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Shimla Summer Festival is celebrated by the local people on a grand scale. Photo CoveringIndia

Shimla Summer Festival is celebrated by the local people on a grand scale. It is said to be a tribute to God by singing and dancing. For the people of Himalayas, this festival is a way to mark a successful harvest season and they ask for the same blessing in the following year.

The trend of this festival began 59 years ago. Shimla was the summer capital during the British Raj. They started this festival in order to boost the tourism of Shimla. This festival has become a huge success since then and a number of tourists come from all corners of the world to enjoy it.

Every year Shimla Summer Festival is celebrated in the first week of June, right at the break of the lovely summer Himachali months. Held annually since the 1960s, the Shimla Summer Festival is a celebration of the bountiful harvest of the year and always attracts large crowds to the state capital. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it could not be celebrated in 2020. Organizers of this festival are planning to celebrate this year but the scheduled are not revealed yet.

Shimla Summer Festival: History

Shimla Summer Festival is a five-day long extravaganza which was first kick-started in the year 1960. Ever since, the Shimla Summer Festival has become an annual affair that flaunts the rich musical and cultural treasures of Shimla. This event has been graced by legends like Mohammed Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle in the past and it continues to draw popular artists every year. The organizers take special care to ensure that the event is well-organized with deft security measures and electronic surveillance in place.

Why Summer Festival is Celebrated?

The Shimla Summer Festival is a celebration of the abundance of harvest, and the festivities honour the arrival of summer. Divided into five days; the festival is a gala of musical performances, cultural attractions, folk performances, local craft exhibitions, as well as strange activities such as fashion shows, dog shows, stalls selling handicrafts, and serving local food; it is an event that has something in store for everyone.

Where is Shimla Summer Festival Celebrated?

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The Shimla Summer Festival takes place every year at the Ridge Road in Shimla – the bustling centre of the city, dotted with a plethora of shops and boutiques. The venue for the Shimla Summer Festival is historic. The ridge is often blocked in the evening when major events take place and the general public reaches the venue via Mall Road. For the safety of the population, the entire spine is placed under electronic surveillance.

Entry Fees

The Shimla Summer Festival is non-feasible and does not charge an entry or coverage fee. Stands selling handicrafts, food, clothing, and other handicrafts of the Himachali people are set up for visitors.

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How To Celebrate

The major events that grace this occasion are folk dances, food festival, flower shows, ice skating festival and even a Himachali Film festival. It also features musical performances, some of them from famous singers. This is the best time to enjoy shopping at various handicrafts from the installs that are set up during this time.

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The events are truly enjoyable and there is something to suit the talent of every individual. There is a sports tournament with a variety of activities for both children as well as adults. Colorful flower shows are organized, which add fun and color to the whole atmosphere thus making it even livelier. The local artists give a performance in music and dance and every day, a famous personality is called to perform on the stage. Enthusiastic school children also take part in the festivities and many competitions are organized for their amusement and enjoyment. These children also put up various cultural acts and performances and the Summer Festival acts as a stage to showcase their talent and skills. Other events include a photography competition, poster-making competition and a fashion show that showcases the talent of local designers. The unique thing about this fashion show is that it showcases folk dresses.

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Photo AdequateTravel

The numerous festivities and the variety of programmes that are organized make the Summer Festival fun and enjoyable event. And the best part of this event is that it is the best time to visit Shimla as the weather is cool and the spirit of joy can be found everywhere.

The festival begins with a lovely display of flower show. It is when the natural beauty and exotic flowers of the region are shown. The locals plan special programs which depict their cultural lives. There is a song and dance routine that takes place and more than this, they offer their prayers to God for a good harvest.

It is also the best time to shop here as a lot of artists come out to display their creative things. There are competitions organized for school children as well. It is indeed a stage for everyone to show their talent.

Other events that are organized here include a photography competition, poster-making competition, fashion show, etc. The Shimla Summer Festival is so renowned that it sees tourists coming in specially to be a part of this fun and festive atmosphere.

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Photo MakeMyTrip

Here are the list of six popular activities at the festival:

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Photo The Traveler Trails

1. Sports Activities

This festival begins with a half marathon, which is especially the beginning of 5 days of fun and enjoyment. What’s really impressive about the Shimla Summer Festival is the fact that sporting events are given a lot of importance, and skating is one of them.

2. Flower Show

This flower show really bathes Shimla in an aura that enriches you with amazing colours. Needless to say, summer is just the perfect time to experience this immersive experience, which is full of exotic fun.

3. Live Performances and Competitions

There are some of the greatest live performances to be experienced by tourists and travellers alike. In parallel, there are a variety of competitions, such as photography and poster-making competitions. Because of all these fun things, this festival is a super hit among tourists and locals alike.

4. Fashion Show

If you think you’ve acquired it or just love fashion, then fashion shows are just your teacup. Many local models and even tourists should be encouraged to attend the fashion show where some trendy clothes can be displayed around. Trust us, you can see so much more than just skinny jeans and great clothes.

5. Dog Show

If you’re a dog lover, it’s time to take a close look at the various hairy canines. From pugs to retrievers to obscure breeds, there are many variations here.

6. Art Is in the Air

Art is the main centre of the Shimla Summer Festival – be it in the form of music, dance or even cinema. Various folk dances are performed here. There is also a Himachali Film Festival which is held every year. Moreover, some of the famous names in the music come here to perform.

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