Luckiest Color for 12 Animal Signs in the Year of Rabbit 2023
Luckiest Color for 12 Animal Signs in the Year of Rabbit 2023

The use of auspicious colors to change luck in life is a method of destiny that is believed and chosen by many people.

So what are the lucky colors of the 12 zodiac animals (Chinese zodiac signs) in 2023?

Check out the astrological predictions below to make wise choices in the upcoming year of the Rabbit 2023.

Eastern Feng Shui - Lucky and Unlucky Colors with 12 Animal Signs (Chinese Zodiac Signs) in the Year of the Rabbit 2023

In Eastern feng shui, color is considered one of the important factors that can affect the luck - bad luck of each person.

Therefore, choosing the right color for your destiny will bring you a feeling of comfort and greatness; Not only confidently expressing your own style, but also helping you to be lucky and highly effective at work thanks to the positive energy it brings.

2023 is the year of the Rabbit of the Metal. Therefore, the lucky feng shui colors in 2023 will generally be the colors of the Kim element including white, gray, and silver. On the other hand, according to the theory of the five elements, Earth gives birth to Metal, giving colors belonging to the Earth element such as yellow, brown, yellow beige are equally lucky.

We can take advantage of the above clothes and colors to wear every day, especially on important occasions, if choosing these colors for clothes is even better, helping you to receive more positive energy.

However, the concept of feng shui also believes that each animal has its own lucky color, helping to increase joy and peace for a new year. In the coming 2023, which color will help the destiny to receive good things, abundant money, good health, and avoid possible misfortunes? Please read through the article below to find the right color for your zodiac this year.

Check out the details about the lucky colors of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals in 2023 and taboo colors in each aspect of life right below.

The Lucky and Unlucky Colors of 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals in 2023

The Luckiest Color for 12 Animal Signs in the Year of Rabbit 2023
Luckiest Color for Every Chinese Zodiac Sign in the Year of Rabbit 2023

Check out the details about the lucky colors of the 12 zodiac animals in 2023 and taboo colors in each aspect of life right below.


According to the 2023 horoscope of the 12 animal signs, people born in the Year of the Rat are still in a bad luck circle in the overall year of the Rabbit. Fortune has not had many positive changes compared to the previous year.

Therefore, the use of age-appropriate colors will help increase sand and gas, dissolving the bad luck that destiny may face this year. Accordingly, the Rat can choose colors suitable for each aspect as follows:

Most Auspicious Color for Rat in 2023

Green is good for career and business:

The colors green and green are said to bring a lot of luck to the career aspect of the Rat in 2023.

The Rat year 2023 horoscope says that the career path of the destiny is still full of thorns and challenges. At this time, it is very necessary to persevere and persevere in the destiny to win the fate. But if you know how to use green properly in your life, this zodiac sign can improve its own destiny, creating unexpected developments.

Accordingly, if the Rat wants to be more professional, or wants the work to have bigger and clearer breakthroughs, and at the same time want to have more opportunities for development and better promotion, then do not ignore the importance of the Rat. weight of green.

At the same time, you can also choose green accessories, such as clothes, bags, jewelry... This color will help you have an open mind, a peaceful spirit, and come up with many ideas. suitable for each situation, from which there will be a higher chance of success, especially when negotiating a project.

So if the Rat wants his work in 2023 to be smooth, fight here and win, everything is great, then add this color in your life!

White, Silver for Prosperity:

In 2023, the Rat's money-making is still not really smooth, there are many concerns, even money pitfalls.

White or silver are considered very good financial colors for Rat people in 2023. This color can bring you many opportunities to earn money and enjoy favorable material living conditions. than.

Originally, the white and silver colors belonging to the Metal element are also the lucky colors of the Rat's destiny. The use of auspicious colors in a year with many challenges like this 2023 will definitely help the Rat meet the sands and keep money in his pocket.

