History of the Blazers

The familiar navy blazer traces its origins back to the captain of the frigate HMS Blazer, who had short double-breasted jackets cut in navy blue serge for his scruffy-looking crew when Queen Victoria visited his ship in 1837. The crew's "blazers" with their shining brass Royal Navy buttons impressed the Queen and soon became part of their dress uniform.

It is believed that the heavier double-breasted reefer jacket was the inspiration for the captain's original blazer design. What is less clear is how and why the naval blazer came to be worn by civilians. One likely explantion, and probably why so many owners of yachts and other sailing vessels wear blazers, is that many people who had no obvious association with the sea or indeed the navy could still have blazer jackets made originally for maritime experiences. With traditional outfitters such as Gieves and Hawkes, on London's Savile Row, cutting blazers for Royal Naval officers it is likely that many civilians would get their own tailors to copy a version for them. If buttons with emblems were not used then simple flat brass buttons were, although it would then become difficult to distinguish the blazer from the other sports jackets, cites lovetoknow.

Divorced from any military background, the single-breasted blazer was the favored style of club jacket worn by rowing clubs in the nineteenth century. These would be made up in college, school, or club colors to be worn at special outdoor sporting events, such as the Henley Royal Regatta. Crests and other insignia were often embroidered in heavy gold thread on the left breast pocket, and the buttons were similar to those used by the navy. Men who were not in a sporting club might still wear a blazer but, as with the naval-inspired version, more likely using enamel buttons instead of brass.

Worn by many Europeans for both work and leisure and popularized by Brooks Brothers for the American market in the early twentieth century (and later in bright colors, such as bottle green or yellow, for golf attire), the authentic British blazer (and its imitations) have held a minor but consistent place in the male wardrobe for decades. The blazer's most recent revival was as essential executive dress in the 1980s, often worn with open shirt and cravat. Its popularity is limited somewhat by its reputation as being too formal for the young, and too stuffy for the "casual dress" office.

These are some ideas to mix and match your blazer with other items:

1. Oversized Shoulderpad Boyfriend Jackets

Top 10 Fashion Trends from Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Weeks
Photo: Pinterest

Create a long line silhouette and play with shapes with an 80s-inspired oversized boyfriend blazer. With the help of shoulder pads, this outerwear cinches in your waist and elongates your legs. Rock this look with a pair of straight-leg trousers or leather shorts for an ultra-modern style – colors that suit this trend are powder blue, charcoal, and neutrals. You can easily dress this up or down for an effortlessly chic aesthetic.

2. Black Face Masks

Top 10 Fashion Trends from Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Weeks
Photo: The National

When it comes to protecting yourself, you may as well do it beautifully. These sleek black face masks match almost any outfit you wear, and they offer great coverage for your nose and mouth. Opt for a silky fabric for easier breathing or choose something with embellishments if you’re feeling fancy. The beauty behind this face-covering is the limitless styling opportunities that come along with it. Wear anything from a red trench coat to a color-blocking suit and look exceptionally stylish. From an accordion-style to a traditional shape, there are so many choices that will keep you and others safe.

3. Head Scarfs

Top 10 Fashion Trends from Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Weeks
Photo: Vogue

Taking inspiration from the 50s and the 60s, this sleek fashion trend is coming back in a big way. Headscarves protect your hair and add a finishing touch to your outfit without overdoing it. Choose from a silky design with floral motifs or intricate patterns, or keep it simple with bold colors and block letters. When styling this accessory, you can wrap the fabric under your chin in a loose knot, or have it hanging off the back of your head – mix things up by wrapping it around your neck or let it dangle from your bag. Channeling your inner Grace Kelly has never been easier with this classic go-to item.

4. Sorbet Pastel Tones

Top 10 Fashion Trends from Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Weeks
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Another trend that has continued to dominate this year has been pastel tones. These sorbet-inspired colors are the perfect option for summer and they suit a wide variety of skin tones. Choose from a boiler suit in cool mint green or an oversized trench coat in soft lavender – better yet, try them both simultaneously. Suits and separates in the soft and buttery hues elevate your overall aesthetic and will remain one of the chicest styles for seasons to come.

5. Yellow Bags

Top 10 Fashion Trends from Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Weeks
Photo: Pop sugar

This season yellow bags have taken over the runways and the streets. This trend is easy to replicate and it is timeless – choose a small clutch to spice up an outfit or find a mustard tote for your daily needs. There are so many shades to choose from that suit your taste, and they look incredible when paired with other vibrant hues or a monochromatic ensemble. Opt for an amber structured handbag with an all-white get-up, or a sleek canary baguette for a night out.

