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Rabbit Yearly Horoscope 2022 – Feng Shui Predictions for Career, Job and Work. Photo KnowInsiders

Rabbit People By Five Elements

The Rabbit people of different elements have different personalities. Click the following links to get personalities for five types of Rabbits.

Wood Rabbit: 1975 (Feb. 11, 1975 - Jan. 30, 1976)

Water Rabbit: 1963 (Jan. 25, 1963 - Feb. 12, 1964)

Metal Rabbit: 1951 (Feb. 06, 1951 - Jan. 26, 1952) and 2011 (Feb. 03, 2011 - Jan. 22, 2012)

Earth Rabbit: 1939 (Feb. 19, 1939 - Feb. 08, 1940) or 1999 (Feb. 16, 1999 - Feb. 04, 2000)

Fire Rabbit: 1927 (Feb. 02, 1927 - Jan. 22, 1928) or 1987 (Jan. 29, 1987 - Feb. 16, 1988)

Rabbit Personality

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1. Thoughtful, tender and considerate

2. Kind-hearted, merciful and not apt to lose temper;

3. Eloquent and talented in language, quite popular;

4. Sociable, polite, talk cheerfully and humorously, graceful bearing, cautious, dislike to dispute with others, have the gentle temperament of converting enemies into friends;

5. Delicate and family-oriented;

6. Beauty-valued and love to design and decorate the house elegantly;

7. Hospitable, courteous, compassionate and helpful;

8. Shrewd, witty and imaginative.


1. Unambitious and tend to drift along;

2. Peacocky, sometimes timid, weak-willed and self-satisfied with joy;

3. Emotional;

4. Unwilling to study hard;

5. Tend to be bureaucratic;

6. Fickle in love and prone to love disputes, indecisive, and often fail out of amorous matter;

7. Overly scrupulous, unwilling to unbosom but escape from reality, and often lose an opportunity due to the over-conservative character.

The rabbit people born in different periods of a day have different personalities and fortune:

The rabbit people born in the morning are quick and strong-minded. They are independent and never go with the tide. Once deciding to do something, they will take action immediately without hesitation. Because of this, they are usually driven from pillar to post as lacking of comprehensive consideration beforehand. However, they are quick-minded to adjust soon. They are studious of their business and enjoy their work well. So, salesmen or businessmen instead of civil servants are good occupation for them. Besides, they are always dressed to the nines and dainty about eating.

Not like the rabbit people born in the morning, those born at noon are weak and made of excellent human dough. They usually win popular with masses as they are with a feeble personality and seldom to make enemies. Most of them are gentlemen who are quite affable, well-spoken and never give offence to others. While, once quick in action, they are regarded reckless. So, pay attention to their behaviors is important.

The rabbit people born during the evening are smart and outgoing but also have no definite views of their own and are of weak characters. These personalities can be shown from their habit of changing jobs frequently. They are usually unable to resist the temptation from outside, so are fickle in love and work. Therefore, they should keep in minds that never change easily under any circumstances and stay grounded to live.

Rabbit Career Horoscope 2022: Overview

Generally, the 2022 Rabbit forecast shows that you will someday become a champion, and everyone will know your name. In other words, it is time to expect greatness from whatever you do in life. Perhaps, the skills you have will take you to higher levels in life. Also, your hard work will unleash the greatness that is within you. Notably, it is time to follow your heart and do what you love the most.

More so, people will always value whatever you do if they see the results. Besides, your results will determine your value, and the effort you are giving out will produce that quality in you. So, you should keep trying until one day you become unstoppable. Equally, the pain you are going through now will someday become your happiness.

Three words to describe Rabbit’s Career in 2022: Industrious, Stable, Devoted

People born in the Year of the Rabbit have a mind of business, for they have insight in valuable chances. They don’t like office work, but that can provide them with reliable income. They have high sense of responsibility, and always devote themselves in work. They are also persistent; once they decide to stay on one occupation, they will fight for it. They can be good leaders, no matter in political or economy fields.

Rabbit Career Horoscope 2022: Job change predicted

Metal represents your job or career. There is no Metal inside the Tiger. But Tiger contains Earth, which is related to your money. You care about your salary, not the position. Tiger is a Travel Star and the benefactor of the Rabbit. If you have a promotion or job change opportunity, then you can pursue it as long as you have a passion for the new position.

Best Jobs for Rabbits

They stand aloof from success, and avoid rival with others. They are good at coping with interpersonal relationship, so they need to find jobs related to communication with people. They want peace and stability. Therefore, the jobs like gardener, teacher, doctor, pharmacist, military officer, politician, public relation manager, translator, or bank staff are suitable for them.

Rabbit Work Horoscope 2022: Fast Career Development

The Year of the Tiger will make everything in a career move much faster than usual. If you are enjoying your current career, then you will be likely to see an advancement in one way or another. This could be through a promotion or raise. However, this will only happen if you put in extra effort at work. As with every other part of life this year, make sure to take every opportunity that comes your way. Take them quickly too! They will only show themselves for a moment.

Rabbits who want a new job are likely to be lucky as well. Put out applications while you are still at your current job. Again, make sure to take opportunities that come your way quickly. Go with your gut when it comes to new job offers. If something feels right, take the job right away. If you hesitate, the job offer might pass you by.

Rabbit Work Horoscope 2022: Be recognized

The Rabbits will have a good career luck in 2022. Not only will they have a passion and enthusiasm for work and a very positive working attitude, but also their work efforts will be recognized by their colleagues or bosses. They can work well with their colleagues and work very efficiently. This year, they are very likely to be entrusted with a mission at a critical and difficult moment. As such, when there is a proper time for them to show their competences and talents, they should decisively seize the opportunity so that they could pave the way for their further promotion afterwards.

Rabbit Luck Predictions and Feng Shui Tips for 2022

Favorable Directions: west, south

Lucky Colors: grey, silver, lavender, white and light yellow

Lucky Numbers: 2, 8

Favorable Months: Chinese Lunar Months of January, June, December

Unfavorable Months: July and September

Rabbit 2022 Monthly Horoscopes

The whole year will be crazy. Below is a month-by-month breakdown with advice and Chinese monthly predictions that can make the year seem a little less wild.

January 2022 encourages you to begin the year by decluttering. Clean your house and cut off toxic relationships. This will make the rest of your year much better.

February 2022 tells you to deal with your problems swiftly. The faster you deal with them, the faster luck will enter your life.

March 2022 wants you to stop worrying! You have gone through troubling months. Plan out some fun activities for your year.

April 2022 brings you luck in love. Single Rabbits should use this time to find a new partner. Partnered Rabbits should be wary of temptation.

May 2022 is a relaxing month. Use this time to bond with your friends and family. If you are feeling off, seek help for your mental or physical health.

June 2022 should run smoothly. This is a great time to take up new hobbies. If you want a new job, this is the time to look for one.

July 2022 is another lucky month! You are likely to excel in your career this month! Don’t forget to reward yourself.

August 2022 will be the craziest month so far. Make sure to make your decisions carefully as not to get caught up in the whirlwind.

September 2022 has you back to feeling good. Spread your positivity by spending time with your loved ones.

October 2022 may have you feeling confused. Ask for advice when you need it. This is a great time to seek training in health or education.

November 2022 is another crazy time. Focus on your mental and physical health.

December 2022 ends the year calmly. Use this time to spend more time with your family members.

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