Aquarius 2022. Photo: KnowInsiders
Aquarius 2022. Photo: KnowInsiders

Thanks to the passage of Jupiter in your sign for most of the year, Aquarius feel optimistic, ambitious, and positive. Believe in your possibilities, and you won’t be disappointed. Saturn feeds your ambitions and structures your projects, but that doesn’t mean you can make random decisions without thinking them through, on the contrary, weigh up the pros and cons before making your choice.

The personality of Aquarius in 2022

The Air Element therefore rules three zodiac signs, which include your sign - Aquarius. The aerial zodiac signs generally long for freedom in life so that they can enjoy all the positives of everyday life. It is sometimes a problem for the zodiac's air signs to fit into the regular cycle of everyday life, because they avoid boredom in life and try to make it an influx of new information, facts and progress in life every day. The life goal of every air zodiac sign, and therefore your Aquarius sign, is to constantly pursue your liberating thoughts, define astrology Aquarius Horoscope 2022, live in harmony with the world around you, and enjoy the freedom of spirit.

For Aquarius, Uranus is the ruling planet, and it controls your life, energy, and emotions throughout 2022. The secondary planet that also affects your energy greatly is the planet Saturn, which Aquarius has in common with the Capricorn zodiac sign. The planet Uranus is a representative of freedom in the life of Aquarius, but also of humanity and surprise. These characteristics of the planet Uranus are transmitted to every Aquarius at birth, and also affect the characteristics and energies of each of you. Even in 2022, your ruling planet will influence you and Aquarius Horoscope greatly.

In 2022, the temperamental Aquarius will find a new application in life. Some Aquarius will be uncompromising in their actions, others reserved. Many Aquarius will feel the power of the Retrograde and directive Uranus that accompanies you in the 12th Astrological House throughout 2022. You should remember that it is important to use your original and independent thinking throughout the year, and not avoid humanitarian activities that help others in life.

Since you love to have fun with friends, in 2022 Aquarius will find plenty of opportunities to take a break from stress and duty in this way. The most significant month associated with your friendship will be the end of 2022 - specifically the months of November and December 2022. In these months, Aquarius will enjoy not only the closeness of Aquarius' friends but also the intellectual conversations you love, define love Horoscope Capricorn 2022. The year 2022 draws the attention of every Aquarius to unfulfilled promises, which can be your greatest enemy for your future, but also your reputation.

What will 2022 be like for Aquarius?

In 2022, you will get many interesting opportunities. Your life can be changed in many ways. Unfortunately, because of that you won’t have too much time to relax. There will be moments, when you may experience shortness of breath (metaphorically speaking).

Good news is that, most changes in your life will be a positive thing, so you can count on satisfaction. Aquarius people never avoid exciting challenges, and 2022 is no different. So, you definitely don’t want to lose your chances. To live a life to the fullest – this is very important.

Aquarius 2022 horoscope foretells that this year, there will be a special task for you: to achieve harmony between your inner life and the outside world (reality beyond your mind). That’s the challenge worthy of the greatest spiritual masters and you will not turn against it. On the contrary. You just have to do something so difficult and unconventional, that it will give you a high level of excitement throughout the whole year.

You will now overcome all obstacles standing in your way. Even for a moment you won’t deviate from the course to implement of your plans. You can freely move forward. Without many problems, you will quickly realize one dream after another – you will begin to materialize it in real life. Everything that always existed in your head, can become a reality in 2022.

Aquarius, in 2022 you will have a lot of responsibilities. That's why you will achieve quite a lot this year. You will juggle your responsibilities with incredible virtuosity. The 2022 Aquarius horoscope says that you can make yourself an extremely efficient person, but remember not to overwork. Your goals are admirable, but it is not good to make yourself a victim of your own ambitions.

What you should do? Definitely, you should accurately define your priorities. That’s the most important thing. You will have so many things to do, that some of them you will have to leave for later. You can’t do everything. There is simply not enough time and energy. A multitude of possibilities, despite appearances, is not always a positive thing. If it exceeds limit of common sense, may be very harmful.

