Top 10 Movies Of 2022 You Should Watch
Top 10 Movies Of 2022 You Should Watch. Photo KnowInsiders

As 2022 comes to a close, perhaps the things we’ll remember most about the year in movies are that Tom Cruise is still a movie star (and a maniac) and James Cameron is still an incredible filmmaker (and also a bit of maniac).

Looking back at it, while it doesn’t seem like it was a great year for movies, 2022 doesn’t necessarily seem like a bad one either. Television certainly felt like it had a better year. But only time will tell. These things have a tendency to morph over time.

Let’s take a look at Top 10 Best Movies Of 2022 You Should Watch

1. Top Gun: Maverick

Top 10 Best and Most Watched Movies Of Year You Should Watch
Photo Top Gun

The highly-anticipated sequel to the 1986 “Top Gun” movie has taken off around the world, bringing a new audience as well as fans of the original into movie theaters. “Top Gun: Maverick” opens with a sequence that pays homage to the first film visually and sonically as the music launches into Harold Faltermeyer’s famous “Top Gun” anthem.

At first glance, Top Gun: Maverick itself could hardly be less of a roguish upstart. It’s a grand-scale summer blockbuster that is at pains to display every dollar of its $152 million budget, a legacy sequel from a legacy studio: Paramount Pictures, the second-oldest Hollywood studio still in operation. (The oldest, Universal, was founded only a week earlier in 1912.) The original Top Gun was a surprise box-office smash in 1986 despite mostly tepid reviews, a zeitgeist-surfing fist-pumper with a soundtrack album that would fast become one of the bestselling movie soundtracks of all time.

Video - The Tomorrow War Official Trailer:

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NOPE tells story about brothers OJ Haywood (Daniel Kaluuya) and Emerald Haywood (Keke Palmer), who take over the horse farm in Agua Dulce after their father mysteriously passed away due to strange objects from the sky.

They continue their profession of training animals for film crews in Hollywood, a field that is slowly becoming obsolete because of the prevalence of CGI technology.

One day, two brothers suspect that the farm is a hiding place for the UFO (unidentified flying object) that caused the death of their father. After discussing, OJ and Emerald decided to record the UFO to sell for money. However, they did not expect Jupe (Steven Yeun) - the owner of the next fairground - to also know of the existence of this strange object.

After launching early in a number of countries, Nope has received rave reviews from critics and audience.

On Rotten Tomatoes, Nope received an 82% "fresh tomato" score from 316 reviews. Jordan Peele has been compared to Steven Spielberg for delivering a unique work of fantasy.

Universal Pictures wrote: "Oscar-winning filmmaker Jordan Peele disrupts and redefines the modern horror genre with Get Out and then Us. Now, he's re-imagining the summer genre. along with the mass nightmare: the horror film Nope".

Page New Yorker reviewed: There is no bold plot and unexpected "twists", showing the spectacular ideas in the mind of Jordan Peele. "With a unique design, the film is full of action, going deep into the character's psychology."

3. The Banshees of Inisherin

Photo vox
Photo vox

The entire cast here – Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Kerry Condon, Barry Keoghan – are stellar in Martin McDonagh’s wonderful and heartbreaking story about what happens between two friends when one of the two doesn’t want to be friends any longer — and Gleeson’s Colm doesn’t have any other real reason than life is short and it’s time to move on from Farrell’s Pádraic. Set against the backdrop of the Irish Civil War, yes, Colm’s decision seems unfair and mean, but there’s also something poignant about it.

That moment when we wake up and realize we’ve been wasting a lot of time and maybe we don’t have as much of it left as we think we do. But hurt feelings have a way of escalating emotions, as Colm’s shunning of Pádraic turns much more dark and twisted as the film goes along.

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4. RRR

Comments from critics about RRR:

Louisa Moore-Screen Zealots: An international blockbuster that has everything: thrilling action sequences, adrenaline-charged stunts, a rousing story, charismatic leads, and euphoric Bollywood dance scenes that are nothing short of show-stopping.

Comments from audience:

"Approaching RRR as an even semi-realistic historical drama was a mistake. The protagonists defy the laws of physics, human anatomy, & simple logic at every turn, while everyone else is a cardboard cutout stereotype (Brits as Nazis in pith helmets, Indians as simple-minded cowering peasants, even the tiger was like something from "1 Million Years BC"!). If I can reset my expectations to something like "Life of Pi" meets "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon", maybe I'll try again in a week or two, 'cause it seems a lot of other people like this movie."

"This movie is one of the most senseless creations I have encountered in my life. Weak story, weaker acting and huge number of dumb mistakes are the characteristics of this movie. People with no depth will of course like the movie."

