Premier League 2023/2024: Full Fixtures and Biggest Matches of Luton Town (Update)
Luton Town Full Fixtures and Hottest Matches In Premier League 2023/2024

Since its inception in 1992, the Premier League has featured 51 teams. That figure was 50 prior to May 28, 2023, when Luton Town defeated Coventry City.

Rob Edwards' Hatters fought their way into English football's top flight for the first time in over three decades, employing an effective, efficient style of play on their way to glorious promotion.

After a dramatic final weekend of English football, here are the promotions and relegations.

However, turbulence has defined Luton Town's existence. Here's everything you need to know about 'team 51' in the Premier League, including their complete schedule and upcoming fixtures.

Luton Town Fixtures In Premier League 2023/2024: Overview

Luton Town travels to Brighton for a difficult start to the season. The Seagulls are skilled at playing through an opponent's press as well as self-pressing. Rob Edwards' team will have a difficult test as they attempt to start strong.

In their first seven games, the playoff winners will also face Burnley, Everton, and West Ham. Since Burnley was just promoted as well, they will aim to defeat the Clarets in their opening game of the year at home.

West Ham and Everton fought for relegation for most of the previous season. Despite the fact that both teams are enormous, Luton needs points in matches like this.

Luton did not face any of the ten highest-finishing teams.

Luton Town Full Fixtures In Premier League 2023/2024


12th - Brighton & Hove Albion (A)

19th - Burnley (H)

26th - Chelsea (A)


2nd - West Ham United (H)

16th - Fulham (A)

23rd - Wolverhampton Wanderers - (H)

30th - Everton (A)


7th - Tottenham Hotspur (H)

21st - Nottingham Forest (A)

28th - Aston Villa (A)


4th - Liverpool (H)

11th - Manchester United (A)

25th - Crystal Palace (H)


2nd - Brentford (A)

5th - Arsenal (H)

9th - Manchester City (H)

16th - AFC Bournemouth (A)

23rd - Newcastle United (H)

26th - Sheffield United (A)

30th - Chelsea (H)


13th - Burnley (A)

30th - Brighton & Hove Albion (H)


3rd - Newcastle United (A)

10th - Sheffield United (H)

17th - Manchester United (H)

24th - Liverpool (A)


2nd - Aston Villa (H)

9th - Crystal Palace (A)

16th - Nottingham Forest (H)

30th - Tottenham Hotspur (A)


2nd - Arsenal (A)

6th - AFC Bournemouth (H)

13th - Manchester City (A)

20th - Brentford (H)

27th - Wolverhampton Wanderers (A)


4th - Everton (H)

11th - West Ham United (A)

19th - Fulham (H)

Luton Town Hottest Matches In Premier League 2023/2024

August 6th - Brighton & Hove Albion (A)

August 13th - Burnley (H)

November 4th - Liverpool (H)

November 11th - Manchester United (A)

December 9th - Manchester City (H)

December 23rd - Newcastle United (H)

December 26th - Sheffield United (A)

December 30th - Chelsea (H)

February 17th - Manchester United (H)

February 24th - Liverpool (A)

March 30th - Tottenham Hotspur (A)

April 13th - Manchester City (A)

May 19th - Fulham (H)

Luton Town’s journey to the Premier League

Luton Town, founded in 1885, is all too familiar with the ups and downs of football. However, the tide has shifted in recent years.

Former manager Nathan Jones, whose tenure at Southampton was equal parts chaotic and disastrous earlier this year, nearly led the club to promotion in 2021-22.

The fans would have to wait another year. Their dream came true in May of this year, thanks to manager Rob Edwards.

Who is Luton Town manager?

Rob Edwards

From a second-place finish in the First Division in 1955-56 to League Cup success in 1998, administration in the early 2000s, and a stint in non-league football to begin the 2010s, the historic club has seen it all. Since then, it's been a steep ascent.

Until late September, Watford's manager was former Welsh international Rob Edwards. Following the departure of predecessor Nathan Jones, who went on to have a disastrous Southampton tenure, Edwards was appointed as Luton manager in November 2022, with the club sitting in 10th place.

He transformed the team's fortunes, winning 14 of 25 games and guiding the Hatters to Premier League glory.

Luton Town squad

As of this writing, Luton Town was not yet involved in the transfer market. Among their current crop of promotion winners, three main characters stand out as having a significant impact on their lives.

Tom Lockyer, the club captain, was a pillar at the back for Luton during their promotion run. The 28-year-old Welsh center back made 39 appearances in the previous campaign, tallying three goals while contributing to the team's 16 clean sheet total. Without Lockyer, Luton could only muster four clean sheets.

Pelly Ruddock Midfielder Mpanzu has been with the team for almost ten years, with some early non-league experience. Despite only starting 24 games, Mpanzu's easy, lung-busting box-to-box contributions to Luton Town are invaluable.

Carlton Morris, a striker who came to Luton Town from Barnsley last summer, is without a doubt the most important player for the team with 20 goals. Without him, it's hard to see The Hatters winning a championship, especially considering how many assists he leads the team with. If Morris can continue to play in the Championship at the highest level, Luton will be in the Premier League come the end of the 2023–2024 campaign.


The Premier League appears to be very strong next season, and Luton may struggle to stay afloat. We don't expect them to be whipping boys by any means, but the teams near the bottom last season are expected to improve. Everton and Nottingham Forest were fortunate to survive last season and will invest more than newly promoted Luton.

Luton will be a difficult place to visit. The narrow pitch suits their style of play, and the stadium should intimidate Premier League stars. However, we believe Rob Edwards' team will fall short over the course of a long season.

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