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Different Kissing Styles Based on the Zodiac Signs
Kissing Styles Based on the Zodiac Signs
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The importance of kissing in relationships is well-documented. In fact, research shows that 59 percent of men and 66 percent of women have found themselves less attracted to a potential partner after a bad first kiss; further, Butler University's John Bohannon surveyed 500 people and found that most people can remember up to 90 percent of the details of a first romantic kiss. There are so many different kinds of kissing — The Peck, The Eskimo, The Butterfly — and they all mean something different and our zodiac sign affects our kissing style.

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1. Aries: Quick and Passionate

Aries kisses, just like their personalities, are a force of heat and enthusiasm.

They dive right in, and they really go quite deep, irrespective of whether it is your first kissing encounter or whether you two have had preliminary match practice. If you were expecting a docile kiss, you really should have had another thought coming, because Aries is never docile, least of all in kissing.

This fire sign’s lustful kiss is one that is really recommended for kissing beginners. Your Aries first kiss should also teach you what to do with your hands while you are kissing.

Unfortunately, in line with their quick and heated, supernova-like starts, you can expect swift and equally efficient cool-downs. So, if you are expecting your Aries kiss tonight, brace yourself with a wall behind you before you get on with this energetic, passionate, and lustful lip lock, according to Yourtango.

2. Taurus: Deliberate and Heartfelt

Deep and deliberate – and coupled with an unexpected sensuality, Taurean kisses can go on for an eternity. They kiss only if they are sure of your affection. The kiss usually happens on their turf, which incidentally will be extremely aesthetic. Do not expect the Taurean to take the initiative and if they do – be prepared for an intensity that will leave you dazed.

When a Taurus kisses you, it involves ESP (Extra Sensory Passion). They'll look at your face, inhale the smell of your perfume, touch your hair, and then when their lips make contact with yours, they'll take in the taste.

The kiss of Taurus is long. Loong. Loooong. They love exploring the inner recesses of your mouth and mind, just as they would sample fine wine, reported by Wisehoroscope.

3. Gemini: Hard and Intense

How Zodiac Signs Kiss – Different Kissing Styles Based On The Zodiac Signs
Photo: Kpopmap

Geminis have a quick mind, are very versatile, and are great communicators. The Gemini will bombard you with butterfly kisses, but when you try to return them, they'll run off with a smile. A Gemini has no problem telling you how to kiss them, the way they want you to kiss them.

They are known for their kisses to be short and sweet. They’ll take you from gentle kissing to French in no time, leaving you wanting more.

Their signature style is to hold your head in their hands while they are kissing you and touch your forehead with theirs so they can make eye contact right after they are finished. This cannot simply leave you indifferent, Herway noted.

4. Cancer: Warm and Tender

While Cancer can sometimes seem tough on the outside, they are actually really soft and sensitive on the inside, which you can see from the way they kiss. Intimate moments with Cancer are a chance to see into their soul; they love to nurture and make you feel warm and comfortable. Cancers aren’t fickle or aggressive with their relationships or their kisses—they love deeply and kiss with warmth, passion, and commitment.

Cancer is a dreamy and gentle kisser who likes to finish with a bit of bite – it’s kind of a kiss climax for them. In fact, they enjoy nibbling of all sorts whether it be on the lips, ears, necks etc. For a few the combination of an open mouth with closed teeth can be a little annoying or even painful – but if you dig it you’ll be sent into a frenzy of pleasure, Zodiacfire cited.

5. Leo: Wild and Uninhibited

Leos are wild and uninhibited performers. Be ready for a wild, sunny ride. But also make sure that you know you are with an innate star, who loves to preen and loves having spectators around. So expect more kisses when you are at a party than when you are alone. They like kissing partners who are wild and uninhibited like themselves. They hate prudes and the wilder your kiss, the more likely they are to want to be with you.

Their kisses are perfectly playful. Their kisses tease you. Kissing them is like playing a game, except a game that leaves you hot and teeming with relentless desire. They'll give you the kind of kisses you want and need, and won't give up until you're screaming for more.

6. Virgo: Subtle and Tidy

As perfectionists of the best kind, Virgos know what the best is, and they know that they deserve it. So, don’t be too sloppy, or too wet, or too fast, or too slow, or too hasty, or not hungry enough, or use too much tongue, or use too little, so on and so forth.

A Virgo’s kiss is quite possibly the only truly selfless one from the zodiac. Your Virgo guy is possibly the only guy who will put your needs and feelings above his own when it comes to where the heart is truly involved.

Virgo is compassionate, caring, and very in tune with the people around them, so instead of being selfish with a kiss, they follow your lead and try to give you what you want and need. They are thoughtful and flexible, but they also strive for perfection, so expect a kiss that is tidy and focused on details, according to Firstmotion-international.

7. Libra: Sweet and Sensual

How Zodiac Signs Kiss – Different Kissing Styles Based On The Zodiac Signs
Photo: Pinterest

Libras love beauty and the arts. They have great social skills, but if you're the object of their affection, they'll keep shooting you seductive looks at an event or party.

