Pisces, you are the least successful zodiac sign
Pisces weekly horoscope for love, relationship, money and health this week (9 to 15 August)

PISCES Weekly Horoscope 9 to 15 August 2021: Overview

Astrological predictions for the week from 9 to 15 August: Pisces you will have interesting contacts and meetings with people from near and far. This will be an auspicious week to travel or to welcome guests to your home.

This week will be dynamic and stressful for you, as many more commitments and responsibilities will arise. There's no reason you can't handle it.

Pisces, something that has been taking place in 2021 but will have a particular highlight this month is the North Node transit in your 4th house. Mars, who will steadily be transiting your 7th, will make a brief square with the Node. This might get you feeling unrecognized by your brilliant talents, and that’s never an easy feeling to overcome.

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PISCES Weekly Horoscope 9 to 15 August 2021 for Love, Relationship, Career, Health

This week you will have a gathering occasion related to a holiday or special event in the life of your friend or relative.

During this week you will have the opportunity to develop and implement your old idea or plan for which you have not had the time or resources so far. Probably an unexpected new situation will make things achievable for development.

In financial terms, the week will offer you various opportunities for additional work, additional income and more.

You can get useful information or an offer from a friend related to a new job opportunity or additional professional commitment.

Boys and girls can engage in some overtime work. Someone will be watching you for a purpose! You are in an extremely good period and if you do not waste your time in meaningless conversations and entertainment, you will achieve a lot.

Women will experience a period of important decisions, meetings or changes. Visits to an institution related to the settlement of a document, contract and other formalities are likely. You will be engaged in more tasks at home and in the family, and everyone will rely on you. You will probably have contact with a man who is currently traveling or who lives far away from you.

The men will plan an important conversation about their plans for the future. You will find it difficult to understand the people around you, and your hopes may even be dashed. In general, you will go through an anxious and restless week.

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