Most Sexually Compatible Zodiac Signs - According to Astrology
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Compatibility is something commonly brought up when it comes to astrology.

This is likely because we want to believe that our encounters and partnerships are written in the stars, and to receive validation for the choices we make (good or bad).

While astrology can point towards compatibility, it’s important to remember that there are lots of caveats. In the first place, you can’t rely on your sun sign to give you a true insight into who you are, as it only gives you some of the pictures.

As well as this, astrology should be used as more of a guide to help you see your desires and how to fulfill them, rather than a hard-and-fast guidebook where you write off anyone that doesn’t fit in.

That’s why we wanted to look into compatibility in a less prescriptive sense. Have a look at our guide on what your star sign means for your sexual preferences.

From there, take a look at your sign below and see which signs will typically have the attributes that get you hot under the collar.


As far as romantic engagements go, Leo happens to be one of your best love matches from the entire zodiac spectrum. Aries being a fire sign, you get easily stimulated by Leo without being overpowered by their impact. And exuberance, making you comfortably relate to them.

Leos are great fun to be with, and you love this about them. Sexually too, they’re extremely enjoyable so sex with Leo is always gratifying. This combination boasts of a near 10 score between the sheets. You both enjoy a sense of contentment physically and emotionally and perfectly recognize each other’s desires. There’s an instinctive insight into each others’ needs and you’ll be prepared to please each other completely.

Even your friendship prospers as you both tend to gravitate towards a common set of friends. Nothing is more conflicting and suffocating than wanting to be a certain kind of person. Only to find that a friend prefers an entirely different clique. It can wreak havoc in a relationship, but luckily in your case, you two find an agreement. Since you enjoy playing the perfect host and entertaining loved ones at home, social gatherings get very engaging for the two of you collectively.

You’re very passionate about their interests. And you must always take the time to acknowledge this. Feed your bond if you desire to cement your relationship with them. You must also be conscious of Leo’s tendency to be more opinionated and less adaptable in their thoughts. This necessarily doesn’t point a finger at their consideration for your opinions on certain topics. Just an awareness of their inherent nature would help you to sail smoothly, as you possess a similar temperament.

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Three key constituents determine the compatibility between star signs. First being the elemental composition of each star sign, which happens to be earth for both Taurus and Virgo. This ensures compatibility, steadiness, and contentment in the relationship.

The second component deals with the amity between planets that rule you. Venus dominates Taurus while Mercury presides over Virgo, both incredibly friendly in astrological terms. This, therefore, enhances the potential for a pleasing sexual relationship between the two of you.

The third component pertains to the physical proximity or the distance between two-star signs. Virgo falls in the fifth zone to your Sun sign. The fifth zone pulsates with romance, love affairs, imagination, and offspring. Thus, you two extend natural attraction towards each other, both romantically as well as sexually. I deem you as highly sexually compatible based on the aforementioned criteria.

Most Sexually Compatible Zodiac Signs - According to Astrology
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You easily identify yourself with the mannerisms Virgo demonstrates, as you seamlessly relate to their qualities of spotlessness, practicality and a sense of service. Virgo too echoes a similar sentiment about you and thus from the very outset, the two of you enjoy mutual admiration and regard.

All these qualities culminate to create a hugely satisfying, rewarding and liberating sexual relationship. After all, emotional distress and constrained thoughts translate into restrained physical amiability, especially in bed. Virgo’s keen sense of awareness of your needs is another plus that allows you to experience sexual fulfillment. One’s definitely got to be blessed to experience such earnestness and candor in bed, isn’t it Taurus!

Virgo is inherently critical but your realistic influence pacifies this tendency from adversely affecting your relationship. Interestingly, your diligence and precision towards executing tasks help obliterate Virgo’s natural apprehension as you rarely give them a chance to fault find with you.

Even if they somehow do manage to pick on you, you display an uncanny calmness, devoid of your usual vehemence that you’re otherwise infamous for with other star signs. This in itself mitigates the magnitude of confrontations in your relationship, another plus.