Usually, you can consider adding white and silver elements or objects in your home life. For example, you can buy decorations or furniture in these colors. Accessories, silver-white clothes are also very appropriate.

Red-Orange is Good for Love:

Contrary to the bad luck that can be encountered in the career and financial aspects, the love line of the Rat has many good signs. The joys that come from the spirit also help me to relieve the pressure of money in daily life.

To strengthen the predestined relationship, you can use red-orange because this is the prosperous color for the Rat in 2023. In particular, singles who know how to regularly combine red-orange outfits and accessories will be very easy. attract peach blossom, improve the predestined opposite sex for themselves.

The Rat is a not-so-quick sign in emotional matters, so using the right color will bring you a lot of luck.

If you want to soon "escape" or improve your love life, you can wear close-fitting red-orange items, such as earrings, necklaces, or you can wear some pants orange red shirt or add some necessary items of this color to your life.

The color of the year 2023 should be avoided: Brown, yellow-brown

Taboo colors for people born in the year of the Rat in 2023 are brown, yellow-brown. If people born in the year of the Rat want to avoid bad luck, they should not choose this color.

Moreover, brown color can also make your own emotions unstable, lack of alertness, do not make informed decisions that will not be conducive to growth in the workplace.

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Quite a lot of good news will come to Ox people in 2023 when this is considered a year of good luck with this animal. Thanks to the situation of coexistence with Thai Tue and being blessed by many sand stars, the Ox's life is less volatile and the money is richer than before.

To maintain auspicious sand throughout the year, do not forget to use the colors that suit your age in the year of the Rabbit as follows:

Most Auspicious Color for Ox year 2023

Black color prosperity:

Black is one of the lucky colors for people born in the year of the Ox in 2023, especially in terms of career success.

Entering the year of the Rabbit, this animal is still maintaining a stable performance, the effort spent is generally well recovered. There are both opportunities and challenges at the same time, as long as you do well, you will surely reap commensurate results. If you know how to use the lucky black color appropriately in 2023, you can make many unexpected breakthroughs.

This color has the effect of promoting your career development very effectively and improving performance, solving many new and old problems, giving more space to promote your abilities.

Ox can use more black elements in life, such as wearing clothes, shoes, socks, accessories, watches, etc.

Job seekers who use a lot of black color can improve their luck and help you get better job opportunities. At the same time, you can order a black mouse pad in your office which can also help your career progress to a higher level.

Green brings fortune:

The luck in 2023 helps the Ox's financial aspect to improve, this animal will definitely receive financial fruits in this 2023.

Green is one of the lucky colors of fortune for people born in the year of the Ox in 2023. This is a color that symbolizes beauty, light and hope, is a lucky color that Ox should not be ignored because it has It can attract very strong money luck.

Ox people can buy themselves a green onyx pendant, which can not only improve luck but also help you welcome more opportunities in life. Green can also be used a lot in home decoration.

Pink is good for fate:

If you want your love life to be smooth and romantic, the Ox should not ignore the color pink.

Pink gives Ox people a feeling of romance and happiness, is a lucky color for finding flowers, expanding your relationship in 2023.

Singles can choose for themselves a pink crystal pendant, which can definitely attract a lot of luck, or can also put pink flower pots at home, which not only helps the atmosphere. in the house becomes comfortable, pleasant but also helps your personal love life more smoothly.

Ox women can also choose for themselves pink dresses, which both add sweetness and femininity and attract the opposite sex.

Unlucky Color in 2023 to avoide: Gray, Smoke

The taboo color for people born in the year of the Ox in 2023 is gray, the color of smoke. These colors will make Ox people increase more weapons, especially it can obscure reason, making you not know how to deal with the manipulation of small people.

The confrontations and arguments of the Ox with the petty people are often futile, but in the end, the Ox is the one who suffers. Faced with the pull of the petty man, the Ox will become more irritable and impatient, revealing many loopholes.


In 2023, the Tiger year has many positive changes in many aspects including work, money or love affairs. Now destiny has the opportunity to expand further, showing signs of advancement in work and achieving high profits in business and investment.

