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Nightmare of ChatGPT: Top 7 High Paying Jobs Will Be Wiped Out
Nightmare of ChatGPT

ChatGPT's Superpowers

ChatGPT, full name is Chat Generative Pre-training Transformer is a chatbot developed by US-based company OpenAI. This tool uses artificial intelligence to understand and respond to users using natural language like humans. ChatGPT was launched on November 30, 2022. In just 40 days, the tool has surpassed 10 million daily users.

Compared to Instagram, the world's leading social network took 355 days to achieve such a record high number of subscribers. This shows the development potential of ChatGPT in the future.

Considered by experts and industry insiders to be a more powerful tool than all previous chatbots, ChatGPT is capable of responding to questions like a real person, writing scripts, college essays, answering emails, and even posting. dating ideas.

When using ChatGPT, many people say that this is a very different experience than searching for information through links on Google. Many customers also feel that talking to ChatGPT is like talking to a teacher about in-depth issues, not talking to a dry robot.

However, in parallel with the perfect support for people, ChatGPT has the potential to replace office jobs, from doctors, management consultants - who have terrible salaries to decent salaries. Tutoring at home.

Many predictions say that people with good jobs with a salary of up to billions of dong/year will soon be "beaten" and ChatGPT will become the winner. At this point, people will only do "normal" jobs.

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Here are the jobs that bring great income that may soon be replaced by ChatGPT:

1.Customer Service Representative

This is a position with authority to interact with the company's customers on behalf of the organization. When a customer wishes to communicate via email or phone call, those customer service representatives will be responsible for doing so.

However, ChatGPT is now trained to handle basic customer service questions. For example, answering questions about products, services, consulting and account management. This could eventually lead to the removal of these personnel and their replacement with AI intelligence.

2. People who “translate” technical documents

They are the ones who study complex technical products or technologies and then translate those specialized technical concepts into a language and format that is easier to understand.

However, now, ChatGPT is able to research and create written content with high accuracy and speed. In the future, this tool will become a potential threat.

Nightmare of ChatGPT: Top 7 High Paying Jobs Will Be Wiped Out
The jobs that bring great income that may soon be replaced by ChatGPT

3. Market Researcher

ChatGPT can quickly analyze and process large amounts of data, making it suitable for market research tasks. This can lead to the replacement of people in this position.

4. Interpreter

ChatGPT has been trained in many different languages and can quickly translate content quite accurately. Instead of hiring many translators, this AI tool alone can "weigh it all".

5. Financial Analyst

ChatGPT can also analyze financial data and make predictions about market trends. According to a recent article by Yahoo!Finance, ChatGPT is able to explain the key investment strategy of genius Warren Buffett in seconds.

6. Legal Researcher

ChatGPT has been programmed about legal documents and can quickly find relevant information. With a "brain" that can analyze and store a huge amount of information, this tool has the same amount of knowledge as many legal researchers combined.

7. Jobs Related to the Press

For example, ChatGPT can aggregate sports reports, condensing stock market movements to turn it into an easy-to-read, understandable summary. With some basic writing work, ChatGPT's level is completely doable.


Above are 7 jobs with the top salary, for example, financial analysts, they can earn up to 127,610 USD/year, equivalent to nearly 3 billion VND. If replaced, many rich people will lose their jobs and be "removed" from the list of world elite.

Bill Gates, the billionaire co-founder of Microsoft, has stated that artificial intelligence has the potential to replace office industries such as teaching and medicine. "It will be able to tutor children and give medical advice, but it won't be too human compatible either," he said.

Professor Emeritus Roy Green, a consultant at the University of Technology Sydney, has also warned that when work is automated, AI can be abused. We'll see new jobs pop up, but they'll be very different from any we've seen in the past. Some positions will also gradually disappear.”

It's important to note that while ChatGPT has the potential to replace high-paying jobs, that doesn't mean all positions in these fields will be completely replaced. Some tasks may still require human intervention. Besides, thanks to the development of AI technology, new job opportunities will also appear.

It is important for workers who are working in the above fields to update technology, improve their skills and change their mindset to increase competitiveness in the job market.

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