For the gaming community, this of course means that tournaments and other large-scale events can once again take place. In the years before the pandemic, Canada seemed to be the perfect country to host such events, as it is partly French-speaking and so close to the US.

This year there are some very interesting events on the schedule, from the Retro Gaming Expo in Vancouver on the west coast to the Comic Con in Montreal in the east of Canada. Here you can read more about the most important events and what has changed in terms of the necessary preparations for a trip to Canada.

The Events

As mentioned above, since its inception in 2012, the Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo has become one of the most important gaming gatherings in Canada. The next edition is scheduled for June 25, 2022. You will find your favourite retro consoles and games, as well as collectibles and much more. Attendees can play their favourite classic games, such as Tetris, for free. Enjoy live music, learn from special guest speakers, or take part in one of the retro gaming tournaments.

Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo
Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo

The Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS) is one of the largest and most impressive gaming events in the country. This annual event is designed to showcase Quebec's fast-growing game industry, and attracts hundreds of the world's best game developers. The 2020 and 2021 editions were held online and broadcast in two parts. The first part of the convention focused on professional life and education, while the second part focused on commercial development and media visibility.

Dreamhack will be held again in Montreal in November this year. This gaming event has been held in several countries over the past 25 years. Although this gaming event will certainly also be of interest to console gamers and arcade fans, more recent Dreamhack events have focused mainly on eSports. The leading professionals in the field will tell you everything you need to know about the latest hardware and upcoming game launches. Test out a newly released game yourself, or sit back and watch the most talented gamers.

The Montreal International Game Summit
The Montreal International Game Summit

How to get there

To attend one of these events, we recommend that you prepare well so that you only have to worry about the event itself afterwards. Some aspects of travelling have become more complicated since your last trip to Canada; others may even have become easier.

One of the advantages nowadays is that if you are from the UK or Europe, you do not even need to apply for a visa. All you need is an eTA Canada. The great thing about the eTA is that it can be applied for online and is valid for five years. This is useful if you want to visit several tournaments.

You do need to have a PCR test done at most two days before departure. Once that is arranged, you are ready to tour the country and make memories for life.

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