If you know how to use the color of the year of the Rabbit, you will be even more prosperous.

Most Auspicious Color Tiger in 2023

Prosperous blue and navy blue:

Seeing the Tiger horoscope in 2023, even if there is no talent to enter the year in the year, the financial situation of the Tiger is not to the point of being ominous, there is still a chance to make money in your pocket if you are really persistent and sober.

Blue, navy blue is said to enhance luck for this fortune in this aspect. With the addition of these 2 green colors to life, the Tiger's finances will improve quickly, increase socialization, meet potential partners and customers. Even so, you should still calculate carefully to avoid a wrong drink a mile.

Some people intend to resign, change jobs or change careers, need to think clearly before making a final decision. Using blue will help you find your old inspiration, more confident in your choices.

In general in 2023, if the Tiger can be more exposed to blue, blue, for example, use some items of this color to decorate the house, clothes, accessories, pages. strength... you can strengthen your luck.

Yellow improves relationships and business cooperation:

In 2023, yellow is also considered a lucky color for the Tiger. In particular, this color will help improve relationships, enhance smooth business cooperation for the destiny. Whether it's a career or a profit, grow in the direction you want.

Yellow, which symbolizes good fortune and wealth, this year Tiger people can use gold to improve their fortune.

At the same time, this color also helps you to limit the occurrence of arguments, carvings, disagreements with people around.

Business people can try placing a few yellow pillows or yellow sticky notes in the office, which will promote prosperity. At the same time, people born in the year of the Tiger can also choose bright yellow T-shirts and shoes, so that the whole person exudes dynamism, friendliness, and is easy to promote strength at work.

Pink attracts peach blossom:

Originally, the love life of people born in the year of the Tiger in 2023 is not so good. Relationships have many cracks. Whether you are a married couple or a single person, there are sorrows and sorrows that are difficult to share.

To improve the situation, you can enhance the presence of pink in your life such as clothes, accessories, appliances, household appliances... will have more emotional luck.

Pink is inherently a vivid and pure color, symbolizing gentle and sweet feelings. People born in the year of the Tiger who wear pink more often will become young and full of life, energetic and cheerful, and are liked by many people. Singles attract more "satellites" who all fall in love with your natural personality traits.

Unlucky Color of 2023 to Avoid: Black

The taboo color of the Tiger year of the Year of Rabbit 2023 is black. If the Tiger is constantly in contact with black, it will easily become hot-tempered, difficult to communicate with others, once a quarrel occurs, it is easy for the baby to tear it apart. When you can't control your temper, there can be serious consequences.

Therefore, the frequent use of black will not only affect the social relationships of the Tiger people, but can also unintentionally offend many people in daily life. At that time, career, fortune and love will be greatly damaged. So be sure to avoid black as much as possible.

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During the year of the Rabbit, it is certainly difficult to avoid disadvantages in many ways. Calamity can strike at any time, requiring the destiny to try a lot harder.

Do not forget to use the lucky colors below to limit some of the bad luck you may encounter.

Most Auspicious Color for Rabbit in 2023

Orange yellow increases confidence in career:

The career of the people of the year of the Rabbit slowed down, the plan was easy to fall apart. Changes in work are quite a lot, requiring you to have a strong psychological preparation.

To reduce bad luck, you can add more orange in your life because this is a lucky color for your career aspect.

Orange, which symbolizes nobility and self-confident nature, can help increase confidence in career, so that people born in the year of the Rabbit will develop to their full potential in 2023, overcoming the deadlock period quickly. quickly and regain stability.

At the same time, orange is also the ideal color to help relieve work pressure of people born in the year of the Rabbit. With the help of the lucky orange color, this zodiac sign can overcome the ups and downs of his career and achieve success worthy of his efforts. As long as the people born in the year of the Rabbit regularly wear more orange clothes, they can significantly improve their career fortunes.

