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Vacation is an ideal time for rest and relaxation. If you plan to travel wherever you want to go, remember to lock down your loot and guard your identity when you travel abroad with these helpful tips on how to protect yourself. Just read this article to find how to protect yourself & your belongings while travelling.

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Hidden your money by using a dummy wallet to protect yourself

One of the most concerning problems when travelling is how to keep money safe. According to the way.com, no matter where you travel, there is a high chance you’ll run into those dishonest types of people. Purchase a dummy wallet and it doesn’t hurt to add in a suitably offensive note and a very, very disturbing picture of your choosing. This way, if someone does pickpocket you, at least you’d feel a bit better with a laugh or two about their surprise gift. Once you start travelling, hide your real wallet somewhere on your person to ensure you do not lose your identification and the majority of your money.

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Use Credit Cards Wisely

So you can use a credit card instead of using cash but never use a debit card abroad. Suggest from wisebread.com shows that if it gets stolen, your funds can get depleted and it will take time for the bank to release the funds if they decide you weren't responsible. Trying to settle these types of matters while you're on vacation abroad is definitely not ideal.

Credit cards can be helpful when used in safe environments and can be a better alternative to carrying cash around. It's better to lose a credit card than cash. Credit card companies typically don't hold you accountable for fraudulent charges, as long as you report it quickly. Keep track of your cards carefully so you know if you've lost one, and set up alerts to notify you of purchases so you can see right away if someone has stolen your card information.

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Use Caution When Taking Taxis

Taxis and nefarious taxi drivers can cause unnecessary trouble if you don't keep your wits about you. Schenck advises to write down the cab number before you get in for reference if you accidentally leave something behind. When exiting a cab, if you have luggage in the trunk, do not get out of the cab until the driver does; they've been known to high-tail out of there with your valuable belongings in tow. And never ask a taxi to wait while you go to the ATM if you leave stuff in the cab. "One friend lost her laptop that way," Schenck says.

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Get a portable phone charger

If you are someone who enjoys backpacking your way through countries or spending most of your trip out of the hotel room, getting a portable phone charger could be a game-changer for you. While travelling, you may not be able to get to an area where you can charge your phone and other electronic devices. A dead cell phone could be detrimental since our phones tend to be our source of all information. There are many different brands and types of portable chargers, but one of my favourites has a solar panel. This way, you have more than one way of ensuring your mobile device never dies, reducing the chances of leaving you stranded.

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Use Common Sense

Don't travel to areas that aren't policed, stay out of dark alleys, and don't go anywhere with anybody you don't know. Don't drink so much when you're in unfamiliar territory either. It makes you do stupid things and make poor decisions, and you become a sitting duck for criminals. Your mom totally would've told you so.

While it is understandable that we often get engrossed in planning for our long-awaited and much-deserved vacation, we shouldn’t neglect the safety aspect of our personal belongings. So hopefully, this article partially helps you keep your own trips safe.
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