Best Kissing Zodiac Signs
Best Kissing Zodiac Signs

The results of a scientific study showed that 55% of men and 66% of women admitted that the reason for ending a relationship was just because the other person… kissed too badly.

So to see how important kissing is in love. And of course, kissing is also an "art".

Kissing is clearly an indispensable intimate gesture between lovers. Each zodiac sign usually kisses instinctively, according to its own emotions and skills. Instinctively, one zodiac sign is good at kissing and another is so bad at kissing that you can lose love.

Of the 12 Zodiac Signs, Who is the Best Kisser?


Cancer's kisses can give you a feeling of warmth, trust, and peace of mind. They are like a warm, sincere hug that takes you into a fairy tale happily ever after. Cancer's kiss is a little shy but firm, aloof but passionate enough, gentle but still playful, and not lacking in depth and sensuality.

Cancer will take you to an unreal world where everything is sweet and filled with fairy pink. Who wouldn't be captivated by that? Especially when Cancer is paired with a Cancer, this becomes even more amazing.


Ranking of the Best Kissing Zodiac Signs
Virgo Kissing

As one of the most perfectionists in the zodiac, Virgo always knows what the best is, and they know they deserve it. So if you want to flirt with a Virgo, don't be too sloppy, don't be too passionate, don't try to burn the stage, but don't be slow, passive... Or in other words everything needs to be done. keep it in moderation.

But once she accepts and gives you her kiss, Virgo will make you extremely happy. Because their kiss was like a dream and almost perfect compared to expectations. Unlike the usual shy, reserved and dry, when kissing, Virgo completely reveals sincere feelings to the person they love. They will put your needs and feelings above their own, finding ways to make you ecstatic, infatuated, and ecstatic.

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10. Aquarius

Ranking of the Best Kissing Zodiac Signs
Aquarius Kissing

Aquarius is not only unusual and unlike anyone else in the way he behaves and thinks, but also in the way of kissing.

Aquarius kissing styles are varied, unpredictable, and not just a typical one. Therefore, it is difficult to describe the "lip lock" skill of this "crazy guy". But there's one thing you'll feel when you kiss an Aquarius, and that's not only different, it's timeless. It may even take so long that you have to actively push them away so you can breathe.

The kisses of Aquarius also always have some "hands and feet" movements. You'll probably have to blush with those Aquarius deep kisses. Even with the simplest of foreplays, Aquarius can pull you further with them. This type of person always knows how to take you from one surprise to another, making you swoon and giddy.


Soft, gentle, and other such terms may not seem enough to describe a Taurus' brand of kiss. A Taurus "lip lock" is adjusted to be sexy enough, sweet enough, and extremely intimate. Not only are the kiss sequences intentional and soulful, but you can easily find yourself drowning in a never-ending abyss.

So if you're a romantic, Taurus knows how to show that romance with just one lingering kiss. When Taurus kisses you, you can feel a subtle scent that lingers, and even makes you linger all day.

8. Pisces

Ranking of the Best Kissing Zodiac Signs
Pisces Kissing

If you want to be kissed deeply and with variety and angles, Pisces is your best bet. They will give you kisses that "last forever". Their fervor will leave you gasping and daydreaming. Just a kiss from Pisces is enough to pull you away from the real world and indulge in "fantasy".

There is one and only way to get a Pisces kiss, and that is to make Pisces care very deeply about you. You never know how once you do that, you might have a long and wonderful romance with Pisces!


Aries kisses, like their personalities, are passionate and extremely hot kisses.

An Aries in love won't hesitate to show their affection and they're actually pretty daring, whether it's your first meeting or kiss or when the two of you have experienced it. together before. If you're expecting a gentle, reserved kiss, you really should consider this relationship, because Aries is never docile, at least in terms of locking lips. An Aries kiss will also teach you what to do with your "hands" while kissing.

However, while Aries is great with a quick and hot start, it will "cool down" if there is no renewal after a while. So, if you're looking forward to Aries' hot kisses, you need to know that they can "cool off" at any moment.

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Ranking of the Best Kissing Zodiac Signs

Sagittarius will give a kiss as soon as it wants without never thinking too much about whether the other half will reject or "embarrass" me.