Blue improves relationships:

If you want to be lucky in love, people born in the year of the Rabbit can use blue (aqua blue, sky blue) because this is a color that greatly improves the fate of this animal.

The Rabbit easily touched the bad luck, the fate that came and went was difficult to gather, making the number bored and tired. But if you know how to skillfully incorporate blue into your life, you will find that things are not as tragic as you think.

This color can help Rabbit people improve self-confidence, so that your relationship develops better. Especially in spring and summer, if Rabbit people wear blue clothes, it will increase their confidence and natural charm, making it impossible for others to notice you every time you appear.

Blue color also helps to regulate the mental state, the couple can calmly deal with problems encountered in the relationship.

In addition to wearing blue clothes, the Rabbit can also use some blue decorations and household items in the house such as bed sheets, curtains, pillowcases, etc., which can be affectionate.

Brown color is good for fortune and health:

In the year of the Rabbit, the fortune of the people born in the year of the Rabbit is easily weakened, making money is now even harder, spending more than expected.

However, with the help of the auspicious brown color of the Rabbit in the year of five years, the destiny can meet the sand, turn the situation around at the last minute, although the process is difficult, but overall the result is quite ideal. fortune can be significantly improved.

In addition, this is also the color that helps your spirit to relax, reduce stress, regain alertness and clarity. Mental well-being also promotes health.

Unlucky Color: Gray

The taboo color of the Rabbit in 2023 is gray, this color will cause the Rabbit to give birth to negative emotions such as easily becoming impatient, grumpy... When you can't control your emotions, Relationships are also prone to deterioration.

Moreover, accidentally using too many taboo colors can also cause unexpected disasters, such as falls, slips... so it's best to avoid this color in 2023.

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As the zodiac animal of Tam Tai 2023, the year of the Rabbit is quite difficult for people born in the year of the Dragon. Expanding more difficult jobs, money earned but lost a lot. To improve luck, you can use the following lucky colors:

Most Auspicious Color Dragon in 2023:

Green increases a sense of trustworthiness:

Green is one of the lucky colors for people born in the year of the Dragon in 2023. This is inherently a rather "flattering" color, bringing a pleasant feeling to the opposite person, because green represents the season. spring and strong, prolific vitality.

This color also represents freshness, hope and vitality, is the color of nature and will bring people a sense of security, calm and comfort.

People born in the year of the Dragon, who are not very lucky in 2023, can use this color in their lives. It will help you become active, energetic, vivacious and easy to create sympathy with others. This is very useful for the Dragon's plan to build social relationships.

Red brings abundant inspiration:

Red is said to have the effect of increasing the abundance of inspiration for the Dragon, so that you can come up with good ideas and suitable for work.

The Dragon is an enthusiastic animal like fire, intense ambition and abundant physical strength, not afraid of difficulties or suffering. You are always full of energy, you also like adventure, like excitement, the more you like to challenge yourself, don't want to admit defeat if you haven't tried your best.

You also know how to use your strength, rushing forward without hesitation, towards brilliant things. Red represents your cheerful and enthusiastic, positive and straightforward personality so it will create resonance so you can move forward.

Purple promotes relationships, avoids minors:

Although the Dragon has ingenuity, knows how to build good social relationships with people in 2023 to reduce some of the difficulties that he may face. But also because of your overzealous and generous personality, it is difficult to avoid serious loss of money and is often seen as a waste.

You can use more purple to avoid unnecessary bad luck. This eyebrow brings stability and prudence, which can help you regain your composure to make informed decisions and increase your prosperity.

Therefore, purple color not only harmonizes with the personality of people born in the year of the Dragon, but also helps this animal keep money and prevent bad guys.

Unlucky Color to Avoid: Blue

The taboo color of the Dragon in 2023 is blue. This color gamut easily distracts you from the main tasks. Even the Dragon can have problems with decision-making due to the influence of the color blue.


