How To Style The Butterfly Haircut With Long Hair
How To Style The Butterfly Haircut With Long Hair
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What is the butterfly haircut - hottest hair trend today

A "butterfly haircut" is a haircut that gives the illusion of short hair.

A haircut named after the butterfly can only be beautiful! But that’s not the only reason why we’re opting for the new trend hairstyle: “Butterfly Hair” combines the advantages of long hair with those of a bob. We’ll show you what defines the look and which stars are our style role models.

The butterfly haircut looks super elegant when worn open because the different layers give long hair movement, fresh swing, and lots of volumes.

This is a layering haircut, which is characterized by many sophisticated steps on the top of the head, the shortest part plays around the chin. The lengths - which can reach up to the chest - are gently graded to create a harmonious overall look.

The butterfly cut is a very layered, feathery haircut that’s longest layers fall just below the shoulder. Shorter layers are cut around the crown of your head to create the illusion of having shorter strands. The shortest top layer falls about two to three inches below your chin.

The purpose of this is so that the top layer can be separated from the bottom and easily pinned under to look like a short haircut.

Unlike the wolf cut and octopus hairstyles, the butterfly cut consists of shorter layers on top, blended into a series of longer layers to deliver movement and texture. The style is often referred to as a two-in-one haircut: the shorter, bob-length top layers create a whole new shape when the hair is tied back, giving the appearance of a shorter cut from the front.

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Who is the butterfly haircut best for?

How To Style The Butterfly Haircut - Easily Fake Short Hair
The butterfly cut consists of shorter layers on top, blended into a series of longer layers to deliver movement and texture. The style is often referred to as a two-in-one haircut: the shorter, bob-length top layers create a whole new shape when the hair is tied back, giving the appearance of a shorter cut from the front.

The butterfly cut if you’re obsessed with short haircuts like bobs and lobs but the idea of a major chop terrifies you. However, anyone can try this cut, but it’s best for wavy or curly hair.

Butterfly haircuts look best on waves and curls because the layers are blended to complement your natural hair pattern, making styling low-maintenance.

One hairstyle – two looks

If you’ve always wanted to test the advantages of a short hairstyle and still can’t say goodbye to your long hair, this hairstyle is perfect for you.

Only individual strands are cut shorter at the top of the head and frame the face with them. In this way, the hair is divided into layers, which creates the effect that there are two different hairstyles.

With the butterfly haircut, an illusion is created that optically gives your hair two lengths. So you can wear them in a braid and from the front it looks like you have shorter hair and are wearing a bob. Like a colorful butterfly, this hairstyle also offers different looks and thus enables individual changes. Thanks to the layers, the hair gets an extra portion of volume and appears particularly powerful. The haircut also gives Jennifer Lopez’s flowing mane more fullness and makes it look even more lively.

The look is perfect for round faces in particular, as it flatters and supports the facial features. The trend works best with wavy or curly hair, as this supports the style. This will add texture to the hairdo and use a blow dryer or curling iron to set the hair in place. For a natural and trendy undone look, the hair can also simply be air-dried. This hairstyle is not only a great trend, but also not so demanding in terms of styling.

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How To Style The Butterfly Haircut

How To Style The Butterfly Haircut - Easily Fake Short Hair
Butterfly Haircut: The trend hairstyle for everyone who loves variety

Would you like to try something new and give your mane the coolness of short hair without losing length? Then you are exactly right with the butterfly haircut.

With the Butterfly Haircut, the steps are cut in such a way that the top hair and the lengths can be divided into two parts. The lengths can then be pinned up in the neck with bobby pins and "hidden" under the steps of the top hair. Et voilà - it already looks like you're only wearing your hair shoulder length. So it's ideal for testing a short length of hair and getting used to it before actually using the professional scissors.

