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YouTube star MrBeast (real name Jimmy Donaldson) shared his recreation of "Squid Game," which included full-scale sets, costumes that looked just like the ones in the show, and cost a total of $3.5 million.

How MrBeast's Games Worked

As one might guess, the Squid Game that YouTuber MrBeast created, while as realistic as possible, was also much more fun and lighthearted than the TV show, though technology and special effects were used to simulate some of the violence. Additionally, the contestants wore green tracksuits similar to Squid Game's, and the production staff and team—which included YouTuber Karl Jacobs—wore similar red suits, though not all of them were ominously masked.

Following suit of the popular Netflix show, MrBeast's version began with Red Light, Green Light, but instead of the creepy doll with an owlish head singing the now horrifying song in Korean, MrBeast himself would call out "red light" and "green light," and sometimes even throw in a "yellow light" to mess with the players. However, the iconic doll was still there to detect any motion. If they moved during a Red Light, even just a bit, a mechanism strapped to their stomachs would pop to simulate the gunshot wound, and they'd sit on the ground. Contestants had 30 minutes to get across the finish line without being detected.

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Photo Youtube

Next was the TikTok trendy honeycomb game from Squid Game's third episode. However, because one could assume that these players know which shapes would be best to win the game whereas the players in the show didn't initially understand what they would be used for, they were asked to form four lines with the shapes covered by question marks. Once again, if they accidentally broke their honeycomb without removing the shape correctly, the device on their stomachs would pop. The production staff also interfered by dropping a lighter during the round, simulating the events of the show.

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Tug of War followed, and it looks like many groups did follow Squid Game's method of turning away women for the brawn of men. To decide which teams of 10 would face-off, MrBeast would pull numbers randomly from a pair of boxes. In the end, though, rather than falling to their deaths, players were pulled into a cushioned pit safely between the opposing sides.

The marbles challenge may have been the biggest twist of MrBeast's Squid Game, however. After monitoring who each of the contestants spent the most time with, rather than allowing them to pick who they'd face off against, they were assigned to their "best friend" by the production staff, and some pairs were actually roommates and very close friends. Because marble games are not as regularly played by children in the States, many pairs ended up choosing games from Squid Game.

Then, to thin the numbers and simulate the massive fight that broke out overnight, MrBeast had the contestants play a traditional South Korean game called Ddakji, similar to the American Pogs game, where they would try and flip a folded paper on the ground by throwing another folded paper at it. The first 16 to do so would move on.

Choosing the numbers for Squid Game's glass bridge challenge was another twist that MrBeast created. The mannequins wearing the numbered shirts were in a random order, and the numbers were in Korean. The set for this challenge was the most impressive, looking nearly identical to that of Squid Game but with another cushioned pit underneath, though the platforms were much safer than the clear glass. Like the show, the contestants were also timed, resulting in some players pulling similar shenanigans by refusing to move. The winners of this challenge also got to eat a real steak dinner (with plastic knives).

Unfortunately, because the contestants are not from South Korea, no one was familiar enough with the real game Squid, nor was there any way to plan for the number of remaining contestants, so MrBeast had them play musical chairs instead, which can also get pretty intense as well, but it was played on another set nearly identical to Netflix's Squid Game.

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Photo Youtube

How Much Did Contestants Win?

MrBeast is known for being a philanthropist, so even some losing players were able to walk away with a smaller amount of cash, such as $2,000 for those eliminated from the honeycomb challenge. In between challenges, MrBeast would even tempt players to remove themselves for $4,000, which many took despite there actually being no violent risk to the games. In the end, though the winner walked away with $456,000 and MrBeast consoled the runner up with $10,000.

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Who Won the Game?

Ultimately, out of 456 players, player 079 won Mr. Beast's Squid Game, going home with the prize money of $456,000 — $1,000 for each person. While the show had 45.6 billion won as its prize money, that would be conceivably be far too much for Mr. Beast to shell out. However, to make things fun and less stressful for everyone, players who lost the challenges still went home with some money — $2,000 to be exact, and players who left immediately following that the honeycomb challenge's completion were given $4,000 in order to trim the herd.


Commenting on a post about the game on Twitter, one user asked: "Was there anything on the sides for safety?? That seems dangerous (tug of war)."

Echoing the concern, another wrote: "Yo MeBeast, the Tug Of War game looked so dangerous, was there any safety?"

A third said: "Was that tug of war set actually that high? It looked so dangerous lmfao."

While another added: "Was that tug of war set actually that high? It looked so dangerous lmfao."

