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Ox Yearly Horoscope 2022 – Feng Shui Prediction for Career, Job, Work. Photo KnowInsiders

Oxen, who are you?

There are 12 Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs in Chinese Astrology, i.e. Ox, Rat, Rabbit, Pig, Dog, Rooster, Monkey, Sheep, Horse, Snake, Dragon, and Tiger. Out of them, Chinese Zodiac Ox remains most diligent and dependable of all. They have strong determination skills, and are honest in nature. They reflect patriotism and conventionalism in their behaviour, and follow an ideal strategy in life to attain success. They are attached to their family, and have ambitions in life. Ox natives who are women are faithful in their relationships, and focus on their kids’ education.

Ox Zodiac natives are patient in their approach, and persistent in their abilities to carry out the tasks. They can’t be influenced by others, and have a detailed plan in mind when approaching any goal. However, communication is their weakest spot, where they can act stubbornly while sharing ideas and views. In addition, they can be an introvert and indecisive, and fail at expressing their emotions at times.

Five types of Oxes can be categorised according to the five elements, i.e. Wood, Fire, Water, Air & Metal.

Wood Ox: Natives born in the year 1925 and 1985 are Wood Ox. These animal sign natives are straightforward and ready to defend the helpless.

Fire Ox: Natives born in the year 1937 and 1991 are Fire Ox, and can act selfishly at times. However, they are practical in their approach.

Earth Ox: Natives born in the year 1949 and 2009 are Earth Ox, and can be tagged as the responsible ones. They are honest, thoughtful and caring.

Gold Ox: Natives born in the year 1961 and 2021 are Gold Ox, and always remain busy and active. They work hard and are popular among their friends.

Water Ox: Natives born in the year 1913 and 1973 are Water Ox. These natives endure various hardships well and have a strong sense of judgement.

Ox Yearly Horoscope 2022 – Feng Shui Prediction for Career: Overview

Photo Chinese Zodiac Sign
Photo Chinese Zodiac Sign

People born under the Chinese zodiac animal sign of the Ox will meet the "Tianyi" star (Celestial Great One) in 2022, which signifies that the Ox will meet their patrons in the year. Generally speaking, the Ox guys will have a good fortune and luck this year, and their career development will go smoothly. However, there will also be some people carrying the “ominous star sign” among their friends. So, they should be wary and alert. In this year, the Ox should keep a low profile and avoid being ostentatious. Otherwise, they will be very likely to get into trouble.

Ox Yearly Horoscope 2022 – Feng Shui Prediction for Job: A lucky year

The Ox will have a very good luck in career in 2022. With the help of their patrons, they will the significant opportunity for them to be promoted into a higher rank and position. As long as they can grasp the opportunity, it will certainly boost their career. However, the competition will also be very fierce. If the Ox want to excel and stand out from the plenty of competitors, they have to work harder and avoid being proud and arrogant afterwards. This year, it is proper and fit for them to change a job and they will find a company that is more fit and suitable for their career development.

Chinese Ox Horoscope 2022 for Work: Career choice

Basically, the direction you chose to take in life will be heading you to a beautiful destination where you will enjoy everything you meet. In other words, the Ox forecast shows that your career will give you a good start that will push you towards your dreams.

Actually, it is better that you decide to follow your heart, especially in career choice. Some people might have discouraged you, but it is better that you become strong and did what is right.

Furthermore, zodiac signs will never discourage you in terms of career selection because they will push you to follow your gut. So, it is necessary that you stick to what they suggest because that is all that matters in life. Interestingly, those who ignore some signs in life will not experience the sweetness of the future life. Equally, be grateful that you made the right decisions someday because you are now experiencing the goodness of sticking to your heart.

Chinese Ox Horoscope 2022 for Career: Helpful seniors

The Ox Horoscope predicts that if you seek a professional job and longing for a desirable change, the period amid June and September are remarkable. Your social connections will offer you great help in exploring better career opportunities.

Apart from trying different things, you must focus on few important objectives which you desire to achieve financial progress in Business.

The senior most people will prove to be a great help in carrying out the targets and in solving delicate issues. The perfect blend of intelligence and high level optimism will help you to grow your business or professional life throughout the year. The Ox people will incline to take shortcuts to get instant success which may lead to legal complications. It is vital that you must follow a legal path in developing your career prospects.

Zodiac ox career fortune in 2022: Salary increase

The zodiac ox may get some promotion and salary increase opportunities this year. When the opportunity comes, you must work hard to grasp these opportunities. Don't miss these opportunities because of negligence, especially those who work in the government or agency. Be low-key, and be more cautious in everything, so as not to be framed by competitors grasping the handle design.

It is worth noting that the zodiac ox is usually a more persistent type of person, and he doesn't like to listen to others. As long as he decides what he thinks, he will stick to it. Although this quality is worth learning from, there are many things that need to be corrected. Especially when others give some good suggestions, learn to accept them and don't hold on to your own opinions, otherwise you will only become passive in your situation.

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