Because most haircuts, which are now considered to be particularly popular, at most play around the shoulders and thus reflect the ongoing megatrend towards short hair. But as modern as these hairstyles are, it is not always easy to say goodbye to several centimeters of hair. Especially when you have let it grow over the years. The new hairstyle trend Butterfly Haircut is just right: This is ideal for everyone who tries short hair, but still doesn't want to risk too much...

While short hair is chic and on-trend, it’s also intimidating to snip all your inches off if you’re used to having a longer length. If you want to try short hair without committing to a full-on chop, you might want to ask your stylist for a butterfly haircut.

Want to easily fake short hair with a butterfly haircut?

Here’s how to do it: Start with dry, freshly washed hair, leaving your hair in its natural state. If you want to add a bit more texture to natural waves or amp up pin-straight hair, apply a few spritzes of texturizing spray like throughout your hair. For curly girls, prep your mane with a curl-enhancing formula.

Next, separate the top layer of your hair from the bottom and hold this section at the top of your head with a clip. Next, tuck and pin the hair from the bottom layer of hair underneath. Release the top layers from the clip to reveal a faux short haircut.

Flip your hair to the side for added height or down the middle with an ear tuck.

Complete the look with a few spritzes of hairspray.

4 Easy Steps to Style Butterfly Haircut

There are multiple methods to create distressed locs. Some prefer to use pre-looped distressed crochet hair to insert the locs into cornrows, but for a more natural look, we recommend following the steps described below.

Step #1: Wash and condition your hair

It can be tempting to skip washing your hair before creating your protective hairstyle, but remember: this is your last chance to care for and treat your hair before you put it away for a while. Your tresses will thank you for this TLC moment when you take your butterfly locs down later on and reveal healthy hair.

Step #2: Braid your natural hair

Part your hair based on your desired size for your locs and weave your natural hair into single braids. Make sure that your parts are neat in order to give your style a more defined look.

It’s also important for your hair to be nice and moisturized. As you’re braiding, use a product like Hair Milk Nourishing & Conditioning Shine Pudding to keep hair strong and healthy throughout the life of the style. For those with thinner or shorter hair (or if you just want a fuller look), this is also the point where you can add marley braiding hair for more length and thickness.

Step #3: Wrap your hair

Whether you’re a seasoned braider or new to doing your own protective styles, butterfly locs are relatively DIY-friendly. You can use a crochet needle to insert the water wave hair at the root of your braid, or you can start braiding the water wave hair at the root of your natural braid, and then wrap over it. Whichever way you begin, be sure to run your fingers through the water wave hair to fluff it for a more natural look.

Wrap firmly at first, and then wrap more loosely in order to get the relaxed butterfly hair look. As you continue to wrap down the length of your hair, wrap over your thumb in no particular pattern to create the disheveled loops. For a fluffier butterfly locs hairstyle, create more loops.

Step #4: Seal the butterfly locs

When you’ve reached your desired loc length, you can seal the loc by looping the hair up around your finger, as if you were going to create a knot. If your locs are much longer than your natural hair, you can secure this loop with nail glue and cut off the excess hair, or you can simply continue to wrap the hair up the loc to secure it.

How to Maintain and Wash Butterfly Haircut

Maintaining butterfly haircut is similar to how you would maintain other protective styles.

When wearing a protective style, or even your natural hair, it’s always best to protect your hair overnight with a scarf or bonnet. This will ensure that you don’t have to remove your locs prematurely because of frizz. Satin pillowcases are also a great way to preserve your style.

technically you can shampoo your hair when wearing butterfly locs, but since your hair is wrapped up underneath the braiding hair and water wave hair, don’t get your hopes up for squeaky-clean strands. What you can focus on instead is getting your scalp clean.

Part your hair into sections and apply the non-stripping Wash Day Delight Shampoo directly to your scalp. Be gentle and rinse directly at the scalp, avoiding drenching your locs more than necessary. Remember, there are layers of hair here, so it will take your hair a while to dry. The more gentle you are, the longer your butterfly locs will last.

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