2023 is a year of good and bad for people born in the year of the Snake. Although the signs of prosperity are not really clear, it is still a good sign, as long as you work harder, it is not difficult to achieve what you want.

Most Auspicious Color for Snake in 2023

Purple is good for career:

In 2023, the career prosperity color of people born in the year of the Snake is purple.

People born in the year of the Rat are generally very professional, responsible for their work, so they always set very strict requirements, which makes you never leisurely and can also unintentionally offend. with others because of his perfectionism.

Purple can stabilize the mood of the people born in the year of the Snake, energize, effectively promote their career luck, and help the people of the year of the Snake overcome all obstacles and achieve success.

This color will also help destiny promote its strengths, and at the same time know you know you, make the right decisions. You will also avoid unnecessary disputes and markets.

Prosperous yellow color:

The color represents wealth, this money will be very good for the fortune line of the Tiger in 2023.

This color palette will help you to socialize easily and get to know many potential partners and customers. At the same time, you will also avoid scammers, limiting falling into the scene of breaking your fortune.

Choosing to wear yellow clothes more in daily life can not only improve your career and wealth, but also make you look more energetic, shed your moodiness, your predestined relationship is also naturally better. .

Peach blossom red:

In 2023, the color of prosperity and peach blossom for people born in the year of the Snake is red.

Being an ambitious and hardworking zodiac sign, in your eyes sometimes you only focus on your career and dedicate yourself to work, so sometimes you ignore emotional issues, leading to a gloomy predestined relationship. very few heterosexual relationships. It's not until you want someone around that you find out that there isn't even a person of the opposite sex to talk to.

Fortunately, things can improve if you use more red in your life in 2023.

Couples who use this color have the effect of strengthening and stabilizing their feelings, and both sides become more understanding and tolerant of each other. Single people wearing this color will receive a lot of attention and have the opportunity to meet the person of their dreams.

Unlucky Color to Avoid: Silver Gray

In 2023, the taboo color of Snake people is silver gray, this is a color that has a very bad impact on the health aspect of the destiny.

If you use too much silver-gray, you may experience adverse physical problems such as getting sick easily, frequent visits to the hospital for medical check-ups, not only costing you money, but also making you mentally depressed.

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The Horse Horoscope 2023 predicts that the year of the Rabbit will be a rather difficult year for this animal sign. Most of the aspects are at a disadvantage, some plans are temporarily shelved because of obstacles, mostly due to competition and market displeasure.

Most Auspicious Color for Horse in 2023

White, beige milk prosperity:

Horse will be significantly reduced if you regularly "make friends" with the usual white and beige colors for yourself.

These pure colors will help protect the Horse's life from murderous intent and bad guys. At the same time, it also helps to improve luck and career in a positive direction.

Thanks to that, the work will meet many favorable things, the Horse can more easily achieve the goal that he has set. New people can quickly integrate and get used to the new work content.

Yellow color prosperity:

On the emotional aspect, the Horse's relationships are predicted to experience many conflicts and cracks in 2023. You can use yellow to suppress some bad luck because this is the color of prosperity and luck. for you.

Warm yellow will help you reveal hidden charms that you may not have noticed before. You know how to speak, care about people, so it is easy to catch the eyes of others. Single people, thanks to this opportunity, can soon escape loneliness.

Meanwhile, for couples, the romantic yellow color will help you improve your marital status, adjust to daily conflicts, make small things big, dispel a lot of unnecessary dangers, increase luck. for family.

Red-orange attracts ladies:

Red-orange is also a lucky color for people born in the year of the Horse in 2023. This color can bring a lot of luck to this zodiac sign in terms of career, giving you a lot of opportunities to be mentored by noble people, guide the way to find the right development direction.

If people in the Year of the Horse know how to take advantage of orange, combined with clothes or everyday accessories for themselves, they can neutralize some bad luck and reduce weapons. Especially in the workplace, you can use items with these colors that will be very convenient, such as mouse pads, drinking cups, water bottles, pens, notebooks...

