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Years of Birth: 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017

Character Traits of Rooster Zodiac

Rooster Chinese Zodiac is the tenth animal sign according to the Chinese Astrology. Every twelfth year of Chinese Zodiac is the Rooster year and natives born in these years are known as Roosters in China. The symbolic meaning of Rooster according to Chinese Astrology is exorcising the evil spirit. They have various characteristics based on different signs of astrology like buoyant Aries, sincere Taurus, self-assured Gemini, caring Cancer, progressive Leo, judicious Virgo, optimistic Libra, self-restrained Scorpio, dictated Sagittarius, fair Capricorn, imaginative Aquarius, intelligent Pisces.

These independent beings are very honest, loyal, communicative and ambitious people. They generally have an attractive appearance and are fond of dressing up, which makes them tidy and groomed up. They are faithful people, but find it difficult to trust others. They are quick in responding to anything.

The Roosters are a paragon of allegiance and punctuality, which at times makes them impulsive. They get enthusiastic about things quickly but lose interest eventually. They are quite active and amusing people, who are cheerful when they are surrounded by the crowd. They love being in the limelight and will allure the occasion to get attention. They like to brag about themselves and their achievements. These Roosters as per the Chinese Astrology are of five types, wood, fire, earth, gold and water. Their destiny and personality are influenced by both the zodiac sign as well as these elements.

Rooster Career Horoscope for 2021

Resolve conflicts at work, pursue further study

People with the Rooster sign of Chinese zodiac may have conflicts with their colleagues this year. However, they don’t need to take it personally because both sides make decisions for the good of the whole company, Travel China Guide cites. In addition, female Roosters may find it a struggle to keep a balance between job and family. In order to ease the stress, they should often exchange opinions with their husbands and optimize their daily schedule. More importantly, both new and experienced Roosters workers should grasp the opportunities to receive on-job training.

Rooser Wealth Horoscope for 2021

Focus on stable income sources, guard against financial fraud

According to the Rooster fortune prediction in 2021, their fortune in wealth is neither too good nor too bad. In most cases, their savings mainly come from their steady jobs. Thus, they’d better work hard and get higher performance-related pay. For people who want to earn money in other ways, they can try some less risky wealth management products or run a sideline. A word of caution, they should make their goals financially feasible and not be credulous about the unreasonably lucrative programs.

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Rooster Love and Relationships Horoscope for 2021

Fall in love with ideal mates, feel thankful to partners’ devotion

The Rooster fortune in 2021 shows that their love and relationships are blessed with much good luck. By virtue of their outgoing personality, it is easy for single Roosters to attract the opposite sex. When deciding whether or not to start a relationship with others, they should take the compatibility of characteristics into consideration. As for married Rooster people, they still enjoy a harmonious marriage relationship and do not take what their wives or husbands have done for them for granted.

Rooster Health Horoscope for 2021

The gift of good health is true wealth. According to Astrosage, the Roosters will be blessed with a comfortable year in terms of health. You may catch some seasonal flu or allergies however, there will not be any serious health concerns. You should be careful while dealing with sharp items like knives, blades etc. as you will be prone to accidents during this year of the metal ox 2021. Also, be cautious while walking on the road or driving vehicles to avoid any kind of mishap. You should also keep yourself away from the water bodies or high altitude places.

January: Based on Rooster luck prediction in 2020, the luck in the first lunar month is pretty good for the Roosters. They will attach more importance to work and they are given strong support by their families. They will take every step steadfastly and also get some progress slowly.

February: 2020 luck prediction by month indicates that the luck in the second lunar month is just so-so. There will be limits in their personal development for that they may approach wrong methods. They will keep trying new ways and finally find the right way. They won’t make any progress this month but they adjust themselves well.

March: In the third month, the fortune for Roosters goes down slightly. This month, there will be a lot of social engagement that cannot be rejected for the Roosters. They will continue accompanying the customers or their leaders. Most of them need a good rest. The pressure on the Roosters in March will be great. They are afraid of losing their chances because of their slack in the social engagement.