All the above-mentioned qualities signify a demonstrative, sensual and light hearted sexual union between you two, owing to the youthfulness of Mercury and Virgo. If the past had you shying away from inventiveness in bed, Virgo encourages you to explore unimaginable possibilities and attempt things you were otherwise forever averse to!

Notwithstanding the virginal tendencies of Virgo with other star signs, the two of you, when together, create magic and take physical contact to cathartic degrees!


Here we have two air signs that are elementally suited to each other. Your personalities will naturally mingle, appreciate and love each other. You are stimulated socially, intellectually and creatively by your friendship with each other. These are therefore the building blocks for something special.

You will have a natural flow of communication between you and feel free to express yourself in whatever way turns you on, so to speak. Libra is the fifth-star sign from Gemini, which is regarded as creative, romantic and even sexually positive positioned. As well as your minds being stimulated your physical inclinations will be taken care of as well.

You both enjoy the company of friends and this is a natural bonding for you. Gemini and Libra are wonderful communicators and this is a strong point in establishing a partnership. There will be times, however, when you will have a difference of opinions and there will be no backing off for either of you, but the making up afterward will be worth it.

Imagination and communication will be right at the forefront in your dealings with each other. The humdrum of daily life is not for you two and you will both be continually reaching for something bigger, better and brighter and you will each inspire the other. You will both take pleasure in watching each other develop and also in growing together.

The air signs are culturally curious, if not artistically gifted. You both seek interests to engage the more refined aspects such as art, music and even humanitarian work which will give you a sense of connectedness to your fellow man. These pursuits will also bring harmony to the relationship.

It would be unwise to think that this pairing will always be joyous and peaceful – because there are times it will be anything but. Librans naturally try to find a balance, but may not always be successful no matter how much they might want this. You too, Gemini are not always in a state of equilibrium are you?

Sexually you stimulate each other tremendously and the two of you are mutually affectionate. When you say you love each other, which is exactly what you mean. For the most part you are extremely well suited on so many levels – intellectually, emotionally and sexually. There is certainly a natural bonding between you and there is no limit to what you can achieve together if you so desire.

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Although you two share your own minute dose of challenges, astrologically this association rates enormously high on an instantaneous emotional and intimate connection.

Being the fifth sign from Cancer, Scorpio and you hail from the same element of water, making this a fantastic association physically. What also heightens the affinity is how your own planet shares a happy friendship with that of Scorpio’s, another factor cementing your union.

Most Sexually Compatible Zodiac Signs - According to Astrology
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Sexual compatibility between you two also implies a significant degree of emotional comfort you two share. Why I say so, is this. Specifically, with regards to your own outlook Cancer, you find sexual expression as an extension of the emotional compatibility and fondness you share. Thus intimacy in your respective dictionaries signifies being all-embracive and in entirety.

The question of having found your ideal soul mate is one that crams the minds of many today. I often find myself reminding people that experiencing setbacks in relationships is in no way tantamount to a relationship not meant to be. Perfect relationships are not those sans any issues, rather those that are imperfectly perfect.

Just the way the significance of speed breaker is to alert the driver, dilemmas in relationships are only a means to enable the couple to creatively dig out ways to grow even stronger. The sexual match between Cancer and Scorpio is thus, in no way any different.

The sparks that fly up in your association could be the result of your clinginess Cancer. While you stand convinced of being destined to be with Scorpio, their lukewarm responses never satiate your craving, leaving you begging for more and more.

Another aspect that needs careful monitoring is preventing your moods to clash. This happens to be a natural corollary of both being emotionally sensitive and deep feeling people. Though this can mean you two squander a hefty chunk of your time in isolated brooding, the advantage lies in how you can use your emotion to passionately make up.

So, sex for you two is that perfect opportunity to thaw, reciprocate and make things better. Amazingly, the two of you carry this out beautifully, blessed with an innate sense of perceptiveness towards each other’s needs.

Scorpio benefits immensely from Cancer’s innate humanity and demonstrativeness. Even though Scorpions themselves are capable of pouring in a high degree of passion, they sometimes prefer playing the power game of withholding instead. You Cancer and perhaps only Pisces are the two star signs that can tactfully deal with this rather enigmatic personality trait of your Scorpion lover.

