Zodiac signs ranked from hardest to easiest to fall in love with. Photo: Simplecapacity

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful experiences life has to offer, and life feels complete when you finally find the one you were always looking for. But some people are difficult to love, no matter how hard you might try, and to understand that, all you need to do is have a look at their zodiac signs.

Maybe you are ready to give them all the love they need in their life, but no matter what you do, nothing seems to work out. Every zodiac sign has its own traits and sensibilities, and while it can be easy to love some signs, it can be equally difficult to love some of the others, Themindsjournal noted.

Top 4 Zodiac Signs are hard to Fall in Love

1. Scorpio

Zodiac signs ranked from hardest to easiest to fall in love with
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Sorry to tell you this, Scorpio, but you’re the hardest one to stay in love with. You certainly have some great aspects as a partner – you’re magnetizing and exciting, you’re passionate, you’re good at reading your loved one. But it’s difficult for those things to make up for the fact that you’re also incredibly jealous, secretive, possessive, and stubborn about admitting when you’re wrong. Work on those bad habits though, and you’ll be just as wonderful of a partner as any of the other signs.

2. Leo

Zodiac signs ranked from hardest to easiest to fall in love with
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Leo, you are your own worst enemy when it comes to chasing your partner away. They fall in love with your generosity, your warmth, your thoughtful gestures, and your enormous heart. But then you let your arrogant and patronizing side come out, the side that wants to control the relationship and make it perfect and always have it your way, and then it is very, very difficult for your significant other to love you the same way that they did in the beginning, Thoughtcatalog sited.

3. Aries

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You, like so many other people on this earth, have some issues when it comes to relationships. We are all afraid of getting hurt but to different extremes. You’re not a lost cause and as soon as you deal with that fear, you’ll be fully ready to sweep someone off their feet.

You’re the perfect person to be in a relationship with. You’re compassionate and kind. You genuinely care about people. You remember important dates and anniversaries. You’re just perfect relationship material.

4. Gemini

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You’re a very difficult person to understand. You change your mind and mood on a daily basis. You know how people go from one extreme to another, like they are extremely shy about doing one thing and shameless about doing another?

Well, you’re exactly like that. You’re dynamic but mysterious, you’re outgoing and closed off at the same time. If someone catches you on a good day, they will fall in love with you instantly because you’re charming and cute as hell but if they catch you on the wrong day, it’s a different story.

If you let them, people would fall in love with you. But your ‘all over the place’ emotional state is what is holding them back to even try to understand you, Herway expressed.

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Top 4 Zodiac signs making it easy to Fall in Love

1. Taurus

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Taurus, you live and breathe love, so it’s not surprising that you’re pretty easy to stay in love with. The main reasons it’s easy to stay so in love with you are because you are patient, you’re dependable, and you have an incredibly warm heart – it makes anyone feel safe and happy with you. The only reason you’re not higher up on the list, of course, is because of the struggles you have with jealousy and your need for fairly frequent validation from your partner.

For this sign, enjoying sensual joy is of utmost importance. Being not very self-aware, they are most likely to indulge in overeating and drinking. For them, having good food is not just a necessity but they live for food, therefore they generally eat more than required, Timesofindia.indiatimes expressed.

2. Sagittarius

Top Zodiac Signs are Hardest and Easiest to Fall in Love
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Your laughter and your constant optimism are what make you attractive. There are so many good qualities like wittiness, positivity, and charming nature that define you wherever you go. And so, people easily fall in love with you. It's almost like a fairytale.

Staying in love with a Sagittarius is pretty easy because the relationship is built upon happiness, joy, humor, and emotional closeness. You really know how to talk to your partner and feel close to them in a very deep way, while always still making room for fun and silliness.

3. Libra

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Libra, like Virgo, you are also pretty easy to stay in love with. It’s the getting-you-to-commit part that’s the challenging aspect. You’re a little bit afraid of settling down and committing to just one person, but once you finally feel like you’ve met the right person and you decide to go all in, it’s a relationship filled with joy, warmth, laughter, and comfort that never ceases.

4. Virgo

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Virgo, once the high of the relationship’s novelty wears off, you are by far the easiest sign to stay in love with. Really, when it comes to a relationship with you, the most challenging part is actually falling in love with you, not because you’re a hard person to love but because you’re a hard person to get to know (since your shyness and your overthinking often get in the way).

But once someone has fallen in love with you, it’s easy for them to stay in love with you because they feel safe with you, they feel like they can talk to you about anything, and they never stop feeling fascinated by each new thing they learn about you.

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