April: According to 2020 luck prediction by month, the luck in the fourth month will be just OK. People born with Chinese zodiac Rooster sign will be stubborn and can hardly accept others’ advice which can avoid detours for them. In addition, they may be too nervous this month. Pay much attention to their health condition.

May: The luck in the fifth month turns good. They may meet several influential people who may save them from dilemma. In career, they will be under great pressure this month, but they can solve problems and difficulties in work or life with their wisdom and intelligence.

June: The luck in sixth month would be bad. They are not suggested to tell their secrets to others even friends. Rooster people will become more conducive to further study and work skills in this month. However, there will also be more constraints and interference which make them more depressed. They are suggested to find suitable ways to get some relaxation.

July: The Rooster’s luck in 2020 shows that the luck in 7th month is favorable. People born in the year of Rooster will get good things because they offered help to others before. It will be easy to make friends who are helpful to them during this period of time. For boys, there may meet lovely girls this month. However, they need to find ways to become attractive and charming enough. Otherwise, it may be difficult to catch opportunities timely.

August: In this month, the fortune in love and relationship for the Roosters will not favorable. They may ignore the feelings of their lovers since they are busy with other things. It is advised to care more about people around them and spend more time with them. In terms of love and relationship, married Roosters spend less and less time with lovers, which leads to conflicts between them. Therefore, they should accompany their lovers more.

September: According to the Rooster’s luck in 2020, the Roosters will easily be influenced by others this month. They are suggested to communicate with self-motivated people, so that they may also be motivated and make progresses. The luck in health would not good. They need to pay attention to the problems of stomach and intestines. The diet needs to be light and nutrient. If there is any small pain and diseases, it should be cured in time, otherwise it may cause serious illness.

October: The luck of the Roosters in 10th lunar month continues to go down, especially the luck in wealth. Some of them may be cheated and lose a lot of money. They need to take precaution against to the internet fraud especially. In career, it may be difficult to successfully finish the tasks assigned by the superiors, resulting in the monthly performance cannot being completed in time.

November: The fortune in 11th lunar month will become better than last month. Roosters will be very careful and they can avoid some losses. This month, they will feel that the pressure is not so heavy and their life attitude will change very well. They can also listen to others suggestions. They will also perform well on some important occasions and get some good opportunities because of the improvements of their appearance.

December: Based on the Rooster luck prediction in 2020, the 12th lunar month is a lucky month. There will be more work take time to finish than before. Besides, the potential of the Roosters will be discovered in this month. Some ideas and suggestions of them will be approved. In the end of the year, single Roosters may have a large chance to fall in love with someone and start the stable love relationship.

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Career, wealth, love and health of Rooster in 2021. Photo: Travel China Guide

Rooster Chinese Horoscope 2021: Important Things to Keep in Mind

There are some lucky months, colours, numbers and directions for Roosters for the year of the ox. This will assist you in making decisions, which will bring out fruitful results during this year. During your lucky months, you can begin with your new endeavours or projects to get success and overwhelming results.

Favourable directions: Northeast and Southwest

Lucky colours: tints of yellow which are gold, yellow and beige.

Lucky numbers: 6, 7.

Favourable Chinese Lunar months: March, April and December

Not favourable Chinese Lunar months: February and September

Summary: Overall Luck: 2.5/5

Though the Rooster fortune in 2021 ranks low in the twelve Chinese zodiacs, they will be able to reverse the situation at crucial points. In terms of career, people with the Chinese zodiac Rooster will keep improving their professional capabilities. In addition, since their luck in wealth is just so-so, they’d better focus on their stable sources of income. As for single Roosters, keep it in mind that the only criterion when choosing a companion is personality instead of appearance. Lastly, Rooster people should pay attention to both physical and mental health this year.

In fact, many troubles in 2021 can be evaded as long as Rooster people shake off their impulsive temperament and perfunctory attitude. Meanwhile, they should carefully handle interpersonal relationships so that others will help them when they are in need.

*Note from editors: The Rooster horoscope 2021 - Chinese Zodiac Signs has its ups and downs, that’s for sure. However, if you are willing to work hard, you can make it so there are more ups and downs. Even though the stars may guide you, it’s up to you to make the final choice. In this way, you create your own future.

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