What Is Different From The Real Squid Game?

The climax of MrBeast's competition swaps the complex and eponymous "Squid Game" for the Western childhood classic Musical Chairs. MrBeast and his team, quite rightly, deduce that none of his players understand in detail how to play the Korean Squid Game tournament, with the YouTube sensation instead using the now-iconic "Pink Soldiers Theme" as his Musical Chairs song. While this is certainly a simple solution to a potentially complex final game problem, using Musical Chairs does rob MrBeast's final game of the raw emotion and physicality that the Netflix series' finale demands. The severity of Gi-hun's violent final confrontation, however, is built over hours of drama in the Netflix original, so it is perhaps unsurprising MrBeast instead chose a universally understood game that does not overtly promote lethal aggression amongst his final competitors.

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Photo Youtube

Unlike the real show, though, after whittling the group down to the last six, instead of playing the Squid Game, the finalists all played a game of musical chairs, with 079 claiming the top prize.

The runner-up didn't go home empty-handed, though, walking away with $10,000 (£7,400), which isn't too bad.

But as well as concerns over health and safety, some claimed the whole thing seemed to be in poor taste, given the fact the actual series was horrifically violent and just plain grim.

One person said: "The whole thing was about the people killing each other to get out of debt as entertainment for the wealthy.

"Glad that went over your head and you, as a wealthy person, are recreating it as entertainment."

However, others have had a slightly more upbeat take on Donaldson's recreation.

One wrote: "Jimmy this is incredible. At this point you should take the next logical step and establish a movie/ tv production company - you've pretty much already created one from scratch.

"I would love to see how you could shake up that industry."

Who is Player #067 from MrBeast’s Squid Game?

Photo sportskeeda
Photo sportskeeda

Player #067 from Mr Beast’s Squid Game is Camilla Araujo, a model from Texas. Araujo’s social media accounts have been blowing up since the MrBeast video dropped this week.

She now boasts a combined 200,000+ followers across TikTok and Instagram at the time of writing. Araujo admits she has been taken back by the outpouring of support. “Thank you for all the love and support I’ve been getting,” she said on Instagram.

With her Squid Game-related posts now going viral as well, she’s even promising to reveal new details over the coming days. “Blow this up and I’ll do a storytime on the [behind the scenes] of what really happened,” she added on TikTok.

While Araujo didn’t quite make it to the final challenge to claim the $456,000 prize, it’s clear she’s still reaping the rewards with her growth across social media.

Her follower count is sure to continue skyrocketing though, as MrBeast’s Squid Game video rakes in millions of views on YouTube.

Why recreate the Squid Game in real life?

Some might point out that recreating the lethal games from a show that explicitly criticizes said lethal games and the social disparity they're a metaphor of is in bad taste. However, it's worth mentioning that MrBeast isn't exactly alone doing this, as the video was created in cooperation with a sponsor. It also takes care to promote #TeamSeas, a $30 million dollar marine cleaning crowdfunding campaign that MrBeast created with fellow YouTube personality Mark Rober (via Variety). This is in line with some of his previous philanthropy-themed activities, which include a previous partnership with Rober called #TeamTrees, and a recent team-up with Jennie-O Turkey Store in order to give away 10,000 turkeys to families in need (per PR Newswire).

Of course, the lavish spending of a clearly wealthy YouTube star — who, per Insider, spent a total of $3.5 million in the project — has some people pointing out that MrBeast pretty much missed the entire point of the show. "My man really just missed the point of 'rich people will use the poor for entertainment' and did it huh," @ZACKK1NN1E tweeted about the YouTuber's "Squid Game" endeavor. "Someone missed the point," @jeonghives concurred.

Then again, this isn't exactly the first time someone has created a version of the show's games in real life. Earlier this year, the Korean Cultural Center in the United Arab Emirates created a safe real-life version of "Squid Game" for 30 fortunate fans of the show.

Who is Mr Beast?

Photo GameK
Photo GameK

A Youtuber, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, MrBeast is an American. Expensive stunts and challenges fetch him lots of money, and he is well known for them. As a philanthropic streamer, his first video, counting to 100,000 videos, earned tens of thousands of views in a few days in 2017. Since then, his videos have gained millions of views, and he is becoming increasingly famous.

Real Name

Jimmy Donaldson


May 07, 1998


6ft 3inches

Net Worth

$15 million

Source of Wealth

Professional Gamer, Content Creator, Online Streamer


Greenville, North Carolina

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