Zodiac Signs Think They're Always Right. Photo: Knowinsiders.
Zodiac Signs Think They're Always Right. Photo: Knowinsiders.com

What are zodiac signs that think they're always right?

Following your convictions is admirable, but we all have friends who are starting to act like experts. Why then do some of us believe we are always correct while others are willing to consider everyone's viewpoint? Why don't we look to astrology?

Keep reading to learn our top 5 zodiac signs that are the least likely to give their opinions.

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

In a way, Virgos have a brilliant mind. The earth signs, ruled by Mercury (the messenger of information), amaze us with their quick wit and fascinating knowledge. Virgos have a keen eye for detail, which makes them interesting dinner party guests but can sometimes get under your skin. Advice like, "If you added vinegar to that water, your flowers wouldn't be dying," or "Ah, let me show you a better way to dice those peppers," is a Virgo's way of showing they care... and that they think they're always right. Virgo's quick mind can't help but imagine every possible outcome, from wonderful to disastrous.

Virgo sees a potential accident in the way you're holding your knife, a steaming pot that might possibly bubble over, and a lemon that could add a touch of brightness to your stew, while someone else may be calmly watching you cook. So, yes, Virgo is convinced that their approach is superior.These planners may be onto something, though, because they've already plowed through forty other proposals.

When arguing with a Virgo, it's all about who played fair and who didn't. Don't engage a Virgo in verbal combat; instead, maintain your composure and let them yammer on, as they will. Oh, yes. A Virgo can talk for hours, and they rarely change their minds once they've made up their minds about something. Maybe they're talking about facts, or maybe they're just so set in their ways that they'll never change.

The truth is that, like Leos, these people are full of pride and would rather die fighting than consider another person's perspective. When a Virgo, also known as "The Perfectionist," is convinced that they are right and you are completely wrong, they feel they have achieved perfection.

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Think They're Always Right According To Astrology
Virgo Zodiac Sign. Photo: Metropolitan girls
There is no doubt that Virgos are brilliant and resourceful thinkers. As a result, they may start to believe that they know everything and that they are the experts in every field. They are stubborn, have strong opinions, and offer advice and sway others' choices without considering the consequences.

Virgo thinks they know everything there is to know about a subject. They are confident in their abilities to deal with whatever comes their way and are eager to pass on their insights. Virgo can give (what they believe to be) excellent advice to anyone, regardless of how well they know them. Their natural intelligence, practicality, and vigilance make their unsolicited advice valuable in many situations.

Leo (July 23 – Aug 22)

The only thing worse than being proven wrong, in the eyes of the astrological lions, is having to admit you were wrong. Whether they're trying to beat their own time on a park run, belting out a song in the car, or debating politics on Twitter, those born under the fire signs bring the same intensity and drive to every aspect of their lives. Leos take great pride in their ability to amuse others, and they often do so as a way to validate their own sense of self-worth. Leos, as one of the four fixed signs in astrology, have no problem saying what they think and mean what they say. True to their word, these signs always support their loved ones... and themselves. They have 20 minutes to make their case that Dear Evan Hansen is the best musical in Broadway history. Leo finds immense satisfaction in receiving attention and appreciation. Having your beliefs upheld increases in importance. Leo may wish to make a big impression, but he would do better by being a good listener.

They have a positive attitude, a lot of vitality, and some excellent suggestions. But what works for a self-assured Leo might not work for someone else, and Leo might not realize that. It's inconceivable to them that anyone would not want to hear what they have to say.

When conversing with a confident Leo, you can expect a presentation rather than a friendly debate or even a calm discussion because the Leo personality values showmanship and flamboyance over seriousness and substance. Leo always comes out on top, regardless of their level of expertise.

Leos are known to be full of life, passion, and bold statements. Since they are the ones everyone looks up to, they assume they have all the answers and frequently sway others' opinions and choices. They are guilty of giving unsolicited advice to others.
Top 5 Zodiac Signs Think They're Always Right According To Astrology
Leo Zodiac Signs. Photo: indianewsrepublic.