They are crazy good kissers, but the practice has a lot to do with it. Their lips are soft like peaches and their kisses are unforgettable.

Their kisses are soft and shy—the ones that make you feel butterflies in your stomach.

The one thing they like during kissing is physical contact. They like you to touch them and stroke them while they are turning your world upside down, Yourtango claimed.

8. Scorpio: Aggressive and Passionate

It’s all about lust and seduction when it comes to a Scorpio kiss. Scorpios are passionate in all aspects of their lives, especially when it comes to intimacy. They tend to make the first move and be the dominant force in the kiss, and sometimes they can even be a bit aggressive (think a lip-biting, pressed up against a wall kind of make out).

Scorpios are poetic lovers of debauchery who are well known for their passionate kissing style. They don’t like to follow convention so expect all sorts of unusual kisses – butterfly, Eskimo, or new ones they’ve composed the evening before. They are exotic kissers who love to experiment – but beware – they can get bored if you’re too vanilla, Zodiacfire described.

9. Sagittarius: Joyful and Surprising

How Zodiac Signs Kiss – Different Kissing Styles Based On The Zodiac Signs
Photo: makeagif

Sagittarius is known for being the most exciting and appreciative lover, one who enjoys pleasing their partner. They’ll shower you with kisses and compliments if they sense you need that, or playfully wrestle you to the ground and cover you with kisses when you’re pinned.

Their kisses are joyful kisses. Their kisses are so happy, they make you want to crawl on top of them and take in all the f*cking awesome waves of happiness. They kiss aggressively, but not with the dominating aggression of Scorpios.

Sagittarians are adventurous, spontaneous, and surprisingly sensitive. Be ready for warmth that will leave you feeling secure. But they are restless and might just drive you around the bend sometimes. Sagittarians are moody creatures, and kiss only when they really want to. Fortunately, that is quite often.

10. Capricorn: Relaxed and Blissful.

You know what they say about things that take time, right? The things that make you wait for them often taste infinitely sweeter when you finally get them. It’s the same with Capricorn.

Capricorn is certainly not the most forthright romancer in the zodiac, and neither are they the most outwardly loving, pampering types. But when all the fun and frolic is really over, it's the Capricorn's love that comes closest to the real, lasting kind.

When a Capricorn kisses, you can expect a little reserve, a little tight-lipped awkwardness, and possibly a certain lack of spontaneous passion. But when the conditions are right, you will notice a shift in the tectonic plates of his passion.

Capricorn kisses are full of passionate feeling, style, and class. Yes, even the most non-romantic Capricorn knows how to woo his girl in style, and style and class is a fluidly natural expression with this sign.

11. Aquarius: Seductive and Dominating

How Zodiac Signs Kiss – Different Kissing Styles Based On The Zodiac Signs
Photo: Durex

Those of the Aquarius sign are unconventional, unorthodox, and love the arts.

For the Aquarius person, it's all about the art of seduction, and they won't just randomly kiss you. The Aquarius has to set the mood with the perfect music and lighting. They'll start off slow with cautious kisses, but as their senses heighten their kisses will deepen and become all-consuming.

Aquarians are smart and savvy kissers. They are delicate yet passionate in their approach and can instinctively tell what their partner will like. They have a great unpredictability about their style that makes it all the more exciting. They like to constantly mix things up and keep things fresh so that you’ll never quite know what to expect.

12: Pisces: Starry-eyed & Long-lasting

If you want to be kissed thoroughly up, down, right, left and center, Pisces is your best bet.

They will leave no stone unturned when they give you one of their "lasting for what feels like forever" kisses, and you may quite literally feel like Sleeping Beauty roused from decades of slumber.

Their fervor will leave you panting and dreaming. It takes just one kiss from the Pisces for you to leave the land of the real and slip into their land of the "dreamy and fantastical." That is the power of one Pisces kiss.

There is one and only one way to get a Pisces kiss, and that is to make the Pisces care very deeply for you. You never know — once you do that, you might be in for a long-lasting romance.

Kissing can reduce stress levels and lower cholesterol levels

According to affection exchange theory, as mentioned in a 2009 study in the Western Journal of Communication, physical exchanges of affection, including kissing, "buffer the individual against the physiological effects of stress." The researchers found that expressed affection, of which kissing is a prime example, was directly related to lowering the stress hormone cortisol throughout the day.

The same study authors theorize that if affectionate behavior reduces stress, "then it is logical to predict that it will also affect improvements on physiological parameters that are exacerbated by stress" such as cholesterol. Cholesterol has a number of essential physiological functions, they write, "including maintaining membrane fluidity, producing bile, and contributing to the metabolism of fat-soluble vitamins." It’s also "largely responsible" for the production of steroid hormones, such as cortisol, aldosterone, progesterone, estrogens, and testosterone.

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