series combines historical ambiance with fantastical elements, providing a fresh and engaging backdrop.

10. "Link Click" (时光代理人)

Top 10 Best Donghua (Chinese Anime) with Overpower Main Character
"Link Click" (时光代理人)

Genre: Action, Mystery, Supernatural

Synopsis: In this intriguing tale, Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang operate a unique photo studio where they can dive into photographs to alter events. Their exceptional time-manipulating abilities make them powerful yet compassionate guardians of those they help, navigating the moral complexities of their powers.

Why Is It Famous:

  • Creative Premise: The ability to dive into photographs and alter past events presents a unique narrative device, allowing for emotionally charged and thought-provoking stories.
  • Dynamic Duo: The contrasting personalities and abilities of Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang create a balanced and intriguing partnership, driving the series’ emotional and suspenseful moments.
  • Compelling Themes: The series explores themes of fate, consequence, and human connection, offering depth and resonance beyond its fantastical premise.

The Future of Donghua

As China continues to invest in its animation industry, the future of Donghua looks promising. The blend of traditional and modern storytelling, coupled with technological advancements in animation, positions Donghua as a significant player in the global entertainment landscape.

Donghua is more than just Chinese animation; it's a window into the country's rich culture and contemporary creativity. As it continues to grow and evolve, Donghua offers a diverse and enriching experience for viewers around the world. Whether you’re new to this captivating medium or a long-time fan, there’s always something exciting to discover in the world of Donghua.


Donghua with overpowered main characters captivates audiences with their epic stories and stunning visuals. From realms of fantasy to modern-day settings, these protagonists redefine what it means to be unstoppable. Whether you're a longtime fan or new to Donghua, these series offer a thrilling experience that showcases the best of Chinese animation.

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