February 1, 2021 Will Be The Best Week For These Zodiac Signs
February 1, 2021 Will Be The Best Week For These Zodiac Signs. Photo: horoscopes.lovetoknow.com

This Week in Astrology

The Sun is in Aquarius from January 19 to February 18. During this cycle, we are motivated by our hunger for knowledge, experience, and originality. Innovation is more important to us than convention. We become more aware of what is outdated in our lives and strive to find new perspectives and new ways to do things. The class distinctions, structure, and order that Capricorn finds appealing now seem to be too rigid. The freedom of the individual becomes far more significant to us. We strive to free ourselves from some of the restrictions, inhibitions, and limitations that now feel constraining rather than safe.

Mercury is in Aquarius from January 8 to March 15. [This is an extended stay due to an upcoming retrograde cycle from January 30-February 20.] When Mercury is in Aquarius, we are hungry for knowledge and open to new and original ideas. We begin to think outside of the box, and our thinking becomes more progressive and objective. Our communication and thought patterns are spontaneous, somewhat fragmented, and liberal. This is a time when inventive thinking is at a peak.

Venus is in Capricorn from January 8 to February 1. Getting serious about our finances and boosting our relations with business partners and/or co-workers will be easier than usual under this influence. Our talents for creating artistic structure and form are enhanced, and our ability to form connections with people who support our ambitions is increased. We value enduring connections, reliability, and faithfulness. We take expressing our feelings seriously, and we take our time to warm up to others. We generally keep our “cool” in relationships.

Venus is in Aquarius from February 1 to 25. We move towards unconventionality, independence, and freedom as themes in our social relationships under this influence. Aquarius can be just as faithful as Capricorn, but it has to be on his own terms! Experimental relationships are more intriguing now. Being friends as well as lovers is important to us during this cycle. Allowing one another freedom of expression, and treating others fairly, unselfishly, and impartially, are themes now.

Mars is in Taurus from January 6 to March 3, 2021. We are determined, stubborn, and resolute during this cycle. Mars in Taurus can be passive, and is at its strongest when resisting or defending something! In stark contrast to the impulsive Mars in the Aries cycle, we tend to pursue our goals by plodding along patiently. Our goal is longevity and long-term satisfaction, according to Cafeastrology.

The Sun is in Aquarius

Mercury is in Aquarius

Venus is in Capricorn to February 1st, when it enters Aquarius

Mars is in Taurus

The Best Week For These Zodiac Signs


February 1, 2021 Will Be The Best Week For These Zodiac Signs
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It’s time for adventure and wanderlust when Venus enters Aquarius on Monday. Venus enters your sector of philosophy, creating opportunities for travel and spurring you to make plans to explore the world.

Elitedaily said that it's important that you keep an open mind. Luckily, open-mindedness comes naturally to you, Gemini. Your perspective of everything — ranging from your long-held beliefs to your long-term relationships — is up for change. You may think you have plans set in stone and you may think you know exactly what the answer is, but the cosmos are proving that there's always so much more to the story. Don't expect to know how this one ends, so try to enjoy the way it unfolds.

If traveling isn’t in the cards for you, get involved in education, studying other cultures and different points of view. This is an especially good time to start learning about different social issues and broadening your knowledge of diverse topics, predicted Stylecaster.


February 1, 2021 Will Be The Best Week For These Zodiac Signs
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Let the good times roll, Libra! You’re ready to take a walk on the wild side this week when Venus enters Aquarius on Monday, increasing the Aquarius stellium.

This stellium is happening in your sector of pleasure, so let out your inner rebel for the next two weeks. Go ahead and redecorate your home, paint weird pictures, get kinky! There are no rules! It’s a moment of self-expression. Find ways of showing off who you are by drawing, writing, painting, taking pictures, whatever makes you feel most like you.

Because this is a very “me” moment, make sure you create boundaries with people, especially when Venus conjoins Saturn on Saturday. Some people in your life may become too clingy, throwing you off balance. Express your independence. You don’t owe anyone a thing. Focus on what brings you pleasure, not on what people expect of you or what brings them pleasure, Horoscope noted.


February 1, 2021 Will Be The Best Week For These Zodiac Signs
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Not only is it Aquarius season but on Monday, February 1, charming and caring Venus sets up shop in your sign for the next three weeks, dialing your animal magnetism and mojo up to 11! And Venus is the cosmic love goddess, could draw Cupid’s arrows at you a bit ahead of schedule this year. And she won’t be alone because auspicious Jupiter, structured Saturn, the Sun, and Mercury (retrograde) are already there. Speaking of “11,” single Aquarians will have an almost unfair advantage over the other 11 signs during this super-charged glamour spike. If you’re looking for love, pull out the stops and flirt, swipe, and date (whatever that looks like these days) with abandon. Venus only pays her respects to your sign for a few weeks a year, so it behooves you to squeeze every drop out of this juicy transit.

This weekend, Venus gets really activated when she aligns with outer planets of very different energies. Early on Saturday, Venus blends her glamour with Saturn’s gravitas in your sign, personally directing you to your deserved spot on the main stage. The best part is that there’s no need to pump yourself up or even humblebrag. Your hard work and worthy deeds will speak for themselves, and you’ll have the team support to prove it. Of course, if you really believe in your message or service, there’s no reason to NOT engage in a little well-modulated self-promotion, reported Elle.

Moon Phase Cycle: Bigger Picture

Jan 13, 2021, 12:00 AM, Sun Conjunct Moon (New Moon)

Jan 20, 2021, 4:01 PM, Sun Square Moon (First Quarter Moon)

Jan 28, 2021, 2:16 PM, Sun Opposition Moon (Full Moon)

Feb 4, 2021, 12:37 PM, Sun Square Moon (Last Quarter Moon)

Feb 11, 2021, 2:06 PM, Sun Conjunct Moon (New Moon)

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