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Like Your Memories of Last Night, the Prairie Oyster's History Is Fuzzy

While the prairie oyster's exact origin is unknown, the hangover remedy became popular in New England around the late 19th century. Rumours about its genesis swirled, but one of the most thorough comes from The "Queen" Cookery Books, a series that was published in 1903 London by S. Beaty-Pownall, the departmental editor of the column "Housewife and Cuisine" for Queen Newspaper, a British society publication. In a section about oyster cocktails, Beaty-Pownall writes:

To this class belongs the well-known "prairie oyster," said to have been invented by a plainsman of the Wild West for the benefit of a sick comrade, who believed that only an oyster would enable him to shake off the fever that was killing him, as cited by Eater.

The appearance of Prairie Oyster in 20th-century literature and film made it the infamous morning meal it is today. James Bond admits to turning to Prairie Oysters in Sir Ian Fleming’s Thunderball, proving that even 007 gets hangovers; John McCabe (Warren Beatty) knocks one back in McCabe & Mrs. Miller; Sally Bowles (Liza Minnelli) gulps one down in Cabaret; and in P.G. Wodehouse’s novels, Jeeves, the ever attendant butler, frequently makes them for his boss, Bertie Wooster.

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According to Thrillist, the Prairie Oyster is, traditionally, with a raw egg, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, salt and pepper, but there’s no real science to back up the drink’s curative properties. The best explanation was in Wodehouse’s "Jeeves Takes Charge", "It is the Worcestershire sauce that gives it its colour. The raw egg makes it nutritious. The red pepper gives it its bite. Gentlemen have told me they have found it extremely invigorating after a late evening."

If you’ve had a late evening, invigorate yourself with a Prairie Oyster of your own. And if you’re feeling particularly bad, go ahead and add an ounce or three of whiskey to make an Amber Moon.

How to Make a Prairie Oyster

Glass type: Lowball glass

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  • 1 raw egg
  • 1 measure of Brandy
  • 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
  • dash of salt
  • dash of freshly cracked pepper
  • 2 dash of Tabasco Sauce


In a cocktail shaker with ice, shake the brandy, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco until well frosted. Add salt and freshly ground pepper to taste and strain into a lowball glass. Crack the egg into the glass, ensuring the yolk doesn't break. Relax and let the hangover disappear.

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Note: A Prairie Oyster should be gulped down in one go, and egg yolk kept intact.

Try this one to cure any hangover. This recipe is made famous by Sally Bowles (played by Liza Minnelli) in the film Cabaret, Sally makes a Prairie Oyster for her flat-mate Brian Roberts (played by Michael York), according to Make Me A Cocktail.
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