But to really have a romantic lip lock, you'll have to "cooperate" with them a little more. Sagittarius kisses are like miniature explosions: unpredictable and often accompanied by a lot of drama. There will be laughter, some jokes or even some flirting and teasing. Kisses will always be fun, and they will be frequent but still leave you feeling longing.

Let Sagittarius kisses prove that you are indispensable in their life. Sagittarius will never make you feel monotonous, boring and dry.


Ranking of the Best Kissing Zodiac Signs
Capricorn Kissing

You certainly know that the longer you wait for something, the more precious and worth the wait. Capricorn's kiss is one of them.

Capricorns are definitely not the romantics of the zodiac, nor are they the type to indulge and show interest in their partner. But deep down, Capricorn really cares about that person. Their love is always sincere and extremely loyal.

When a Capricorn marries, it will probably be accompanied by some reservations, some shyness, and possibly a lack of spontaneous passion. But when Capricorn feels the right time and security, you'll notice a change in them: a passionate, stylish and classy night kiss. Capricorn isn't the most romantic, but is a lip-locker with its own unique brand and style.

4. Gemini

Gemini kisses are playful and adorable, even if they're really deep in meaning or just playful.

Gemini kisses are like no other in the zodiac, as they are created by instinct in tandem with reason. Gemini kisses often appear in playful situations, teasing and creating fun for those around. Their playful kisses remind us of the high school days of school age, about a simple, rustic and innocent "cotton" love.

When kissing seriously, Gemini will appear neither sloppy nor overly passionate. A perfect kiss from them often requires patience and persistence. Wait, it will make you sublimate like you're lost in paradise!

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Ranking of the Best Kissing Zodiac Signs
Libra Kissing

Libra was created to live and pursue romance in both word and deed. Libra's kiss is always comforting, delicate, making you feel like their world revolves around you. Every Libra kiss is sure to make you feel happy forever.

Those kisses were full of sweetness, sparkling eyes. Chances are, even if you and Libra go their separate ways, you'll never forget your first kiss with them. Because every Libra kiss is passionate, sweet, and passionate.

Libra is also quite bold and "generous" in love. They don't just give you a light kiss on the lips; they will take you on an "emotional journey" that includes your tongue, hands and every bit of ingenuity that reaches all the way to your heart and soul.


When in love, Leo always turns the other half and himself into the main character on the world stage, all must pay attention to them. Even with private and intimate things, Leos tend to want to show it off to the world.

Leo's kiss is always described in adjectives such as: wild, unrestricted and extremely passionate. Their kiss is never complete without strategic bites, mischievous sips, and well-timed touches. They can even emit "vivid" sound effects, making you blush.


Ranking of the Best Kissing Zodiac Signs
Scorpio is the best kisser of the 12 zodiac signs

When Scorpio kisses, they often enjoy leaving psychological and physical imprints on the person they love.

You will feel the kiss as if they want to "attack" straight into your soul from them. Scorpio kisses are deep and sensual. Scorpio can kiss you passionately, making you feel lost in the fairyland anywhere, in any setting and at any time, even when least expected. You can also come across some very creative kisses from them.

Even the simplest kisses of Scorpio will make you "emotional explosion". So be alert and fully aware of your "defensive" measures, or you'll be wobbly, ecstatic, and off the ground for a long time!

Final Thoughts

How do you rate the art of kissing out of the 12 zodiac signs?

The top zodiac signs in the art of kissing should not be too confident, but need to hone their skills and increase their emotions to continue to attract their partners.

With the zodiac signs who are not good at kissing in the chart above, you can "raise your skills" and tie up your opponent with burning kisses.

You can be a very skilled kisser, but your behavior makes it so that no one wants to try to kiss you.

In addition, people are always physically attractive. Therefore, make sure that your appearance is always good. Do not appear in a shabby, messy, messy appearance in any date.

If the appointment goes well, choose the right time and place. Scenes like the ones in the movie including magical lights, her wearing a red dress, sharing secret secrets together and a clash of excitement… all create the climax of a romantic kiss.

Get to know your partner's likes and dislikes. Kissing is not an Olympic sport graded on a scale of 1-10. Personal preferences are extremely important, so put your partner's needs first.

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