Unlucky Color to Avoid: Golden Brown

The taboo color of the Horse in 2023 is golden brown, because this color is said to cause some bad influence on the love life of the destiny.

If the Horse often wears a yellow-brown outfit, it will increase the friction with the other half, causing more conflicts and worsening feelings. The more reckless and impulsive you are in speech and behavior, the more likely it is to have conflicts between the two, thereby destroying the feelings of both.


Most of the aspects have flourished. For extra prosperity, don't forget to use your lucky colors for the year.

Most Auspicious Color for Goat in 2023

Green improves relationships:

In 2023, the first lucky color of the Goat year is green. This is a color that can help Mui improve the relationships around her.

The year of the Goat is inherently a vibrant and outgoing zodiac, enhancing the green color in your life will help you use your communication ingenuity to find people who share the same ideas and are in tune with your soul.

Not only that, this color is also very beneficial for single people in improving their predestined relationships. Your advantages will quickly catch the eyes of the opposite sex. You have many opportunities to expand relationships, the prospect of escaping single life is higher than before.

Light yellow prosperity:

The light yellow color is said to promote the money luck of the Goat people in 2023. Although it cannot help this animal become rich overnight, it is destined to have more small incomes. odd or left-handed, accumulate small to great, wealth is increasingly redundant.

This color also helps you find valuable investments, away from scammers that cause money loss. No matter what field you work in, you can easily achieve success, receive salary and bonus.

Therefore, people born in the year of the Sheep should wear yellow in the year 2023, if the color is right, the luck will be great.

Blue is good for career:

The career aspect of the Goat can be smooth sailing, achieving many glorious achievements if you know how to use more blue in life. In particular, those born in the year of the Goat who are looking to advance in their career, the color blue can play a very good motivating role.

This zodiac sign inherently has the disadvantage of working quickly and recklessly, not paying much attention to details, often making mistakes because of its carelessness. However, under the influence of blue, the Goat will become more serious and careful, doing everything very carefully.

If you often wear blue clothes or are in a space with many objects of this color, your interpersonal relationships will also improve significantly. Therefore, in 2023, people born in the year of the Goat should wear blue clothes more, not only aesthetically but also bring good luck.

Unlucky Color to Avoid: White

The taboo color of the Goat year in 2023 is white. This color is said to have a negative impact on the health aspect of the destiny.

Household items must try to avoid white elements. In addition, in everyday wear, you should also limit the use of white elements. If going to a wedding, you should not wear white trees, you can combine other colors for overall harmony.

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The year 2023 of the Monkey year is a bit more stable than the previous year. However, the number is still in the middle of the year, so the plan is more difficult than people, the problem is only a few times.

Most Auspicious Color for Monkey in 2023

Gray attracts good luck:

Gray is said to be the lucky color of the Body in 2023 when it helps to attract luck and positive energies near you, accumulate enough energy for the future, ready to face any challenge.

This color helps you feel more confident in communication. Helping you to be more convenient in negotiations and negotiations, extremely suitable for people working in the service industry, customer care, contract negotiation ...

At the same time, gray can also help the Body avoid falling into adverse disputes. Gray is inherently a color between white and black, this means that fate must pay attention to its position in the new year, try to stay neutral, do not blindly choose a faction. .

Red color prosperity, money:

The red color represents auspiciousness, good will, will help people born in the year of the Monkey to resolve difficulties and obstacles in their career, helping to make the path of development more favorable in the year. This color also helps destiny increase the chances of meeting nobles.

Career prosperity, salary and income can be greatly improved than before, interpersonal relationships are also better.

Silver white enhances concentration:

Monkeys are very active people, with many ideas, but sometimes they "fly and jump" too much, so it is difficult to sit still and seriously finish a job. They are easily distracted for too many problems around.

Silver white color is said to help Monkey enhance concentration, work to the destination. Favorable career, luck, build many relationships with colleagues and partners.