5. Everything Everywhere All At Once

Top 10 Best and Most Watched Movies Of Year You Should Watch
Photo Everything Everywhere All At Once

The film is directed by Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan and produced by independent studio A24. Everything Everywhere All At Once tells story about Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh), a Chinese immigrant woman, a laundromat owner who has many problems in her life. While meeting tax officer Deirdre Beaubeirdre (Jamie Lee Curtis) to settle finances, Evelyn accidentally meets another version of her husband Waymond (Ke Huy Quan) from the Alpha universe. He says she is the only version of Evelyn who can stop Jobu Topaki, the villain who wants to destroy the peace of the multiverse. Evelyn must learn to travel across worlds, using all the skills the other versions have to fight evil.

Michelle Yeoh’s acting is a bright spot in the film. The multiverse theme requires actors and actresses to improvise flexibly. The Malaysian-born star excellently plays the role of a laundromat owner who is always under pressure under work and taking care of a family of three generations. As she is governed by many generations, she appears in many roles. This helps Michelle Yeoh to show her reflexive talent with many roles in just 120 minutes.

6. Avatar: The Way of Water

Released 13 years after the first part, Avatar 2 is the blockbuster expected at the end of the year. The film continues to be set on the main planet Pandora, opening with the narration of Jake Suly (Sam Worthington) - Earth soldier who gets married to Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) - princess of the Navi tribe. After many years, they are happy with four children, in which little Kiri (Sigourney Weaver) is adopted by Jake and his wife.

However, "Heavenly Man" (as the Navi people call Earth people) returns to Pandora with the ambition to colonize the planet. Jake's family left their hometown, heading to the land of the Metkayina water tribe to take refuge.

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Avatar 2 is a party of 3D visual effects. At the beginning of the film, James Cameron evokes viewers' memories when recreating the planet Pandora. Mysterious creatures continue to be depicted, such as the scene of the Banshee mountain dragon flying between the majestic Hallelujah mountains, the Thanator leopard stalking the deep forest... The Navi - creatures with blue skin, tiger eyes beat - has sharper shape, expressive style and more lively conversation than part one.

7. TÁR

About halfway through Todd Field’s TÁR, we remember thinking, what on Earth are we watching? It just seemed to be about a woman, Lydia Tár (Cate Blanchett), who has constant successes as a composer, but also seems oblivious and impervious to really anything else. Her life is one nonstop accolade. There’s even the scene that starts the film: a quite long Q&A hosted by The New Yorker that overstays its welcome, but as we learn in the back half of the film, that opening scene is needed to truly show the dichotomy of how far she falls. Her life was pretty much a steady stream of accolades, but after some serious allegations made against her, those accolades slowly disintegrate. Not all at once, but there’s a scene where Lydia assumes she’s getting praise from her neighbor when in reality all that neighbor wants her to do is turn the music down. It’s a movie that didn’t click for me until the final act, but then makes the whole rest of the film fall into place perfectly.

8. Glass Onion

A lot of things worked together to make Rian Johnson’s 2019 whodunit Knives Out a hit. Like Johnson’s loving magpie’s eye for a discarded genre, ripe for picking. Or the spectacle of Daniel Craig cutting loose as camp detective Benoit Blanc, cheekily jumping the gun on the end of his tenure as James Bond. And then there’s the top-to-bottom immaculate casting: Don Johnson is a sleazy, useless, gold-digging husband, because of course he is!

Top 10 Movies Of 2022 You Should Watch

But perhaps the most significant boost to the film’s success is the perfection of its Pinterest-ready mood board, expressed in its brilliant production design, costuming, and cinematography. Chunky fall knits and sharp tweed overcoats; Jamie Lee Curtis resplendent in fuchsia, topped with a shock of white hair; Chris Evans’ growling 1970s BMW and beloved cabled sweater; overcast skies and low, cool November light; a halo of knives as decor; a universe of creepy knickknacks, all stuffed into a creaking New England mansion, somberly redolent of the Old World. (But as Rian Johnson’s script wickedly notes, purchased from a Pakistani real-estate mogul in the 1980s.) It’s a clever, funny movie that holds its self-consciousness at just the right distance, and its style is on point.

9. Emily the Criminal

Emily the Criminal is a film directed by John Patton Ford.

In 93 minutes, the film tells story of Emily's criminal actions.

Emily the Criminal follows Emily, who is burdened with debt and struggling to find a job due to a criminal record.

She gets involved in a credit card scam that lures her into the criminal underworld of Los Angeles, ultimately leading to deadly consequences.

In fact, Emily realizes that she is beginning to be locked up and trapped in the criminal world. However, she still has to keep doing her job. Because this is the only way that can help her settle the debt quickly. Not only that, she can also have a prosperous life if all goes well.

10. The Menu

Top 10 Movies Of 2022 You Should Watch
Photo Wall Street Journal

Director Mark Mylod wrote "The Menu" inspired by a menu for the elite, with the main course being a punishment for diners.

The Menu's main theme tell story about vengeance and punishment - the main dishes on the menu prepared by chef Slowik. Screenwriters Seth Reiss Will Tracy produced a socially critical story, especially revolving around the luxury and frivolity of the elite. With the exception of Mills, every guest who attended experienced their own sins in their quest to rise to or enjoy life at a high level.

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