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Every day, millions of people watch YouTube. For this reason, advertising agencies consider Youtube to be a useful marketing channel. The good news is that you can prevent YouTube advertisements with a few easy tips. Look it over!

What are Youtube Ads?

Advertising on YouTube, an online video-sharing platform, or in pertinent search terms on Youtube Search are examples of Youtube advertising. Since Google owns Youtube, Google Ads is the only way to advertise on Youtube.

Businesses can use Youtube advertising in conjunction with display campaigns or in any of the platform's numerous video ad formats.

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Youtube has over two billion monthly logged-in users, with 500 hours of video content uploaded to the platform every minute. Every day, each visitor spends 11 minutes and 24 seconds on YouTube, and each visit results in an average of 6.5 pageviews.

As a result, advertising on YouTube provides numerous opportunities for businesses to expand their online marketing strategy.

Why do I get so many adverts on YouTube?

YouTube, like most other social media platforms, makes the majority of its money from advertising. If product promotion was prohibited on the platform, YouTube would have little capital to pay the creators who create the content on their platform and, as a result, attract its large audience.

However, it hasn't always been smooth sailing; the 2017 'adpocalypse' saw a significant number of creators lose the ability to monetize their channels due to content deemed 'extreme' by YouTube. Many advertisers, including the UK government, have removed their advertisements from the platform.

YouTube has made several changes in recent years that appear to have resulted in more advertisements. These include eliminating the 10-minute minimum video threshold that content creators had to meet in order to run mid-roll ads and allowing creators who aren't part of the platform's partner program to run ads.

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Simple Ways To Watch Youtube Without Ads

1. Try Tab+Enter

Tab+Enter during a YouTube video's pre-roll ad. It displays the About This Ad box, which tells you why you got it and who the advertiser is, and you can then report the ad or, at the very least, request that you not see it again in the future.

If you choose Stop seeing this ad, you will receive a warning that the ad should not be shown again, but it will not prevent you from seeing ads from that same advertiser in the future.

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When you report an ad, you are taken to a new page where you can report the advertiser for violating YouTube's policies on trademarks, counterfeit goods, or simply showing multiple ads (which violates the company's "unfair advantage" policy).

Use that dialog to access your personal Google Ad Settings (or go to (Opens in a new window)). Of course, this will not prevent you from seeing ads, but it will limit your exposure to ads that aren't tailored to you. Alternatively, if you despise the customization aspect because it necessitates so much tracking of what you're doing, turn ad personalization off.

2. Pay Up for YouTube Premium

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YouTube Premium, not to be confused with YouTube TV, which can replace your cable TV viewing, is the same as YouTube but without the ads. It comes with YouTube Music Premium and allows subscribers to play songs and videos in the background on the desktop, as well as "download" videos to watch later. This ad-free experience extends to mobile devices and even TVs with a YouTube app. It also removes advertisements from YouTube Kids shares for children.

After a one-month free trial, a YouTube Premium subscription costs $11.99 per month. A five-person (plus yourself) family plan is also available for $17.99 per month. If you're a student, your monthly fee is only $6.99.

3. URL Modification

According to a Reddit post, you can avoid ads by simply changing the domain URL of Youtube. This trick will remove not only pre-rolled advertisements, but also mid-roll and post-roll advertisements. This is a YouTube bug that has yet to be resolved.

To play YouTube videos without ads, add a period (.) after the '.com' in the URL, for example "".

Because of the undefined hostname in Youtube's server, this method works. Youtube uses a different server to display advertisements on structured videos with no duration. However, when a user modifies the domain URL, it redirects to the video, which is ad-free.

Although YouTube may fix this bug, it appears that they have not yet identified it. So, until they fix it, you can use this trick.

4. Adblocking apps

In recent years, adblocking programs have been largely supplanted by browser extensions that perform many of the same functions, but that doesn't mean there aren't any desktop applications available if that's what you prefer.

Adfender, for example, is a great desktop program that easily blocks ads and has been tested on a wide range of browsers. Although it is a little more complicated than most browser extensions or apps, it works well for blocking YouTube ads. You simply need to download the software and follow the instructions!

Adblock for YouTube

Adblock Plus is presumably already familiar to you from your general web browsing, but Adblock for YouTube is specifically made to block advertisements on the streaming platform. You can use this extension to disable all forms of advertising that YouTube inserts into videos.

Adblock for YouTube prevents banners, popups, annotations, and preroll advertisements. Utilizing a filter list of external ad sources, this adblocker extension operates. Ads that don't originate from those sources will therefore slink through. That being said, it is typically updated quickly. Reviews from users still state that this blocker is effective, but occasionally YouTube responds, stopping it for a while.

uBlock Origin

Another well-liked choice is uBlock Origin, which is very distinct from AdBlock. uBlock Origin is a comprehensive content blocker that includes advertisements rather than only blocking them.

uBlock Origin is a community-supported open-source extension that relies on multiple blocklists. Whether you want to block ads or not, this plugin is a great addition to have because it not only blocks ads but also malicious websites.

Adblocking apps for phones

You may want to look for an alternative solution to the ad problem if your primary goal is to watch YouTube on your phone. Keep in mind that you cannot currently block advertisements on the YouTube app with the help of the information below.

Look no farther than Adlock for everything related to iPhones. Despite its somewhat high price, this is one of the most aggressive blockers available, and it is natively designed to extend Safari.

One of the first A to function well on iOS is 1Blocker, which is also less expensive. It's made exclusively for use with Safari, and all you have to do to use it is pay a very nominal, one-time fee. All you have to do to enable these extensions is open Safari from 'Settings,' select 'Content Blockers,' and adjust the parameters from there. On our best ad-blockers page, our experts examine both of these in more detail.

We heartily suggest Firefox Focus, an open-source web browser that prioritizes privacy for users of both iPhones and Android devices. The main function of this app is to block tracking, but it also has the side effect of blocking a lot of advertisements. Both iOS and Android phones can use it. Use Firefox's regular browser app with an uBlock Origin extension for the best ad-free browsing experience if you're an Android user and want to continue using your old Firefox browsing app.

Android users also have the choice of using the 'Adblock Browser' app that is produced by Adblock Plus, which also produces a widely used Chrome adblocking extension.

5. Use a VPN to Block Ads

Services for virtual private networks, or VPNs, build an encrypted tunnel from your computer to a distant server. This can be used to block advertisements in addition to being a great way to conceal your true location and make sure your ISP is unaware of your online activities.

It is not worth it to get a premium VPN service just for the purpose of blocking ads. For the same purpose, there are much more practical alternatives. However, if you also want to hide your IP address, protect your privacy, and stop websites from tracking your online activities, then getting a VPN is a smart move.

By hiding your location and spending patterns with a VPN, you provide very little data for advertising algorithms to work with. Since advertisements are unable to precisely target you, this is typically sufficient to completely stop them.

Some VPNs with good adblocking capabilities are:





6. Use a YouTube Downloader App or Website

Photo Online tech tips
Photo Online tech tips

Avoiding YouTube videos altogether is one way to stay away from advertisements on the platform. YouTube video streams can be "ripped" by a variety of websites and online apps, which then download the files to local storage. After that, you won't have to worry about any advertising when you watch these videos at your leisure.

Certain apps, like 4K Video Downloader, can download playlists and channel content in bulk as well as automatically download videos from channels you subscribe to. However, it is against the terms of service of the company to download videos like this one from YouTube.

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