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LEO Horoscope in December 2022: Best Astrology Forecast for Love, Money, Career and Health. Photo KnowInsiders

Overview of Leo Horoscope in December 2022

Dear Leo, if you intend to reorganize your life, now is the time to do it. From the 4th of December you will take stock of your desires, your expectations and the objectives you have set for yourself.

You are stubborn; nothing and no one can make you change your mind, however as soon as your ideas become clearer you take advantage of it to focus on your private life by adjusting small issues. It might be that strong exchanges spice up the debates in family but that does not matter, to avoid any misunderstanding you need to be open.

On the side of your loves, it goes well: you are affectionate, attentive, caring for your loved ones. You are approaching the Christmas holidays in a good state of mind.

Leo Love and Relationship Horoscope in December 2022

Leo horoscope for December 2022 predicts that having different property between you and your spouse is dangerous for your marriage. Having separate dreams, hobbies, and friends, might lead to boring sex life. Marriage is about bringing separate lives into one.

Venus invites you to care for your loved ones between the 10th and 18th. You are looking out for the happiness of each and every one. From the 20th, Jupiter returns to stimulate your ambitions to develop your relationships.

In a Relationship: you will take care of your tribe between the 10th and the 18th, you will improve the ordinary, and you will also aspire to deepen, even to give meaning to the story you are living (from the 20th).

Single: between the 10th and 18th, you act benevolently towards those around you so that everything "rolls along ."From the 20th on, if a romance is on the horizon, it's not going to be perfect, but one that lifts you off the ground.

Married: Putting your marriage on hold while you are planning to have a child is not possible. Leo zodiac 2022 foretells that it is good to have a strong marriage to support your children. It is good for your children to grow up with the support of both parents. Leo birthday indicates that you should avoid reducing your marriage to a partnership in co-parenting. Normalize planning activities with your spouse to have a loving and thriving marriage.

Leo Health Horoscope in December 2022

Do you ever think of how you would love to live a healthier life? Start by having notes on what you need to do to live a healthier life. December 2022 horoscope for Leo zodiac sign encourages you to have a team of like-minded friends on health matters. Brainstorm together and think about different what you want to change to become healthier.

An excellent month, during which the stars are out to bless your health. You will not only remain healthy, but will also appear to be in the pink of health, with your system deriving full benefit from your diet. This is, as it should be in a favourable month.

Not only will you remain active and energetic throughout the month, those inclined to be proud of their generative powers, would be pleasantly surprised to discover that their faculties are, if anything above, normal. This could make for a fuller enjoyment of life on the physical plane, as well as emotionally and mentally, put you in a happy state. A happy month, during which the stars want you to be happy.

Leo Career Horoscope in December 2022

A month that is fairly satisfactory in so far as your professional attainments are concerned. There is every likelihood that you would realize the gains that set out to achieve, though with a good deal of hard work. There may also be an element of risk involved in some of your plans. But, this being a favourable month, there would be practically no chance of anything untoward happening.

Still, it would be best to avoid risks. Travel will also bring in the expected gains. The working climate would be full of conflicts and politicking. Further, some female colleague or associate would do you a significant favour that would help you in a big way.

You'll show a lot of goodwill (between the 10th and 18th) to collaborate within a team and serve the common cause. From the 20th onwards, your personal ambitions come to the forefront of your concerns. It will then be a question of surpassing yourself. Be careful (on the 22nd) not to alienate your colleagues by setting the bar too high.

Leo Education Horoscope on December 2022

This month the augury from the stars is quite helpful in so far as your educational prospects are concerned. Those pursuing dance, drama, music, painting, sculpture and the other arts would have an inspired spell of work, with some of them going on to score notable success.

Beauticians and students of hotel management would also fare extremely well. Most of you would be blessed by an absorbent mental outlook that will make learning quicker and easier. This would be a big help in your pursuits. Those sitting for competitive examinations would be successful in their objectives with just about the normal kind of effort, provided they do this with sincerity.

Leo Money Horoscope in December 2022

Do you know your net worth? December horoscope 2022 encourages you to take note of the difference between your assets and your debts. This is the best way to know your financial position. The finance horoscope for 2022 wants you to work towards increasing your net worth.

If you wish to increase your income, you will not hesitate to bend backward to collaborate (between the 10th and 18th). From the 20th onwards, those who would dare to refuse you anything will have to be careful. Go easy on the 22nd.

Leo Horoscope in December 2022: Key Dates

-On the 2nd, try to clarify your desires before projecting them onto others. By approaching exchanges seriously, you will have the best chance of establishing solid ties.

-On the 4th, give up specific fantasies (of perfection) that blur the frequency between you and the other.

-On the 17th, you'll make the most of your skills by putting them to good use.

-On the 22nd, are you sure you are acting selflessly? To convince, start by mobilizing yourself to innovate.

-On the 28th, your dedication to the cause will contribute to the fluidity of exchanges (in love, but not only).


In this final month of the year, Leo should hang out with people and do activities that will make your courage to be greater than you fear. Exercising courage and caution in your life is a good combination to get rid of fear.

Hope this prediction will help Leo more confident in December 2022 and have a great month ahead.

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