Find out the zodiac signs with love is blind
Find out the zodiac signs with love is blind

What is 'Love is Blind'?

Meaning of 'Love is Blind'

-if you love someone, you cannot see the faults in that person

-a person in love cannot see any imperfections in the person they love

-if you love someone, it does not matter what they look like or what their faults are

Meaning that when we fall in love we see that other person in a way we didn’t before. We cherish and care for that person beyond normal standards. So it’s possible that even though we are in love and see them more clearly for who they are, we also tend to ignore certain behaviours and actions that at one time we would have annoyed us.

When in love our concept of that person changes and the negative things we witness seem to just fade away.

They become the be all and end all person in our lives.

As a result, we tend to create an idealized image of those we are in love with. Holding them in higher regard than anyone else - as if they can do no wrong which allows us to fall in love with the idealized image of that person than for the real, flawed, imperfect human they are.

Falling in love is almost too easy, someone makes you feel all bubbly and jittery, and before you know it, you're thinking about a forever that they play a lead role. It happens to all of us at one point or another.

But what if that person isn't who you think they are? What if you realize down the road that this person you love is cruel, or menacing, or even just plain mean?

They'll fall in love and become convinced that this person is the only one for them, leading them down a path of a destructive relationship.

They may chose someone based largely on looks or popularity rather than on personality and compatibility.

They'll invest in somone who doesn't want to be around all the time, who doesn't demand time together. But if they swing too far from that, they'll end up with someone toxic who won't give them the time of day.

Here are the list of the feminine zodiac signs who were most likely to fall in love with the wrong person - love is blind!

Top 3 Zodiac Signs Have The Most of 'Love Is Blind'

Usually women are said to be more emotional and attached than men. The gender stereotypes and societal roles too contribute to this difference. That is why, even the men and women of the same Zodiac Sign have varying emotional responses to relationships.

Leo Girl

The girls of the Leo constellation are very strong, and face-to-face, with love that tends to defy everything. When they love someone, they will try to show their best sides, and at the same time, their dignity makes everyone around them clearly see.

They think that their boyfriend is excellent in every way, nothing to scoff at. If a friend or loved one criticizes their boyfriend, the Leo woman may be ready to turn around immediately.

Leo is so deeply attached to the people they care about, it's easy to take advantage of their emotions. You'd hope that people wouldn't do that, but a mean girl knows just how to manipulate that vulnerability.

I love you, I love you, I love you so much, I'm glad I'm in love.

The Leo girl adjusts, as long as she is sure of his eternal commitment. She is a loyalist, and can charm her way into people’s hearts just by the sheer warmth and generosity she offers. It is important for a Leo Female to be in a relationship where she feels respected and loved. She may get so caught up in the moment that she may overlook the signs of heartbreak early on, focusing on the glamour instead.

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Scorpio Girl

Girls of These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Blinded by Love - According to Astrology
Scorpio Girls Are Blinded by Love

The character of the Scorpio woman is also quite strong, even somewhat stubborn. Dare to love, dare to hate, the Scorpio woman fell in love with her head to the end, the advantage is that they are very faithful, but the biggest drawback is that they are easily blind. If they become the lover of a Scorpio woman, most guys feel pressured by her pressure and control.

This zodiac sign wants everything to be within reach, even the lover. Every second, every minute, they want that person to remember them, love them wholeheartedly, and are not allowed to care about any other girl but them. If it is discovered that the lover has betrayed, the way of revenge of the Scorpio is also very scary...

I love you, I love you, I love you so much, I'm glad I'm in love!

She is addicted to love, and is yet afraid to surrender completely, as she fears disappointment and heartbreak. Her style is to gradually discover the qualities of a prospective mate, and let her love and trust grow over time. To this effect, she is grateful for a partner who gives her the time and space to decide. Not one of the players of the zodiac, she loses herself once she has taken the plunge.

She will be loyal and trustworthy, and infuse the relationship with an intensity and intimacy that will be overwhelming.

Scorpio girl herself radiates an unusual confidence and ambition. No wonder, this smart one always has practicality and future prospects at the back of her mind. A tendency for vengeance, however, makes her a rather intimidating mate.
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Aquarius Girl

Aquarius girls seem very independent and rational, but once they fall in love, they are ready to give everything without reserve. Moreover, the Aquarius girl can also try to change herself if her lover wants to.

When in love, Aquarius will become a completely different person than before, becoming gentle, feminine, wanting to be protected by that person. This also makes them take a long time to get over the heartbreak when they are hurt.

Aquarius has a cool social ease, and she loves her freedom to bits. Her contact list is often full with an eclectic mix of characters. This girl can bring so much fun, creativity and whackiness to a relationship. Her strength of individuality shines through in any conversation.

She prides herself on being a progressive thinker, and loves a thorough challenge; she can be a maddening debater. The female Water-bearer is quite unpredictable, intelligent and astute. A keen observer, she loves originality in her men. She likes being in touch with her mate/s via gizmos and modern communication systems. Yet, being sure that she is in love can be tricky.

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Why do we become blinded by love?

This idealization of someone you love could also be considered a defence mechanism of sorts, one that helps us to justify our decision in remaining with the partner we have chosen. We subconsciously spend time reading reviews specific to the product we’ve bought, ignoring all negative comments and features, as well as potential better alternatives. We tend to disregard any negatives and faults with the product we want to buy and convince ourselves it’s the perfect product or service and that no other out there can match it - which isn’t a bad thing.

This is because we are stubborn and set in our ways. Very rarely wanting to change our minds. The mind is powerful, and at times, it leaves us totally blinded. Falling in love i’s great, blissful, and even magical. A mesmerizing addiction that has us hooked.

When we first fall in love normally the person is someone who generally fits into a type you see yourself with. They might have things in common or act similar to others you’ve dated in the past.

And sometimes when we fall in love we do so not really knowing the in’s and out’s of what that person’s like. We are still figuring out their likes and dislikes, habits and personal taste - causing us to keep them positively elevated in our minds. Learning the details of their personalities with rose coloured glasses on.

This is where the ‘love is blind’ phrase comes into play. It allows us to slightly dismiss and ignore the person’s new found negative characteristics, in order to carry on idealizing and loving them the way we did before we found out.