Leo Weekly Horoscope
Leo Weekly Horoscope from 9 to 15 August

LEO Weekly Horoscope 9 to 15 August, 2021: Overview

Leo, this week of August is perhaps one of the best time of the year in astrological predictions.

During the week of August 9 - 15 you will have a favorable time for the development of your financial or family affairs. During these seven days you will plan your various actions, which you will have to secure in some way with financial means.

This week you can enjoy money in the family budget. This will be a good time to secure a better income for the coming months.

Leo, Mars will be cruising through Virgo for the whole month. This transit will be happening in your second house, bringing attention to how you deal with your finances.

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LEO Weekly Horoscope 9 to 15 August, 2021 for Love, Family, Career, Financial, Health

During the week, be careful in your relationships with people from your daily contacts. There may be acts of cunning or someone will try to manipulate you to their advantage.

During this week you will monitor or help a relative or friend who will have trouble with a car, with travel, with people from another place.

The Leo zodiac sign will ensure that peace and harmony reign in the family for as long as possible during this week (9 to 15 August 2021).

Events or commitments related to property may be the reason for contacts with employees of a state, banking, tax or other institution.

During the week you will have pleasant meetings or gatherings related to pleasant occasions, such as: birthday, engagement, anniversary, wedding and more. You will enjoy an important event in the life of a friend or relative.

In terms of love, you will have an interesting and emotional week. You will have the opportunity and desire to realize important things for you related to your love relationship.

Young men and women with haste and more emotional actions can cause problems in romantic or sexual relationships. Avoid being financially wasteful, especially when buying expensive items or for pleasure.

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Men will engage in important tasks for their family, which will have a successful development and can be a reason for satisfaction and good mood. Transport problems are possible.

Women will be careful, reserved in their engagement with things that do not concern them directly, but rather are important to relatives or friends. This week, your ideas may be too spectacular for the time, money, energy, and resources you have. Be careful with things related to people far away and things related to long distance connections or trade.

A good week, during which the stars are out to bless you with good health with the bare minimum of care and attention. However, there is need for a brief note of caution. You see, this month your health would to a large extent be determined by the nature of your general surroundings.

Good health will not reduce your efforts to maintain your health by resorting to regular exercise and healthy diet. Stress due to overexertion can be taken care of by meditation or sports activities.

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