Useful tips for how to prepare the perfect pinic

Nothing quite says summer like a picnic! It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a romantic picnic for two or planning a fun-filled outing for the entire family, picnics are a wonderful and inexpensive way to enjoy the summer weather with family and friends. The key to a successful picnic is a little bit of planning and creativity. The best part about planning a picnic is that it can be as simple or as extravagant as you wish. Keep reading for these simple but effective tips that will make your next picnic the best one yet, according to Southshorefinelinens.

1. Pick the right spot.

Look for somewhere scenic and idyllic, lush and grassy, and with plenty of natural shade. Aim to set up under a tree to make sure you can utilize the shade in case it gets too hot, and make sure that there's plenty of surrounding space for children to run around. And if it's raining on your intended picnic date? Set up indoors! Picnicking is a state of mind, Countryliving suggested.

2. Pick the right blanket.

Useful tips for how to prepare the perfect pinic

Choose a blanket that will provide enough cushioning, but that's also machine-washable in case of grass stains (or food spills!). This gingham "bearskin" rug is a cheeky, easy-to-clean waterproof option.

3. Packing your hamper

Read our pick of the best picnic kit and stow away your spread in style. Choose your equipment carefully – nothing dampens spirits more than a leaky cool box. Before you set off, check your Tupperware is shut tight, and wrap any particularly pungent items in a plastic bag. If it’s a scorching summer’s day, then a cool box ill come in super handy for keeping your picnic goods chilled.

Plastic cups or bottles are best for little ones to avoid breakages. If you’re bringing wine glasses for the grown-ups, consider packing a lightweight tray to perch them on during pouring and between sips, and if you’re sampling cork-sealed wine, don’t forget the bottle opener!

4. Add a dash of activity.

To work up an appetite, incorporate physical activity into your day in the great outdoors. A study published in The American Journal of Medicine found that, for most Americans, physical activity can protect against weight gain. It also lowers the health-related risks associated with obesity and abdominal obesity. Toss a Frisbee, throw a football, or play a rousing game of bocce. It’s fun and good for you, Foodinsight said.

5. Storage tips

Useful tips for how to prepare the perfect pinic

Miriam’s top tip to avoid soggy salads and sandwiches is to keep components such as dressings, fillings and optional extras stored away in separate containers (chilled if necessary) until they’re needed. Add ingredients like goat’s cheese or pre-chopped fruit to your dessert at the last minute, and serve up with confidence.

6. Picnic centrepiece

Make picnic prep more simple by preparing a main dish ahead which can be easily divided. This showstopping chicken, ham and asparagus picnic pie is well worth the effort and will have everyone requesting second slices. For a veggie option, this vibrant, multi-layered rainbow picnic pie is bursting with colourful veg combined with eggs and feta, Bbcgoodfood shared.

7. Remember to clean up after yourself.

Useful tips for how to prepare the perfect pinic
Don't forget to bring along a few garbage bags so that you can leave your picnic area as clean and litter-free as you found it. Eco-friendly picnic supplies, like the compostable plates, cups and napkins from Susty Party, will make your picnicking an even greener affair.

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