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Ethically speaking, Aquarians know what is right and wrong. As air signs, they are philosophical thinkers who question the dogma that the masses blindly follow. Talking to a perceptive Aquarius is like asking "why?" over and over again. Why do we eat some animals and keep others as pets?" Why does science get more respect than art in today's world? Aquarians, the zodiac's rebels and rebellious thinkers, seek to make the world a better place. People who don't agree with these innovators must be wrong, in their eyes. But Aquarians miss out on opportunities to learn about other people when they ignore those who disagree with them.

You're either for progress or against it, according to these stationary signs' moral compass and sense of duty to defend the rights of others. There's no room for hesitation or hesitating at this point.

The fact that Aquarians are so often correct only adds to their reputation for arrogance. However, in their pursuit of being more forward-thinking than others, they can become rigid and dogmatic, succumbing to ego trappings that undermine their own philosophies. It's challenging to get them to care about (or even notice) those in their lives who don't immediately pique their interest because they only have two possible states: fascinated or indifferent.

As free-thinkers and rebels, Aquarians aren't afraid to speak their minds. They are like a walking, talking lie detector because of their wit, intelligence, and ability to read the mood of the room. If you try to trick or embarrass an Aquarius, be prepared for a direct confrontation that will end with a scathing remark that will put you in your place. Furthermore, Aquarians are inflexible; they insist on having things their way.

An Aquarius will not be swayed from their position and will not apologize for their stance. As a result of their inability to take into account alternative viewpoints, Aquarians often give the impression that they know everything there is to know. An Aquarius should always take into account the thoughts and feelings of those around them. They will make great strides in this area once they learn to put others' perspectives and needs ahead of their own.

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Think They're Always Right According To Astrology
Aquarius zodiac sign. Photo: HelloGiggles

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Stubbornness is a trait commonly associated with those born under this sign, and this is especially true when it comes to admitting ignorance. In typical Taurus fashion, this person will wave their extensive knowledge around like a flag, assuming that you are incapable of having as much information as they do.

The Taurus person is certainly intelligent, but their arrogance and cockiness make them a terrible bully when it comes to claiming the title of "World's Greatest Authority on Everything."

Individualism and obstinacy characterize the Taurean personality. For their own comfort, they will always put their own needs first. However, they have excellent intuition and, as a result, can be people-pleasers. They feel deeply about helping those in need and will devote their lives to those they hold dear.

Taurus is the sign most likely to question your beliefs and start a debate as a result. "Taurus is a fixed sign, which means they are 'fixed' in their beliefs and getting them to reason is like trying to get blood out of a stone," according to MacGuire. Even if "they see other viewpoints [as] a threat to their value system and status quo," according to MacGuire, "their hearts, however, are usually in the right place: As the teachers of the zodiac, they can be overly determined to get people aligned with their way of thinking." And this can lead them to try to impose their views on others.

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Think They're Always Right According To Astrology
Taurus Zodiac Sign - All things you need to know. Photo: Knowinsiders.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

If you accuse a Sagittarius of being arrogant, they will likely respond with a smug grin and the words, "Well, I am quite the expert. Sorry to hear that made you feel unsafe. They don't realize how annoying it is when they try to show off their intelligence all the time. It's great when a friend imparts some wisdom over drinks, but a Sagittarius's long college lecture on a Friday night when you're just trying to party and get laid is torture.

Because of their outgoing personality, they may mistakenly believe that they are the "World's Greatest Authority on Everything." The fact that they are so set on knowing everything there is to know about a topic gives them the gall to refuse to believe that you might know just as much, if not more.

Knowing more than the typical Sagittarian is unthinkable to the typical Sagittarian. Those good motives may get them educated, but once they have it, they think they own the world on that subject. If you want to avoid a headache, it's best to steer clear of a conversation about foreign cultures or metaphysics with a Sagittarius. You'll come to regret having made the effort.

They have an ingrained sense that it is their responsibility to steer others away from error. It's possible that enlightening others is a Sag's sexual preference. This is yet another explanation for why Sagittarius doesn't receive comfort from their loved ones in times of difficulty. They need compassion, not a "I know everything and you don't" stance.

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Think They're Always Right According To Astrology
Sagittarius Zodiac Sign. Photo: Knowinsiders.
A Sagittarius who becomes passionate about a philosophical idea cannot keep quiet about it. They ramble on and on, unable to be deterred by our one-word responses meant to politely signal a change in topic.
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