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Nowadays, social media has become an indispensable part of people's lives all over the world. There are people who constantly update everything in their lives and share it on social media. However, there are some people who have social media accounts but have not posted anything in a year. They continue to interact with others, texting and chatting, but never post on their personal page.

Many surveys and studies have found that people who rarely post on social media are often talented, decisive, and successful.

Less Social Network Posts: Talented or Incompetent?
Less Social Network Posts

1. Highly educated people, aware of the harmful effects of social networks

I'm sure many of us have encountered many situations like this. Early in the morning, while surfing social networks, we come across some frightening things, such as sad love messages.

People have been compared to trash cans on social media for "radiating" negative energy and toxic emotions. They get angry easily, and when they see other people's good fortune, they become itchy and resentful. When things don't go their way, it's as if they've turned the trash can upside down, dumping their bad mood on everyone else.

Posting too many sad statuses, transmitting negative energy, and influencing the emotions of others is simply an act of lowering EQ and cutting off your relationships.

2. Truly excellent people, always secretive

In this era of increasingly popular social networks, showing off your house, showing off your car, showing off your children, showing off your husband, showing off your social relationships, and showing off your achievements appears to be an impossible "ritual".

Bernardo Bertolucci, a famous director, once said, "When other people think you're happy, it's more satisfying than being happy." However, the more a vain person brags about something, the more he lacks it.

But truly exceptional people are always secretive and uninterested.

Clearly, the elite are always very practical. They clearly understand what they own and what is simply an illusion. They don't need attention to feel like they exist, don't need compliments to feel safe, don't need to prove or brag to anyone, and don't have time to listen to others. brag.

They have a strong heart and can handle any situation calmly. They always know exactly what they should and shouldn't do. Outside distractions and judgments cannot affect them.

People are already there, so why should they flaunt their accomplishments on social media?

3. People with happy lives

There is a famous couple in class, but the girl never expresses her feelings on social media, as many of her peers do.

When her friends asked her about it, she smiled softly and said, "When life is good, you will no longer feel the need to record your happiness on social media."

When you live a happy life with your loved one by your side, have mutual respect and tolerance, and are filled with love, you will realize that social networks are unnecessary.

Psychologists have discovered that in human psychology, there is always a "contagious" mentality, but when you share your own happiness, your own sense of happiness suffers.

Furthermore, expressing your happiness to others may result in a negative response. There are always people who do not care about you and do not want the best for you. When they see you sharing your joy, they not only feel uneasy, but they also secretly speculate, become jealous, and believe you are snobby.

When a person lives a happy life, they realize that their life does not need to be on display for others to see. Instead of displaying love and happiness in front of others, which may attract jealousy or scolding, it is preferable to manage your own life effectively.


Of course, social networks with friend circles still provide some benefits. It allows us to stay up to date on people, communicate with family and friends, and relax and entertain ourselves. However, that is not the main focus of your life. Do not let that virtual network haunt your life.

These three types of people who rarely post on social media are actually very intelligent. They let go of their inner burdens and live their lives in the most comfortable manner. Don't blame people who enjoy talking about their lives because everyone has a unique living situation and way of life. Simply don't bother others and live happily.

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