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Rabbit Yearly Horoscope 2022 – Feng Shui Prediction for Love, Relationship and Marriage. Photo KnowInsiders

What Does the Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Mean in 2022?

The Rabbit is the Yin Wood. It is connected to the grass or climbing vine. Grass has a fast propagation ability. The Rabbits have amazing fertility with a gentle personality. They can reproduce the next generation very quickly.

Tiger contains Yang Wood, which is a tall tree. A tall tree is a big brother to Rabbit. The vines of the Rabbit can climb on a tall tree. The Tiger provides strong support to Rabbit. With Tiger's help, Rabbit can represent itself to the world.

Tiger also contains Yang Fire and Yang Earth. Yang Fire is associated with the sun. Yang Earth is associated with the soil or the wall. The grass of Rabbit needs sunshine to climb on the wall.

Rabbit’s Personality and Characteristics

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To outsiders, the Rabbit’s kindness may make them seem soft and weak. In truth, the Rabbit’s quiet personality hides their confidence and strength. They are steadily moving towards their goal, no matter what negativity the others give them.

With their good reasoning skills and attention to detail, they make great scholars. They are socializers with an attractive aura. However, they find it hard to open up to others and often turn to escapism.

A plain and routine life is not their style. Though conservative and careful in their actions, they need surprises every so often to spice things up.

Sign Data

Years of the Rabbit – 1903 – 1915 – 1927 – 1939 – 1951 – 1963 – 1975 – 1987 – 1999 – 2011 – 2023 * Rank – 4th in order

Symbol of – Peace

Colour – Green

Lucky things for Rabbits

Colors: red, pink, purple, blue

Numbers: 3, 4, 9

Directions of auspiciousness: southeast

Directions of wealth: northeast, southwest

Directions of love: east

Unlucky things

Colors: brown, gray, white

Numbers: 5, 11

Chinese Rabbit 2022: Love Predictions

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This year will be a year of luck in love and romance for the Rabbits.

While their careers are on the rise steadily, plenty of opportunities for romantic encounters in the workplace will be brought to the Rabbit guys. They may also develop an office romance, but they should stay sensible and rational, and should not slacken their work due to the office romance.

This year will also be suitable for the unmarried couples to make the plan to get married and have children. In particular, before the coming of the Year of the Rabbit next year, they can continue the festive auspicious fortune and enter the animal year of their birth smoothly. Married people should be alert to the interference of the extramarital affairs and romances, and they should keep a proper distance from the other people of the opposite sex during social contact.

Basically, having someone who will keep motivating you to move forward is a great thing. Sometimes you need to have a relationship with someone who will understand your nature and is willing to push you forward. Finding such a kind of person can probably be something hard, but once you meet with one, it will become a blessing. Equally, your time will come when you will get everything you deserve starting from your love life.

On the other hand, the Chinese zodiac sign shows that love is essential for the growth of the community. Basically, people will tend to work together because of the love they have for each other. So, you should put yourself with the kind of loving and supportive people in whichever way.

The Chinese Rabbit people are warned of the rush marriages that they find themselves in. In other words, it is advisable that you give yourself enough time as you keep looking for your right partner until you meet one. Notably, patients will earn you your perfect partner because you are willing to wait. Actually, you go for the quality.

Chinese Rabbit 2022: Relationship Predictions

Both Rabbit and Tiger are in the Wood group. They just have a brotherly friendship, without an intimate relationship between man and woman. If you are a single lady, Metal represents your boyfriend or husband. There is no Metal in the Tiger. It's hard to find an ideal companion during the cycle of the Tiger. The autumn is the season of Metal. Tiger is a Travel Star. Increasing social activities and beautifying your outlook can enhance your romantic luck during the fall.

If you are a single man, Earth represents your girlfriend or wife. Tiger contains Yang Earth, which is a mountain. You have many opportunities to meet the opposite sexes. You should try utilizing the social channels from your friends or seniors to find your ideal girl It's required a little bit of time for both of you to know each other.


Tiger's networking will bring you many new connections. Your social activities will increase. You will be getting popular in the social circle. You will enjoy hanging along with your friends.

What Is Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Compatibility?

Most Compatible Chinese zodiac rat pairings with Sheep, Dog, Pig

Least Compatible with: Rat, Ox, Horse, Dragon, Rooster

People born under the Rabbit zodiac sign are most compatible with those born under the dragon Dog sign. Besides the Dog, the other two compatible signs are the Sheep and the Pig.