6. Folk Inspired Coats

Top 10 Fashion Trends from Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Weeks
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Go all out this season with these beautiful and intricate folk-inspired coats. When the temperature starts to drop, add some layers of delicate embroidery and lace to keep your outfit hot. The intricate tapestry on each piece of outerwear looks great with a monochrome black or brown ensemble, or choose it in a series of other colors for a bright and interesting choice. This trend is easy to style and looks fantastic on every body type, suggests thetrendspotter.

7. White Knee High Boots

Swing it back to the ’60s with this classic gogo dancers inspired item of footwear – white knee-high boots. Taking its inspiration from the Youth Revolution in the mid-century, this Nancy Sinatra-approved look is a chic way to elevate your outfit. Wear it with a patterned mini dress or skirt, a rollneck, or a funky pair of leggings. This season, opt for a slouchy style for an effortless feel or keep it sleek and tight for a sexy touch.

8. Yellow and Camel Color Styling

Keep it neutral with yellow and camel color styling – the trend taken from the 70s has gotten a serious facelift. Mixing and matching these shades adds dimension and depth to your ensembles, no matter the clothes you prefer to wear. Try a light brown suit or coat with a mustard turtleneck for the cooler months or a sleek tan T-shirt and camel pair of flare pants. This subtle yet flattering combination is the hottest look to try this season.

9. Pop Blue Accessories

Top 10 Fashion Trends from Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Weeks
Photo: Washingtonian

Why blend in when you were born to stand out? Add a pop of blue to your monochrome outfit to update your go-to outfits. The beauty behind this trend is the unlimited amount of options you can try throughout the season – from a duck egg blue handbag from Dior to a chic Marine Serre bucket hat, you can try it all. When styling these items, opt for all black or grey outfits. The bright hue will stand out amongst the deeper shades. Mix and match your accessories and discover a new favorite way to rock your key pieces.

10. Fringing on the Bags

Top 10 Fashion Trends from Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Weeks
Photo: Trendsurvivor
When it’s time to make a statement, let your handbag do the talking. This season, one of the biggest looks we’ve seen is the fringing on the bags. Let the tassels dangle close to the fabric or watch them almost hit the floor for maximum impact – the over-the-top design is sure to turn some heads and keep you feeling chic. Choose from a leather fringe or shearling – you can rock this piece any season, and make it work for almost any event. For a classic feel, choose dark hues like brown or black, but if you want to stand out from the others, take a dip into bold shades like red or green. If you’re ready to shake up your go-to style, this is the item to pick!


How to style blazers for the summer of 2021?


Before anything else in this guide, you need to ensure that you are buying the correct size Blazer!

The most important factor that determines if a blazer is the perfect fit for you is the shoulders. Any indentations between your shoulder and the top seam means it is too big for you.

Similarly, any bunching up in the lapels means the blazer is too small.

While altering the overall length of the blazer or it’s sleeves, or even taking it in at the waist can quite easily be done by your trusted tailor, there is not much that can be done about the shoulders.

So make sure to buy it right first time.


This is usually a case of the wearer not knowing they had to remove these pieces of stitching. It is added to keep the Blazers in shape when hanging in store or being transported but you need to remove these before you wear the item.

They are usually found across the shoulders, at the vents in the lower back, and in the breast and side pockets. Please, also remove the brand tag from the sleeve, and now your Blazer is fool-proof.


A modern classic. T-shirts underneath Blazers can create the perfect ‘cool’ combination when done right.

You don’t want anything too graphic as it makes the outfit look busy, and a V-Neck tee can look like you’re trying too hard.

The safest bet is to go with a crew-neck in simple colours. Sometimes a basic pattern like a small stripe can work well too!


It just looks a bit messy.

An untucked shirt can look great with shorts or jeans for a smart-casual look but when wearing a Blazer, tucked is the only way! If you are aiming for a more relaxed feel then it’s much more stylish to open the top button or two on your shirt.


A light blue blazer is a great investment piece for the Spring/Summer months.

It’s not as formal as your classic Navy Blazer but is just as versatile. It can be dressed up for the office with your standard Oxford shirt, chinos and a pair of smart brown shoes and can easily transition to off-duty chic when paired with jeans, a tee and loafers.


Want to branch out and try something new or freshen up your office style?

Investing in a brightly colored or boldly patterned Blazer means you can keep the rest of your look neutral and understated. It’s a great way to start transitioning into a bolder style without taking too much of a risk.

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