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You hold a lot of astrological power right now, Aries, as it's Aries season and the Sun is traveling through your sign. This makes it a good time to call on spirituality to help bring a sense of calm into your life, and a great way to ground and center yourself and is by using the power of ritual. Here are a few simple Aries season rituals that you're sure to resonate with, and performing them can help you tap into your power and find some much-needed inner peace.

Aries is the sign of physicality, and as such, they can best relax by way of physical outlets. Susan Miller, all-star astrologer and AstrologyZone founder, recommends hiking, power walks, or anything else that engages the body and brings in fresh air.


As an earth sign, you're deeply connected to the natural world, and there's no better way to bring some earthy relaxation to your life than by embracing the healing power of natural stress-relieving crystals and corresponding rituals to help you use them effectively. You can make your crystal healing practice even more dynamic by combining it with the healing power of essential oils, which will make it even more enjoyable for a sensory-focused sign like yourself.

If you don't have the budget for a shopping spree, Susan Miller recommends making a sensuous experience with candles, perfume, music, and sparkly bath bomb. Taurus has a huge career year ahead, so rest is imperative to their success.

Taurinos are obsessed with performing their tasks to perfection and do not usually accept failure or when something goes wrong. So a mantra can be very good for relieving stress and bringing inner peace. Ideally, the mantra should have phrases like "this will pass" or "you will succeed" to remind yourself that everything will be alright if things don't go as expected.


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Breathing is automatic, but actually being conscious of our breath and making sure we're inhaling deeply takes practice and awareness. Deep breathing promotes relaxation by getting more oxygen to your cells and helping you to slow down and shift your focus onto something you can control, which can reduce anxious thoughts.

It is recommended you maintain an active lifestyle to avoid thinking a lot or worrying about others. Doing physical activity is a great option since, in addition to releasing stress, it's good for your health.


As a water sign, it's always helpful to embrace the healing power of your element to help ground you, so creating a ritual centered around hydrating yourself with herbal tea is a great way to consciously relax. Try calming tea blends such as The Republic of Tea's 'Get Relaxed' blend, or its Beautifying Botanicals Beauty Sleep blend.

Also, Cancerians are known for being reserved people and, therefore, keep their feelings to themselves.

By guarding your feelings, you are also holding stress. The best tip is to practice meditation on a daily basis so that stress does not accumulate.

Cancerians also often like to help others. Another way to release stress is to start doing volunteer and charity work.


For Leo, the most important aspect of relaxing is actually booking some much-needed me-time. The activity itself can vary—they just need a concrete time block where they can bask in whatever their mind and body says that they need.

The important thing is to keep in mind that you are good and that you do not have to care about what others say. To relieve stress, the best way is a spa day that allows you to reconnect with yourself and enjoy the small pleasures of life. This way, you'll feel happier and more successful.


Earth signs are perhaps the most naturally in touch with their physical senses, so as a Virgo, the power of aromatherapy to boost your mood and help you relax is potentially really powerful. Experiment by exploring the world of essential oils, or try a wellness-based perfume or room spritz like the ones from St. Rose fragrances, which uses plant essences to create healing scents. You can even spritz your pillow, sheets, and blankets for a more relaxed atmosphere.

Perfection does not exist and if you continue with this thought and something does not come out as you wish, you will end up getting frustrated. Always give your best, but do not be extreme, because it can detonate your health.

For Virginians, writing is a good method of relaxation, so take a paper and start jotting down all the thoughts that go through your head. It may not seem like it, but it will help a lot.


Among the characteristics of this sign are: being a fighter and fair. Therefore, there's nothing more stressful than an injustice.

To solve the evil that this causes in you, always say what you feel and confront the people who are causing you problems in a calm and peaceful way.

As an air sign, you're extremely thought-focused, so writing things out and working through your feelings and anxieties by journal can be an extremely therapeutic part of your day. And for a luxury-loving Venus baby like you, Libra, it's essential to keep it cute, so choose an aesthetically pleasing journal like these adorable, Instagram-worthy journals and notebooks from Adelfi, which will make writing all the more relaxing and fun.


Scorpio is secretive, and Miller points out that they need concrete alone time in order to relax. Other people will simply have to wait it out until they're ready to emerge.

People of the scorpion sign are extremely sensitive and this causes many things to hurt their feelings and leave them stressed.

One of the things that irritate you most is when people intrude in your private life and create expectations about you. To prevent this from happening, make clear of the level of trust you give to the people around you. And to eliminate the stress that is already accumulating, a spa day is not a bad idea.

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As a fire sign, you're full of energy and often finding yourself burning the candle at both ends. That said, slowing yourself down and trying your hand at meditation can be a great way to promote relaxation and ground yourself amidst an otherwise chaotic period. Using a guided meditation is a great tool for beginners, and there are plenty to choose from that are available for free on YouTube or through meditation apps.

To get rid of tiresome and exhaustion, include activities that you enjoy in your daily routine and/or even enjoy nature.


The constant screen time and barrage of e-mails and social media notifications can add a lot of stress — especially for a very work-oriented earth sign like yourself, Cap! Try taking an occasional tech detox to help you relax through the week. Commit to doing activities that don't involve being in front of a screen — like reading a book or taking a walk through your neighborhood. You'll be surprised at the way your mind will be able to slow down and be present.


As a mentally-focused air sign, you spend a lot of time conceptualizing things and being up in your head, Aquarius. Bringing your awareness back into your physical body can be a great way to relax and get your mind off of your stresses. Try incorporating light exercises and stretching into your daily routine. Mastering a few simple yoga poses can be a great and simple way to arm yourself with calming physical movements that will relax you no matter where you are.

Adventurous people, intelligent, and witty. You feel good making appointments, but be careful not to fill your schedule with them. So that your day-to-day life is not stressful, try to organize yourself in order to maintain a calmer lifestyle without many worries.


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Privacy is one of the main characteristics. You prefer to keep to yourself than to share with others. Stay away from people who cause you stress by not respecting this characteristic of yours and take the time to be alone.

Did you identify with the characteristics of your sign? If so, just start putting the suggestions into practice.

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