Therefore, in addition to clothes and accessories worn on the body, you can use this color for bedrooms, vehicles ... to bring a lot of luck and blessings.

Unlucky Colors to Avoid: Purple pink

The taboo color of the Body in the year 2023 is burgundy. This is a color that can make the Monkeys easily disagree in work and study, become hot-tempered, unstable, often skipping work.

On a personal level, it will also stimulate self-esteem and aggression of destiny, worsening existing relationships. Even Monkey may be slandered by petty people, playing bad manners behind his back, making his work impossible to progress smoothly, and his salary and income will also be affected to a certain extent.

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Overall, the year of 2023 of the Rooster is quite difficult, prone to many bad luck such as bad luck or unfair competition. During the year one should not pursue greatness, on the contrary, should withdraw to learn to wait for the opportunity to come.

Most Auspicious Color for Rooster in 2023

Prosperous orange color:

The lucky color for the Rooster in 2023 is orange. Orange color can help this animal grow to a higher level in career.

Using orange regularly, destiny will meet many opportunities to assert its ability, impress superiors. Besides, you will also reduce unnecessary competition and conflicts in the working environment.

Of course, if you want to achieve more, you have to work harder and try harder at work, can't just rely on color.

Yellow lemon for prosperity:

According to the lucky colors of the 12 zodiac animals in 2023, the fortune aspect of the Rooster can be prosperous and abundant if the destiny cleverly uses lemon yellow.

Lemon yellow can help improve the fortune of the Rooster and help achieve wealth. It also gives you the motivation to have more confidence to fulfill your dreams and earn more money.

But you should also remember that, to earn money, you must know how to keep money, do not overspend, have to save a little or else your talent will be very easily wasted.

Silver white color attracts fate:

Silver white is considered a good color for the Rooster in the year 2023.

Inherently a slightly silvery white color that is more noble, mysterious and cold than white, Rooster people have a hyperactive personality, sometimes a bit noisy, lack of depth, making their attractiveness will also decrease. But when using silver white, your temperament increases, it is easy to attract the eyes of others in social gatherings and meetings.

This color helps the destiny to be more confident when interacting with the opposite sex. Destiny also has more positive thoughts in seeing eyes and meeting face to face. You can quickly find the right person.

By using this color, you can boost your social relationships, singles have a chance to get out of being single, those who already have a partner will have a better relationship.

Unlucky Color to Avoid: Green

The taboo color of the Rooster in 2023 is green, which will make it possible for destiny to face many challenges and face difficult choices. You can fall into a state of extreme confusion, even doubting your future, always having to keep an eye on your heart and seek advice from friends around.


The year of the Rabbit 2023 promises to be a good and lucky year for people born in the year of the Dog. The candidate has many more opportunities to expand in work and money matters. The family will receive good faith in the year.

Most Auspicious Color for Dog in 2023:

Milky beige, khaki attract positive energy:

In 2023, the first lucky color of the Dog people is milk beige, khaki. These are the colors that have the effect of attracting positive energy to this animal.

Mostly, these colors are very peaceful and neutral, a color that is very suitable for people born in the year of the Dog. Beige is not as harsh or strong as black or white, it is always light and bright, pleasant. And this is completely similar to the personality of the people born in the year of the Dog, which is relatively modest and does not like to show off.

Therefore, milky beige or khaki is very good for people of this age in 2023, it will add vitality and freedom to this animal.

Green is good for relationships:

In 2023, another auspicious color for people born in the year of the Dog is green.

First of all, green symbolizes vitality and freshness. Secondly, this color will help improve the relationships of people born in the year of the Dog. Whether with colleagues or family or friends, you can maintain an atmosphere of harmony and love.

In particular, the Dog can choose light green wallpaper, which can make the house look bright and add a fresh, cool atmosphere to the house.

Orange is good for career:

In 2023, if the Dog people use a lot of orange, because this is the color that can promote the career of the Dog people to develop rapidly.

