Valentine’s Day Songs That Suit Each Zodiac Sign
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Based on the inherent characteristics, personality, and mood of each zodiac sign,'s expert astrologers select songs that are right for you.

These are the best Valentine's songs to listen to, share, or reflect upon on February 14th based on zodiac sign.

Aries: Most Compatible Valentine’s Songs

“That’s the Way Goes” by Janet Jackson

People born in Aries have intense, passionate love affairs. They can give their all to the person they're crushing on with no restrictions. They have a reputation for chasing their crushes until they actually receive a commitment from them. Any Aries will tell you that relationships are full of lust, infatuation, and desire. This explains why the somber 1993 ballad "That's the Way Love Goes" by Janet Jackson will appeal to them. No other song will make their heart and blood race more than this one when it comes to love.

Taurus: Most Compatible Valentine’s Songs

"Lingerie" By Lizzo

Leave it to Lizzo, a Taurus queen herself, to make the perfect earth sign Valentine's Day anthem. A tune about waiting for your boo in the comfort of your own home, there's nothing better for the bull this Feb. 14.

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Gemini: Most Compatible Valentine’s Songs

"Hate That I Love You" By Rihanna Ft. Ne-Yo

Sweet Gemini can be a little indecisive about matters of the heart. They'll love this Rihanna and Ne-Yo throwback about falling in love and yet, questioning everything.

Valentine’s Day Songs That Suit Each Zodiac Sign
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Cancer: Most Compatible Valentine’s Songs

“I Could Fall In Love” by Selena

When it comes to matters of the heart, cancers are not the most talkative people. They don't reveal their hearts to the outside world because they want to protect themselves from harm. This means that instead of taking the initiative, they frequently catch themselves wondering and fantasizing about the person they are crushing on. Selena's famous ballad "I Could Fall In Love" encapsulates the sensitive nature of every Cancer who is developing feelings for someone or who already has them. This song is intended to encourage them to take a chance and open themselves to love.

Leo: Most Compatible Valentine’s Songs

“True Blue” by Madonna

Leos make a big impression when they show someone they love them. It is in Leos' nature to want to be the greatest lovers their partners have ever had. Furthermore, other than the fact that they succeeded in winning their boo's affection, they won't even be interested in the past. In Madonna's song "True Blue," the lyrics state that Leos are known for their dramatic appearance, need for attention, and generosity. As a result, they require a lot of love. After all, this song was composed by another Leo specifically for a Leo Sun sign (Sean Penn) (Madonna).

Virgo: Most Compatible Valentine’s Songs

“(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” by Brian Adams

A Virgo is trustworthy, loyal, and totally committed to their partner; they weigh all the options before committing. She would rather be alone than with the wrong person because she wants to find the ideal partner in addition to the right one. This is not to imply that she is looking for the perfect partner because perfection does not exist. Instead, she's looking for the perfect fit. When a Virgo woman finds true love, everything she works so hard at in her and her partner's lives takes on even more significance. The epitome of what a Virgo woman would do for a loved one is best expressed in the cult classic "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" by Brian Adams.

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Libra: Most Compatible Valentine’s Songs

Valentine’s Day Songs That Suit Each Zodiac Sign
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“At Last” by Eta James

A devoted partner who will show her lots of love and care is what a Libra desires. Though they may seem calm and easygoing when they're at ease, the ideal love partner for a female Libra is either an Aquarius or a Gemini. The Libra will give the man she has chosen everything she has, and in exchange, she will seek advice and support. After all, when a Libra finds the right partner, life is truly blissful. The song that best expresses her visual sense is "At Last," by the well-known Eta James.

Scorpio: Most Compatible Valentine’s Songs

“Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gay

The Scorpio woman is willing to go above and beyond for her partner and demands complete devotion, loyalty, and dedication from her partners. She will show him respect by encouraging him to feel good about himself, defending him against criticism, and helping him advance in his career. They are very passionate, have a strong libido, and enjoy giving and receiving sensual pleasures in bed. They really are Amazons. What other songs would be more appropriate for seductive Scorpios than the timeless "Sexual Healing" by Marvin Gay?

Sagittarius: Most Compatible Valentine’s Songs

Valentine’s Day Songs That Suit Each Zodiac Sign
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“Hanging By A Moment” by Lifehouse

Famous for leading carefree lives, Sagittarius is also known for acting similarly in romantic partnerships. When it comes to romantic relationships, they like to keep their partners guessing and on the edge of their seats. One day they confess their love to each other, and the next they dragged their partner on a cross-border adventure. Spontaneity can add a lot of excitement to dating and commitments, particularly when there is heat and passion involved. That's all the more reason why Lifehouse's classic rock ballad from 2000, "Hanging by a Moment," is the perfect love song for a wild archer.

Capricorn: Most Compatible Valentine’s Songs

“Halo” by Beyoncé

Getting to know a Capricorn is difficult. But once people discover who they really are—beyond their tough exterior—that relationship is meant to last a lifetime. Like in Beyoncé's song "Halo," Capricorns let the walls they've built around their hearts crumble when they find the one. They won't "fight" either, despite putting on a false front and façade of being cynical, because the reflected earth sign is inherently romantic. And their love is boundless, as the song "Halolyrics" makes clear.

Aquarius: Most Compatible Valentine’s Songs

“You and Me" by Lifehouses

As she belongs to the air sign group, an Aquarius woman values her uniqueness, independence, and "breathing room" in a relationship. An Aquarian woman will always keep some aspects of herself hidden from even her closest friends and family. Everybody is friends with an Aquarius, even though their partner may not feel the same way. The song "You and Me" by Lifehouse best captures their essence. Since this poem explores how one might be amazed by intense emotions like love—which is definitely the case for Aquarius—it will be linked to the sign of Aquarius.

Pisces: Most Compatible Valentine’s Songs

“I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

Nothing in life can separate a Pisces from you; they are your constant companions. It follows that it is not surprising that, during Mercury retrograde, they relate strongly to both their current and past crush/boo during Whitney Houston's 1990s megahit, "I Will Always Love You." If they even go so far as to sing the person they are trying to win over a few memorable verses from this ballad, get ready. Pisces has probably taken a few lines from the song, which makes a commitment to the person they are pursuing that never ends.

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