Premier League 2022-23 winner predictions
Premier League 2022-23 winner predictions

The Premier League new season 2022/23 will officially start on Friday, August 5. The opening match called the battle between Arsenal and Crystal Place. Soon, the other "big guys" Chelsea, Liverpool, Man United, Tottenham and Man City will also be out.

Manchester City secured last season's title by a single point, beating out Liverpool as the Reds came up just short down the stretch. Pep Guardiola's side are clearly the favourites to win the league again this season, but will have stiff competition yet again as teams battle to take down the reigning champions.

Everyone starts from scratch, but certain teams are no doubt ahead of the pack with regards to their title chances.

Supercomputer: Man United has a 1% chance of winning the Premier League 2022/23

According to a supercomputer's prediction, Man United has only 1% chance to win the Premier League 2022/23 despite the change in the coaching bench and buying a lot of rookies.

FiveThirtyEight's supercomputer predicted that Erik ten Hag's army would end the season in 6th place with 57 points. If this is correct, it will be the same result as the 2021/22 season when the club was still led by interim coach Ralf Rangnick.

Computer analysis of Man United's form also shows that they have only an 18% chance of qualifying for the 2023/24 Champions League. Meanwhile, Tottenham and Arsenal will be in 4th and 5th place, respectively, with 66 and 61 points, respectively. The supercomputer predicts that the chance for Tottenham to win the Premier League is 5% and Arsenal is only 2%.

Chelsea is predicted to finish in 3rd place with 72 points and Liverpool can add 1 more "swallow" against Man City when only winning the runner-up with 80 points. Their chances of winning are 11% and 30% respectively. Defending champions Manchester City, unsurprisingly, will be judged to successfully defend the title with a rate of up to 48% and the score they can win is 85.

With Newcastle, despite the huge investment from Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund, the northeastern English club is expected to finish the season in 13th place with 47 points. The supercomputer also evaluates three possible relegation clubs: Fulham, Bournemouth and Nottingham Forest.

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Peter Schmeichel predicts Chelsea or Tottenham will be the Winner

Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel has made remarkable statements ahead of the Premier League season 2022/23. Worth mentioning, the former Danish goalkeeper affirmed that Liverpool and Man City will hardly be crowned this season.

It will not be as easy for City as last season. Pep sold Gabriel Jesus and brought back Erling Haaland - A typical striker. That makes me think that City will play football with a new philosophy and that will cause them a lot of confusion in tactics. Therefore, it will be difficult for Man City to be crowned in the 2022/23 Premier League." - Mirror quoted Schmeichel.

Talking about Liverpool, the MU legend also did not hesitate to express the same opinion: "Liverpool too, they sold S. Mane to bring in a real striker, Darwin Nunez. Agree that he can improve. significantly improve the strength of The Kop's attack, but it is clear that changing too quickly will cause both Liverpool and Man City to face stiffer competition from the remaining teams."

"I think the team that will win the Premier League this season has to be Chelsea or Tottenham. They both have good players along with Antonio Conte and Thomas Tuchel - talented coaches and know how to lead the team to victory. Their football philosophy is also very clear and looks like they will continue to pursue it in the new season this year."

When asked about MU, his old team Peter Schmeichel, the former Danish goalkeeper, affirmed that the Red Devils will find it difficult to win the Premier League next season if the future of Cristiano Ronaldo cannot be resolved soon.

Odds to win Premier League 2022/23

Premier League 2022/23 winner prediction
Premier League 2022/23 winner prediction

Man City are unsurprisingly given the edge to win the league again this season, after topping the table in four of the last five campaigns. Liverpool, who finished one point back of City last season, are second favourites. Tottenham have third best odds in Antonio Conte's first full season, while Chelsea are deemed fourth most likely to win it all after the Blues struggled through preseason.

Unsurprisingly, the three Premier League new boys — Bournemouth, Nottingham Forest and Fulham — are considered the least likely to win the title with the bookies.

Club UK odds


USA odds


Canada odds


Australia odds


Man City 4/7 -175 1.39 1.57
Liverpool 9/4 +220 2.56 3.25
Tottenham 14/1 +1600 8.50 15.00
Chelsea 16/1 +1400 9.00 14.00
Man United 28/1 +2900 16.00 26.00
Arsenal 40/1 +4500 21.00 41.00
Newcastle 100/1 +10,000 53.00 101.00
West Ham 200/1 +19,000 111.00 251.00
Leicester City 200/1 +19,000 135.00 251.00
Aston Villa 200/1 +19,000 150.00 251.00
Brighton 200/1 +19,000 157.00 251.00
Wolves 250/1 +43,000 243.00 501.00
Nott. Forest 500/1 +28,000 433.00 376.00
Leeds United 500/1 +42,000 334.00 501.00
Everton 500/1 +43,000 221.00 501.00
Crystal Palace 500/1 +43,000 270.00 501.00
Brentford 750/1 +43,000 388.00 501.00
Southampton 750/1 +43,000 392.00 501.00
Fulham 1000/1 +100,000 527.00 501.00
Bournemouth 1500/1 +100,000 527.00 501.00

Manchester City and Liverpool have been almost inseparable over the last four years, posting an incredible 358 and 357 points respectively and averaging fewer than 25 dropped points per season.

Roy Keane: Top 4 English Premier League Prediction

Top 4 English Premier League Prediction: There are No Arsenal and Chelsea
Top 4 English Premier League Prediction: There are No Arsenal ư

Recently, MU legend - Roy Keane has made predictions about the top 4 ahead of the 2022/23 Premier League season. It is worth noting here that his prediction is almost completely different from all the judgments of football experts.

According to The Sun, Roy Keane has predicted that Arsenal and Chelsea will be the two teams that will not make the top 4 of the tournament next season. Especially with Arsenal, the former MU player emphasized that he does not believe that Mikel Arteta's teachers and students will be able to attend the Champions League next season.

Roy Keane said: "Arsenal had the opportunity to play in C1 last season but they were unable to push their limits. Arsenal have too many young players, even their captain has too little experience. I don't believe they can do anything this season."

Arsenal are showing a promising form in recent matches. More specifically, their rookies are having an impressive performance. Remember, they spent up to 117 million pounds in the transfer window last summer, and of course the Gunners' ambitions will be huge.

In the case of Chelsea, coach Thomas Tuchel's team is facing certain problems, but their strength and position is still undisputed. The fact that the MU legend is trying to prioritize his old team and remove Chelsea from the top 4 list does not seem really reasonable.

In addition, Roy Keane also shared more about other positions in the top 4: "Man City and Liverpool are of course not on the table. Tottenham are much stronger, and MU is better than you think. that they will win tickets to C1 next year."

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