Tips to give your crush a birthday gift. Photo: LiveAbout
Tips to give your crush a birthday gift. Photo: LiveAbout

Personally speaking, buying a gift should not be the start to any relationship. You should never try to “buy” your way into a relationship. However, some people look for unique ways to stand out with their person of interest so I have created some tips to help you properly give a gift to your crush without scaring them away.

Don’t spend too much on your gift

The birthday gift should be small in value but big in meaning. Remember, the woman that you had in mind is still your “crush”. There is a very good chance that she has no idea about your feelings about her.

Go for a gift that is high in thought and not in dollar value.

This means that you shouldn’t be buying them two dozen roses, nor should you be spending hundreds of dollars on concert tickets for her.

Think about how you know them

How well do you know this woman?

Is she a co-worker? A classmate? A friend? The context of how you know her is very important. For example, if she is a co-worker you should be very careful about giving any gifts at all. You wouldn’t want to be accused of playing favorites or for sexual harassment. If she is a friend, you need to be careful how a negative response to your gift may affect your friendship.

Photo: BP Guide India
Photo: BP Guide India

How long have you known her? If you have been friends and have known each other for years, you have more leeway with your gift (mostly because you probably have a good knowledge of what your crush does like). If you have only known her a short while, tread lightly with the gift-giving.

Additionally, this will also help determine how much it is appropriate to spend. Long story short, the longer that you have known her the better.

Try to think of a gift that your crush would be interested in

When thinking of their interests and hobbies like:

Music – Everybody loves music, think what your crush's favorite is and if maybe you both have the same music in common, you can make a playlist of their favorite songs or if they will be playing nearby in the near future, you can get tickets, says What to Get My.

Reading – If they enjoy reading, find out what they enjoy reading, for‌ ‌example, a certain type of magazine or if it is books find out who their favorite authors are and what books they may not have read yet.

Cooking or baking – If your crush enjoys baking or cooking, you could consider recipe books of their favorite cuisine, cooking classes or any other items that could be useful to their cooking interest.

Health-conscious. Your crush may be a person that enjoys working on staying healthy and follow a set diet. They may spend a lot of their time in the gym. Keep this in mind because a gift that is a box of chocolates would not be a good idea.

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Organize an outing

Photo: Coffee Tree Company
Photo: Coffee Tree Company

A gift does not need to be a physical object. Organizing a lovely outing can work wonders with women. Buy tickets to a comedy show if you think that she would be interested in a good laugh. Just keep in mind that this can easily be viewed as a date.

Presentation is everything

If you are giving a physical gift, make sure that you wrap it up nicely. If you don’t know how to wrap a gift properly, there are plenty of online videos that will make you a pro in no time. Just YouTube it. Don’t forget to use premium wrapping paper.

Get her a card

Sometimes a simple greeting card is what you need. The key to picking out a great card revolves around 2 points.

First, put yourself in her shoes and think about what kind of card she would be interested in. Would like a card that is funny, romantic, silly, or meaningful?

Second, what you write in the card is what will make that card actually stand out. If this gift is tied to another occasion then feel free to compliment her on her promotion, or wish her a happy birthday. However, I would encourage you to take a leap and share some words that show her that you are interested in her.

Your attention

Just try giving her your attention. Sometimes something simple as that can actually work wonders. Learn more about her, what she’s interested and really give her your undivided attention. In this day and age that is something that can be very rare.

How to Give Your Crush a Gift Secretly

Photo: Rawpixel
Photo: Rawpixel

Finally, it is time to secretly give the gift to your person of interest. How do you go about it? First, ensure that the place you choose to keep the gift is safe and only your crush can access it. Include a simple note with a gentle message, notes Fit 2 Gift Ideas. Some of the secret ways to gift your crush are:

Personal bag- place the present in your crush’s bag or book in case of a voucher, tickets or cards.

Mailbox- it is also an ideal place to leave cute gifts

Hide the presents on or under the desk. You could also place it inside the drawer for extra safety.

Hand delivery-ask a mutual friend to deliver the gift on your behalf.

K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple, Silly)

Remember, your gift is not going to make or break whether you like you back. Keep your gift simple. Don’t spend to much. The key is that your gift should demonstrate that you are thinking about her in a special way. Don’t overcomplicate it.

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