San Alfonso del Mar   The largest swimming pool in the world
A group of guests boating on San Alfonso del Mar - world's largest swimming pool. Photo: Insider

Why the largest?

According to Twistedsifter, it is located in Algarrobo, a tourist area in Chile. It measures more than one kilometer in length and has an extension of 8 hectares, or 77 thousand square meters. If these numbers say nothing then just imagine that it has the same length as 20 Olympic facilities lined up.

The largest swimming pool in the world can hold two and a half million litres of water, which is pumped, filtered and purified directly from the Pacific Ocean. It was listed officially as the largest swimming pool by area in the Guinness Book of World Records in December of 2006.

The technology to make this pool possible has a worldwide patent. Essentially, it collects and filters water from the ocean, maintaining a temperature that’s up to 9 degrees warmer than the ocean water (in the Summer of course). Fischmann, the chairman and founder, is a biochemist by trade and came up with the technology to allow for ‘lagoons of unlimited size’ with crystal clear water and drastically reduced costs to typical pools.

The company estimates construction costs at approximately US$ 400,000 per hectare (US$ 160,000 per acre) for a standard 5 hectare (12 acre) lagoon (excluding earthworks and related work) and maintenance costs of approximately US$ 4,000 per hectare per month (US$ 1,600 per acre per month) including energy, labor and additives.

The world’s largest pool is perfect for a Hollywood style chase

The swimming pool at the San Alfonso del Mar resort. Photo: Twistedsifter

Why Build a Pool Beside the Ocean?

As reported from House Beautiin 1997, Fernando Fischmann, Chairman and Founder, decided to develop a real estate tourism project: San Alfonso del Mar, in Algarrobo–a small town on Chile’s central coast. The waters of the Chilean coast are cold, inhospitable and dangerous (swimming is prohibited in the area), so it was difficult to imagine how a project could be successful and unique from ones that already existed.

To solve this dilemma, Mr. Fischmann dreamed of creating a large lagoon with crystal clear waters that would provide visitors the chance to swim and enjoy water sports in a safe, clean environment and warm waters. He travelled the world in search of the technology to turn his dream into reality. However, the technology did not exist. The only available option was to construct a very large conventional swimming pool, but this was neither technically nor economically feasible given its high costs.

Perfect for a Hollywood-style chase

The swimming pool of San Alfonso del Mar is so large that it is possible to sail it by canoe or sailboat. Given its size this could be the perfect setting for a Hollywood drama, maybe a good action movie with a wild chase on the water. After all, swimming pools are the perfect movie set for unforgettable scenes. There are some very famous ones thanks to the influence of cinema, which have become protagonists and central in the memory of the audience and history.

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