Libra Weekly Horoscope (May 10-16): Astrological Predictions for Love, Financial, Career and Health

Libra Weekly Horoscope Overview

Libra - You’ve been putting yourself under a lot of stress for a long time. This week will be a time for you to unwind. The good times you've been looking forward to have finally turn up. These seven days will alter several aspects of your life. This week, your intuition will reveal some truth, and you will have to make some difficult decisions. In a professional level, you'll seek help from people with whom you don't get along, but whose opinions would be valuable to you. You will be able to surface your to-do lists, and your extra focus on your job will eventually yield fruitful results. A minor loss will strike you when you are too preoccupied with calculating your earnings. In a nutshell, this week's theme is learning new stuff.

On the relationship front, there are likely to be some problems due to rejection from your partner's or your own family, and you must give it time to recuperate, and the right time will come. Married couples will make time to reconcile with one another and regain their hearts' positions.

Libra Health Weekly Horoscope

You'll succumb to laziness, and you'll be tired and grouchy all of the time. To remain healthy this week, try to establish a morning routine of strength training or brisk walking. Your immune system will need more energy this week.

To keep yourself fit, you won't have to struggle a lot during this week. Because this time you will be fortunate. Due to which you will be able to keep yourself healthy, even if you make little efforts to maintain your health.

Libra Love Weekly Horoscope

Your expectations for special events in your love life this week will have a completely different development. It is difficult to say whether this will make you happy or not, because it will largely depend on sincerity in your relationship with your partner.

Many will engage in a gift or have a property engagement with a person from their circle of relatives or friends.

Libra boys and girls will expect answers or results from conversations or events that have already taken place.

Men will be impatient, pushing events and people towards. The weekend will be very emotional and you will get the opportunity to go on a short trip or an excursion with your partner. It will give you the quality time you need to strengthen your bond. During the week, be calm and avoid any tensions. Don't let the doublespeak spoil the good mood. If you are single, you need to think about what you are looking for in your love life and then claim it. Otherwise, you can keep enjoying your loneliness.

Libra Career Weekly Horoscope

In your professional affairs, be very careful, especially in the way you handle the upcoming changes. Every move you make will be crucial. How you trust the people around you will determine the outcome of your work. Your finances seem to trouble you, as you are spending a lot. Talk to people you trust in order to increase you revenue.

Libra Finance Weekly Horoscope

It is possible that your younger siblings can borrow some money from you this week. You will lend them money while helping them financially, but with this you can get yourself trapped in hot soup. Due to this, you will have to face two or more troubles in future.

Women will be happy to receive good financial news, to receive an important document or proposal.

Libra - Detailed predictions on specific days

You’re embracing a more open-minded understanding of love this week. After all, Venus entered your spontaneous ninth house on May 8, changing your whole perspective of what love is and can be. You may feel more inclined to experiment with something new in your love life. In fact, on May 10, Mercury in your thrill-seeking ninth house will sextile Chiron in your partnership sector, proving that embracing a little adventure can heal your relationship.

When the new moon on May 11 radiates throughout your eighth house of transformation, it may initiate beginnings and endings in your relationships. You may find yourself letting go of toxic cycles in your love life and working through intimacy issues. Let someone in, but only someone you can trust. However, on May 11, Mars in your public tenth house will also square off with Chiron in your partnership sector, which could pave the way for harsh exchanges and hurt feelings.

Photo astrosage
Photo astrosage

By May 12, Mercury will form a trine with Saturn in your romantic fifth house, which will help you strengthen your relationship with ongoing expressions of love and poetry. Nurture your relationship by letting each other know how much you love each other. As the sun in your passionate eighth house forms a sextile with Neptune in your giving sixth house on May 13, your kindness and selflessness will go a long way in your relationship.

Monday to Friday you will feel more connected in a spiritual way to your friends and family. Your increased empathy and concern can have an uplifting effect on others which could materialize as more involvement in groups of all kinds. However, you are just as likely to benefit from a more individual quest for spiritual enlightenment through books, study courses, or consultations with gurus, Tarot readers, astrologers or psychics.

Saturday and Sunday bring an increased need for love and affection. However, relationship tension is possible, especially if there is an imbalance involving emotional support and love; the amount of love received is not the same as the amount given. Such relationship issues may be a recurring problem with a continual build-up then release of tension. Even if you are single you may still experience an internal imbalance involving self-love and how you feel about yourself.

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Libra Weekly Horoscope Tarot Card

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Photo astrosage

The Sun card is a sign that soon you are likely to find yourself feeling freer than you have in a while, maybe years. This is a great time to take a vacation and to experience different things. The Sun is about vitality, freedom, joy, and self-expression.Libra Weekly HoroscopeThings in general will likely be going very well for you.

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Photo glamour

However, even though finances are usually in good shape when this card appears, that does not mean that you should lose focus on what is truly important in life, and money is not very high on that list. This is a good time to party, meet new people, and get out and about.

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