Online Educational Platforms That Could Replace College
Online Educational Platforms That Could Replace College?

Students benefit from the remote learning option because of the adaptability it offers in terms of scheduling. Students are free to work through their coursework at their own convenience. Kids can learn just as well without everyday classroom attendance. The number of students enrolling in online programs has increased during the past few years.

There is already a type of training that combines online and classroom instruction. If the current trajectory continues, online education will likely come to supplant conventional schooling. Such understanding is being facilitated by some of these educational sites.


Coursera is a major online education platform, offering thousands of free, self-paced classes every month. Its origins can be traced back to 2012, when it was launched at Stanford. Courses are not provided by the university itself. Through partnerships with other educational institutions and institutions, it provides access to its courses all over the world.

It offers a variety of short-term, certification, and degree-level programs. Coursera's rapid expansion suggests it may soon affect how the United States approaches higher education. The site covers a wide variety of topics.

More than 5,000 classes are available on the website right now. They work with over 200 different schools to develop and distribute the curriculum. Furthermore, they work with major technology firms to streamline the process of course delivery.

A modern-day student can choose from a wider range of educational opportunities. To take classes from the comfort of home, they can enroll in an online college. An individual interested in furthering their education can take advantage of a plethora of other open-access online resources. One can expect to be assigned essays even when taking classes online. Developing your paper-writing skills online can be challenging, but you have a few options to choose from. Students would benefit greatly from having free access to a large number of high-quality sample essays. Samplius online is a great service that has a lot of fans. Thousands of essays and samples on a wide range of topics are available for free on this site.


Everyone who wants to learn can take advantage of edX's free online training courses. Both Harvard and MIT contributed to the development of the curriculum. Harvard works with over 160 partner institutions to develop and provide these courses. Students can sign up for degree courses in addition to the free offerings. Among the many courses available on edX are ones that teach the basics of data analytics and computer programming.


Both students and working professionals can find relevant courses on Udemy. Back in 2010, Oktay Caglar, Eren Bali, and Gagan Biyani came up with the idea. More than 185,000 courses can be found on the site. The lessons are presented in video format. Most of the lessons focus on computer programming. They provide training in a variety of areas, including web design, advertising, business, and photography. The platform employs instructors and works with subject matter experts to develop curricula.

Google Classroom

There is a Google app called "Classroom" that was made specifically for use in schools. Online education is streamlined as one of its primary goals. The software is used by educational institutions to design and deliver courses and track student progress. Files can be easily transferred between students and teachers. You won't find any training materials on the site, nor can you make any.

Teachers are the ones who make them in class just for their students. The educator initiates student registration. Each student has their own separate account inside the system. Course materials, such as notes, can be sent straight to a student's account. They complete their work and hand in their assignments. Students have the option of looking at their fellow students.


Udacity provides free online education to people all over the world. Currently, there are more than 1.6 million active users. There are over 200 courses leading to certification. AI, Executive Leadership, and Business are just some of the electives available to students.

Udacity offers education in computer science, data science, and autonomous systems. Many people find that their job prospects improve after taking courses on Udacity. Some of their programs are shorter, lasting only a few months, while others can last significantly longer.

Online Classes Are Future of Education?
Online Classes Are Future of Education?


FutureLearn is co-owned by The Open University and SEEK Ltd. It offers both online courses and degrees. The platform collaborates with top universities to create and deliver courses. All courses and degrees are purely offered online. The main institutions the platform collaborates with are the British Council, King’s College London, John Hopkins University, and The Open University.


Skillshare creates short video lessons and offers them online. Students get the course through a subscription. They offer courses such as animation, creative writing, video creation, photography, etc.


The trend toward distance education is growing. The adaptability of its curriculum is a major factor in the program's success. Individual learning styles are accommodated in the classroom. They are able to enroll in and finish courses offered on any system in the world. With the proliferation of distance education, e-learning environments have proliferated. The platforms are becoming increasingly popular. As things stand, they have a real shot at replacing conventional education. You may be familiar with some of these names: Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, Google Classroom, and edX.

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