Scorpios can be hugely overwhelming with their suffocating ways to dominate control, and most often end up emotionally and practically weighing people down with their demanding ways. They don’t hesitate to wield power at any level to gain superiority, and amazingly you Cancer, being adaptable by nature, can comfortably adjust yourself to them, rendering a calming effect on their temperament.

Although you two are influenced by the same element of being water signs, differences however exist sexually. While Scorpio is driven by purely sensual motives, you seek love and bonding and not the insipid, soulless sex. Nevertheless, this match is destined to last as it encapsulates the superlative elements of friendship, love and well, sex as well!


The most well-suited romantic compatibilities are ones that hail from the same element and thus score well astrologically. One look at Leo and Aries and we know here is a first rate compatibility which is very hard to beat. With Leo being in the fifth romantic zone to Aries, this match is gifted sexually as well.

Both of you are dazzling, powerful and at times aggressive – qualities that best play out in the bedroom. Sex between you two is a heady mix of passion, imagination and yet, warm and tender love, hugely gratifying to you and your Aries mate.

Added to this is your intrinsic child-like effervescence and playful competitiveness which keeps this union forever youthful and revitalized. Since you both happen to be physically vibrant and healthy individuals, you adore the luxurious indulgence in acts that stimulate your fiery outbursts together. This goes to signify your exceeding compatibility with one another, both physically as well as emotionally.

Leo and Aries share an intense karmic past, indicated by the elemental relationship between your respective star signs. This goes to suggest the unspoken understanding and intuitiveness you two are bound to share, right from the early phase. You satiate each other’s psychological, sexual and emotional needs together. The only big concern being your volatile egos demanding constant monitoring.

Most Sexually Compatible Zodiac Signs - According to Astrology
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An iota of surrendering and humility can have excellent implications on the future of this relationship. This is one union that promises to be rich and fulfilling for you at every level. The youthfulness and imagination of your respective personalities keeps it fragrant and alive, all the while.

You’re both responsive to each other’s needs, supporting every aspect of your lives. Such care translates itself beautifully between the sheets, with each of you more than willing to make the other smile. You two don’t wait for closed doors to express your innate warmth. Sex and foreplay reveal themselves best in your relationship throughout the day, through fondness verbally expressed, love and care in your day-to-day activities.

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Notwithstanding the anticipated flak meted out by fellow astrologers, I stand unquestionably convinced that this combination of Virgo and Scorpio rates unsurpassed with regards to sexual intimacy and chemistry.

The preliminary assumptions may drive one to surmise that all Earth signs remain rather conventional and restricted to the bedroom. However, in view of this particular combination, I beg to differ. By exploiting some astrological prowess, I endeavor to draw my conclusions from a much deeper level about this extraordinary combination instead.

Scorpio, the zealous and ardent star sign of the zodiac immediately feels intrigued by the diffident and demure Virgo. The fact that Scorpio needs to strive excruciatingly hard to win your confidence in itself serves as a huge turn-on for them. Once you begin to warm up to them, the piercing Scorpion instincts take over to make way through the cautious and conformist layers of your mind and your heart.

Virgo is sure to be enthralled by Scorpio’s intellectual and philosophical take on life. Their magnetic appeal is hard to resist and yet you can charm them with your inherent vulnerability. You two share a high degree of mental compatibility that is bound to accentuate your sexual intimacy. Scorpio is blessed with insightfulness, intellect, intense emotions as well as keen intuitiveness. There’s no doubt why a relationship between you and Scorpio won’t flourish and thrive.

The primary rationale for such fulfilling sexual rapport lies in how seamlessly you two fuse your inherent qualities. Your own intellectual dexterity juxtaposed with Scorpio’s emotional agility strangely coalesces to generate contentment in this relationship. Over time this combination also begets spiritual inclination and rewards, making it more compelling.

On the topic of sex, Scorpio can be a little more demanding than you would care for. If you can get into the swing of their intense and passionate sexual habits your relationship with them has an even greater chance of survival. You must understand that they are the most sexual of the star signs and need nourishment on that level. It’s a big ask Virgo.