People belonging to these animal signs can develop healthy relationships as lovers, cooperators, or friends. The animal signs that can be considered as almost-compatible are the Tiger, Monkey, Snake, and the other Rabbit. These relationships can be amicable and harmonious.

However, the animal signs that are least compatible with the Rabbit are the Rooster, Horse, Rat, Dragon, and Ox. It is believed that these Chinese zodiac relationships in particular have a difficult time in marriage, friendship, and business partnerships.

If you understand the characteristics of people born under the Rabbit sign, you will find that they can’t have a harmonious relationship with the Rooster as the Roosters like to criticize others too much.

Similarly, as the Horse sign is known for changeable characters, they cannot bond well with the Rabbit. The Ox and Rabbit compatibility chart have personality differences, therefore, they can’t stand each other.

And for the Rat, they are never a perfect match owing to their extreme incompatibility in the Chinese zodiac. You can use the Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Test to know more about the Rabbit’s compatible signs.

Rabbit and Monkey compatibility in the Chinese zodiac has the perfect and ideal match.

Rabbit's fortune in 2022 in different years

1963 zodiac rabbit fortune of 2022

Entering 2022, the zodiac rabbit born in 1963 is 59 years old. Although most people are almost reaching the age of retirement, they work very hard in the workplace and never evade their responsibilities. They are highly respected in the work. People can get the support and support of people around them. However, the 63 year rabbit zodiac should pay attention to health issues in 2022. After all, you are old, so don't work too hard, otherwise it will cause harm to your body. In addition, you must pay special attention to the diet. Some forbidden foods should still be eaten according to the doctor's advice, so as not to cause physical discomfort.

1975 zodiac rabbit fortune of 2022

Entering 2022, the zodiac rabbit born in 1975 is 47 years old. Most people at this age perform very well at work and can be alone. Although sometimes they encounter some difficulties, they will eventually be resolved. The 75-year zodiac rabbit should pay more attention to family issues in 2022. Due to the menopause, some people are impatient and impatient with the other half, and often magnify the shortcomings of the other half. Such a state will seriously harm the harmony of the family. . If you cannot control your emotions, you can see a psychologist or take some medications to stabilize your emotions.

1987 zodiac rabbit fortune of 2022

Entering 2022, the zodiac rabbit born in 1987 is 35 years old. 2022 is a relatively lucky year for this part of the zodiac rabbit, and all aspects of the fortune are very good. The career will rise to a new level. Office workers are expected to get a promotion and salary increase, and business people will also run their business very prosperously. In terms of emotions, the relationship between the 1987 Chinese zodiac rabbit and his lover is stable, and the two people are loving and harmonious in the daily process of getting along, revealing a strong happiness, which is very enviable. However, it should be noted that you should be more rational in your daily consumption, and do your best to increase revenue and reduce expenditure as much as possible, and don't be extravagant and wasteful.

1999 Chinese zodiac rabbit fortune of 2022

Entering 2022, the zodiac rabbit born in 1999 is 23 years old, and most of them have already walked out of campus and started working life. However, due to lack of work experience and simple personality, you must be careful to be deceived and used. When dealing with others, you must be more mindful and don't trust others easily. In addition, young couples in love should be prepared for a different place and be more involved in this relationship, otherwise they are likely to face a breakup situation. It is relatively simple for a single person to get out of the singles. There are no shortage of good suitors around, but before starting a relationship, you must check the personality of the other person.

2011 zodiac rabbit fortune of 2022

Entering 2022, the zodiac rabbit born in 2001 is 11 years old. Although they are at a naughty age, most people are very sensible. The zodiac rabbit usually has a very focused attitude towards learning. In 2022, he will have good learning luck. In class, he will still be able to complete the learning tasks assigned by the teacher on time, and his performance in terms of grades is very stable, which can make parents worry-free. However, it should be noted that in the year of 2001, the rabbit in the year of 2022 should improve the picky eating habits. In terms of diet, you should eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and eggs. Don't eat too many snacks and junk food, otherwise it will affect The development and health of the body can even cause serious health problems.

Rabbit Yearly Horoscope 2022 – Feng Shui Prediction for Love, Money, Career and Health Rabbit Yearly Horoscope 2022 – Feng Shui Prediction for Love, Money, Career and Health

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