Fortunately, you will focus you actions on those things that stimulate the spirit of the inventor (your true nature). Now you can look for better ways of creating true values ​​and self-development. You will explore some options, which have never been taken into consideration before. It will definitely broaden your mental horizons and open you mind to a whole new area of ​​growth.

The Aquarius 2022 horoscope suggests that one thing will definitely disturb you this year. What is it? Well, it’s your never-ending struggle between ability to move beyond the grid and the need to discipline your actions. In 2022 you will have to demonstrate a real genius to deal with this problem.

Every Aquarius must prepare for major changes in 2022. We could say that there is a real transformation ahead of you – you’re like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

You should carefully observe the symbolic significance of what is happening around you. Your inner life is extremely rich, but you shouldn’t keep it to yourself. Your personal achievements can help other people in their self-development.

Is 2022 a good year for Aquarius in terms of love?

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

According to the Aquarius forecast, you have to be strong and courageous to express the things that bother you in your relationships. Actually, when you sort out your negatives, then you will have better ways to become positive with your relationship. On the other hand, you should always be reliable if you want to enrich your romantic relationships. Equally, it is your responsibility to maintain the things that will bring healthy relationships.

A good relationship is open to converse openly and honestly. Basically, good communication is the key to a strong relationship. More so, you will feel comfortable if everyone expresses what they feel rather than being silent. Besides, silence will bring doubts because everyone will always be uncomfortable. So, you should feel confident and express your desires because it will increase the bond between you. That is the plain truth in Aquarius zodiac people.

On the other hand, it is possible to set certain boundaries in your relationship that will give everyone space to be alone. The goodness of being alone sometimes will give you enough time to think of the things that will better your relationship. Notably, space is necessary for any relationship if you are looking for a long-term relationship.

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Is 2022 a good year for Aquarius in terms of money?

Previously started projects will generate large revenues that will be extremely satisfying. You are not a person particularly focused on profit, but you still want to secure (financially) your family.

The 2022 Aquarius horoscope predictions shows that you should invest some of your money. At first, you can feel insecure. Issuing large amount of money not really makes you happy. You will know, however, that this investment is good and necessary expense. If you gather enough information, you can take proper decisions and build assets to secure future for all your family members.

Strategic actions are perfectly suited to wealth management. Although you do not like to deal with such boring (in your opinion) matters, you are aware of the need to take care of your finances. Without the proper amount of money there’s no way to follow your passion and make dreams come true. So Aquarius, in 2022 you will be able to give up some of your pleasures, if it makes you to reach the financial goal.

Is 2022 a good year for Aquarius in terms of career?

According to the yearly horoscope 2022, Mars is the lord of your job and career in the year 2022. It is in conjunction with the Moon and Ketu is in your job house. Chandra Mangal Raj Yoga is present in your zodiac so Aquarius natives will make a bright future and career. they will get lucrative job offers and out-of-turn promotions in their respective fields. Those Aquarius natives who are working in the government sector, medical line, defence sector, pharmaceutical, accounting, and judicial system will surely find a bright future. These employment sectors will also generate huge employment opportunities for job seekers. Aquarian has to put some extra effort to get the job according to their credential and capabilities. Over pride in success may make you arrogant and egotist. You may commit a mistake due to the influence of Ketu. Success and modesty are the creation of noble minds. If you behave in leniency, you will get more success in your job and career.

The year 2022 is quite promising for Aquarians who are willing to do the jobs in the government sector or private sectors. You will get many opportunities to prove your talent and you will secure white-collar jobs in these sectors. Transfer of jobs is possible from 10th of March to 5th of September. They may get their voluntary transfer between these dates of the year 2022. Time seems to be average for the people who are associated with sports, cinema, singing, designing, and the fashion industry. You will get an average result in these sectors according to the annual horoscope 2022.

Time management and the right opportunity will open the gate to success. So, Aquarius natives have to be well prepared to grab the opportunity and to catch the success ladder.

Is 2022 a good year for Aquarius in terms of health?

Photo:  Society6
Photo: Society6

The health horoscope of 2022 suggests that as long as your mental health is at its peak at the beginning of the year, you are sure to have good physical health.