It is said that this color will help reduce the hardships and difficulties that the people of the year of the Dog may encounter at work. At the same time, maintaining an optimistic spirit, not giving up easily in the face of difficulties and challenges.

Unlucky Color to Avoid: Pink

The taboo color for people born in the year of the Dog in 2023 is pastel pink because it can make interpersonal relationships worse, whether with colleagues or family, friends, it is difficult to keep. harmonious atmosphere.

In family life, you should not choose pastel pink curtains or tablecloths, otherwise it will bring many disasters to the body.


Overall, the year 2023 of the Pig year is considered auspicious sand, opening up many good opportunities at work. However, it is necessary to pay attention to travel problems to avoid unexpected accidents.

Most Auspicious Color for Pig in 2023

Prosperous blue:

From the perspective of the five elements, people born in the year of the Pig belong to the element of Water, so things of the Water attribute will be very good for this animal, for example, the color blue.

Where is a cool color, creating a feeling of coolness. Whether at work or in life, blue tones make people very comfortable and clear-minded. This calm color can easily make you liked by others, increasing the attraction to the opposite person.

Regularly using this color, the year of the Pig will increase the chances of meeting noble people. You have enough confidence to seize the opportunity in front of you, without hesitation, hesitation, and yield to others.

Black increases prestige and reputation:

Black belongs to Water in the five elements, so it is also considered a lucky color for the year of the Pig in this year 2023. Maybe many people think that black is an unlucky and dark color, but in the work environment, if a black suit can help increase the solemnity, politeness and modernity, make you win the trust of your boss and your boss. client.

This solemn color helps the destiny to have an accurate observation and assessment to know which opportunities are suitable for their abilities. You will also not be afraid to open your own way, leading the trend, making money rush into your pocket.

Yellow color prosperity:

In terms of love, yellow will bring a lot of luck to the Pig.

This color will help couples resolve quarrels and conflicts, gradually tolerant and understanding for each other. If you are still single, this color will make you stand out from the crowd.

In addition, it also helps destiny to have a more liberal and open mind, making it easier to create good relationships with everyone. You are also confident to contact, talk, and draw close to the person you love.

Unlucky Color to Avoid: Brown

The taboo color of the Pig in 2023 is brown, this color can make you think subjectively, carelessly, easily make wrong and hasty judgments without taking into account the possible consequences.

Above, the Good Days Calendar has full information about the lucky colors of the 12 zodiac animals as well as the negative colors corresponding to each age. Hopefully this information is useful for applying feng shui to life to attract luck and sand!

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According to the concept of feng shui, each animal has its own color that brings luck for career, health and love.

Hopefully, the information about colors that match the 12 animal signs (Chinese zodiac signs) above will help you make the right choice for costumes and personal belongings in 2023.

In Asian countries, the zodiac sign represents the year of birth of each person. Therefore, it has a close association with the elements of horoscope and destiny.

If you know how to choose the right colors for the year, your health luck will be more abundant. The road of good love and marriage, good publicity. Partially limit the difficulties and misfortunes in life and work.

The color is suitable for the destiny based on the horoscope, the five elements are mutually compatible

The basis of the interpretation of lucky colors according to feng shui is the selection based on the five elements of the carving, specifically we have:

The color of mutual birth 2023 brings luck, good sand according to the rule: Metal gives birth to Wood, Wood gives birth to Fire, Fire gives birth to Earth, Earth gives birth to Water, Mercury gives birth to Metal. Zodiacs of different ages but with the same destiny all choose colors according to the above rules of mutuality.

Contrasting colors 2023 are precious colors you need to avoid using in the year of the Rabbit. In feng shui, contrasting colors will somewhat reduce the source of vital energy, the law of contrasting colors is: Metal meets Wood, Wood meets Earth, Earth meets Water, Water meets Fire, Fire meets Kim.

Destiny can refer to the horoscope and recommended colors in 2023 to choose clothes, jewelry, buy personal items, decorate the house.

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