The presence of Scorpio in your life heralds opportunity and growth. With Virgo being rather withdrawn and emotionally vulnerable, a Scorpio counterpart can inspire you to let go of intellectualizing life and thaw that self-conscious state of mind you like to forever sail in. All you need to do Virgo is trust your Scorpio friend, thereby opening the windows to experiencing contentment, pleasure, care and physical fulfillment in full glory.


Aquarius hails from the same zodiac element as you Libra, air. Air signs are innately blessed with intellect, communicativeness and a multitude of ideas. This makes the two of you an excellent force to reckon with, and sexually a relationship that I personally consider one of the best.

You are most fascinated by the effervescence, spontaneity and wit so fundamental to the character of Aquarius and at a much more profound level also have high regard for their ability to think out of the conventional boundaries and translate their ideas and concepts to generate social and global reform of sorts.

Subjects such as politics, philosophy and religion interest them greatly and since you Libra are so devoted to these very areas, clearly the foundation for emotional bonding is secured ever strongly even without you realizing. At the same time, they equally admire your social and communicative prowess, as well as your imagination and sense of style and attractiveness in all that you do.

This basis makes it just so effortless for you to converse and convey with an Aquarian at all wavelengths, the chemistry thus having the potential to beautifully transform into an intimate and passionate sexual relationship together. Secretly you also enjoy their unconventional approach to lovemaking as well.

Most Sexually Compatible Zodiac Signs - According to Astrology
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You’re a flirt at heart Libra, and just like you – Aquarians also prefer to play around before committing to who they feel most secure and sure about. At the very outset of your engagement, your initial connection happens intellectually, then emotionally and finally, almost naturally, culminating physically. You do realize Libra that when it comes to such a strong sense of security and fulfillment at an intimate level, your search would successfully end at your Aquarian friend.

All of this and much more deems Aquarius as your perfect partner, stimulating you intellectually, psychologically and hugely gratifying sexually. Though commitment may seem to play elusive at the initial phase of your association, once you two comprehend and awaken to just how intensely compatible you both are, you’ll be more than eager to take the plunge.

Boredom is a word that would never exist in the dictionary of your relationship, for you two will have a natural knack of tickling each other’s imagination and passion to create something ever wonderful and awe-inspiring.


From an astrological perspective, the two of you tick every possible box. Your planets enjoy tremendous affability, and your star signs are favorably positioned in the propitious triangular form. Indeed this is a truly magical love match, some even deeming it as one made in heaven.

Certain elements of this relationship draw immediate attention to the probability of a karmic connectedness between you two. You both exude similar emotional energies as well as innate sensitivity creating a rather cathartic effect. Another wonderful aspect is how the two of you equally exhibit forceful psychic vibrations heralding deep understanding, such that there’s effortless communication even in silence. Pisces seems to intuitively understand the complex undercurrents of your personality. By the same token, even you’re receptive to their emotional and physical needs as well.

Unsurprisingly so, at their very first encounter, a Scorpion and Pisces are destined to fall head over heels in love with each other. After all, there’s always so much more than meets the eye. For those already enjoying a blessed commitment with Pisces, I’m sure you already can sense my motivation in saying so.

A forewarning though, Pisces is a dreamer at heart and even though they appear engaged and attentive, little would one know when they silently fly the coop. However, rarely does Piscean enjoy the kind of rapport it does with you Scorpio. You’re one of those rare star signs with the intrinsic prowess to anchor the dreamer Pisces and creatively utilize their continually detached self. You’re exceptionally adept at maneuvering the emotional upheaval as well as the temperamental mood swings of your Piscean partner. Fortunately for you too, they come to your aid to a similar degree each time you may find yourself overwhelmed by circumstances or feelings.

The greatness of this combination lies in how mutually appreciative the two of you feel in the company of each other. This feeling of contentment and gratitude form the nucleus of your relationship, making it so special.

Taking all of the aforementioned into cognizance, there is no doubt about the quality of intimacy you two share. Sex is extraordinarily gratifying and healing, no wonder why many Scorpio-Pisces relationships go the distance for the match is unusually unsurpassed in many ways.

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