However, excess stress in this year can lead to the decline of your physical health. So this year, you need to worry about taking care of your mental health so that you can stay in good shape.

From the point of view of physical health, the beginning of the year will be moderately suitable for you. It is also necessary that you pay full attention to your body and get accustomed to a particular routine to stay safe and healthy. You might feel pain in your leg and require to practice yoga or other physical exercises.

Apart from that, you may also have insomnia and mental tension. Saadhesaatee being in your Rashi will aid in increasing your mental pressure. Under such conditions, it is best to pay attention to yourself and also pay attention to your health, especially in the middle of the year. The rest of the year will be smooth for you if you create a proper routine and overburden yourself with work.

2022 Month by Month Astrology Advice

January 2022 will be quite difficult time. In a matter of love you will experience some problems. Fortunately, your finance will be a lot better.

February 2022 will be exact opposite to January – great time of love and sexual passion, not so good finances. You will get well with your life partner and that’s the most important thing. Don’t worry about your money – it’s gonna be better. In time.

March 2022 – you will be very attractive to some people. March will be very good if it come to romance, and you will get a chance to meet someone new. You can freely go on as many dated, as you want (I mean, with different people).

In April 2022 you will continue your work. Some big event awaits you, and it’s very positive. Your career will attain stability, so you can sleep peacefully. There won’t be any worries in a matter of your professional life. 2022 Aquarius horoscope predicts some health problems – not very big, but take good care of yourself.

May 2022 – extremely unstable finances. Look out for insincere people. They will try to use you to dirty business. It will be wise to refuse these people.

June 2022 will be a great time to improve your social skills. You should spend more time with friends and meet some new people. There is also romance in June, but be careful – it’s not love. If you are in long-term relationship, you may be tempted to cheat on your partner. My advice? Don’t do it. It’s not worth it.

July 2022 will be a time for your family. Everything will be great, and you may even try to take vacation. Although, you really like your job, now you will feel a desire to go on a trip with your loved ones. Watch out for your health and everything will be perfect.

August 2022 – work, work, work. You love it, I know. And now you can focus on your fascinating projects. Every Aquarius will be happy this month, because he can use his time to things he loves most.

September 2022 is a time of major changes. Prepare yourself to new course of life. Changes may be good, but it will definitely be hard period for you. Your project will be delayed, so you must be patient.

October 2022 will be good for your career. Don’t waste time for minor responsibilities. Focus on the biggest projects – use this month well. There is possibility to go on a business trip. You can also count on a raise.

November 2022. There will be a lot of social meetings. Some big event, maybe wedding, awaits you. Look for a sign, which will show you the right path to hearts and minds of your friends.

December 2022 will give you opportunity to realize some of your dreams. Not all of them, but enough to be happy and very satisfied with life. There is also good amount of money to make.

Aquarius's 2022 lucky numbers

In 2022, every Aquarius should be surrounded by blue and silver. Get home accessories in these colors, which strengthen your resilience, especially in terms of health, and mean emotional stability. If you ask what numbers are the happiest for you during 2022, Aquarius 2022 Horoscope have the answer for you. For Aquarius, these are the numbers 3, 6, 11, 21 and 31. These numbers will accompany you in Aquarius' life throughout the year, and mean the happiest numbers and days of the month for each of you. If necessary, Aquarius can choose Sweden or the USA to travel in 2022. Aquarius will achieve the greatest compatibility in love in 2022 with the signs of Leo and the Sagittarius. When it comes to friendships, it is necessary for Aquarius to pay attention to the sign of Taurus, which may betray you or harm you. For the love of singles, Aquarius will find the greatest connection with your compatible zodiac signs, to which Aries zodiac sign and the sign of Gemini will be added in 2020.

Aquarius 2022 – important:

Potential challenges in 2022: appreciating other people.

What you should learn in 2022: recognizing human emotions.

Areas that Aquarius can improve in 2022: spirituality, overcoming life obstacles.

Warning: don't ignore what is beyond your current skills.

Most compatible zodiac signs in 2022: Gemini, Libra.

Least compatible zodiac signs in 2022: Leo, Scorpio.

Lucky color: gray.

Lucky stone: fluorite.

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