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Food is something that everyone wants. And with the advancement in technology, it is now easy to book food online. But visiting a restaurant to have food with your loved one gives an amazing feeling. These apps will help you find the most suitable ones for yourself and your loved ones.

Top 9 Best Apps To Find Restaurants in USA and Canada


Photo Yelp
Photo Yelp

Yelp is a website and mobile app combo that focuses on gathering reviews for various businesses, 25% of which are restaurants. Yelp prioritizes user reviews and comments. You can customize your experience on Yelp in a variety of ways, including by checking in, leaving a tip, uploading a photo, writing a review, and bookmarking a place. Yelp's restaurant profiles include helpful details like wheelchair accessibility, noise level, and parking availability, just like other apps on our list.

Yelp is an additional gamification app that gives users points for contacting friends and checking into places. Check in frequently at one place to become a Regular; climb the list to the top to become Duke. See our article How Yelp Works for more information on this and other Yelp features.

2. Urbanspoon

How To Find the Nearest Restaurants in USA & Canada by Apps
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The search for restaurants has changed thanks to Urbanspoon. You can spin through your options in a digital slot machine to get a random restaurant recommendation by simply shaking your phone. The shaking makes use of the accelerometer in your smartphone, but if waving your phone around in public makes you feel uncomfortable, you can also just tap the Spin button on the screen. BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone users can download Urbanspoon for free.

You can scroll the slot machine wheels to a specific preference and then lock in those selections before you spin to narrow the recommendations. If you don't want to hear the virtual slot machine every time you make a selection, you can also turn off the sound. Continue spinning until a suggestion you like appears. Then, click that suggestion to find out more information about the restaurant.

Restaurant details on Urbanspoon include hours of operation, pictures, and reviews. You can vote for or against a restaurant and check to see how other users feel about it. In addition, Urbanspoon offers quick links to the restaurant's phone number and map location.

If you don't like the slot machine method, you can browse restaurants using different categories or look at a list of Urbanspoon listings close to where you are right now. Additionally, Urbanspoon offers options for connecting with friends who are also using the app and uploading your own photos for a restaurant.

Although Urbanspoon is entertaining to use, the following app completely gamifies restaurant search.

3. LocalEats

Photo localeats
Photo localeats

Not all restaurants are listed on LocalEats. Instead, it focuses on the best options, with editors determining what should be recommended by looking at reviews from publications like magazines, newspapers, and dining websites. You don't have to navigate the bad restaurants in order to reach the good ones thanks to its curated list format. Instead of including national chains, the app focuses on local eateries. You should be well taken care of here because it is one of the Top 100 picks for the city.

The most notable features of Local Eats are:

-> 100% curated listings

-> Saves your favorite restaurants

-> No national chain restaurants are included

-> Offers dining deals and specials

-> Display maps and directions to your dining destinations

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4. Zagat

Since 1979, the Zagat Survey has gathered opinions from customers around the world about bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Zagat guides in print were a dependable resource for locating a fantastic restaurant, especially for those who travel, long before any of the other apps on this list. By creating its own mobile apps for the iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Palm, and BlackBerry, Zagat stayed up to date when tourists began to rely more on smartphones than guidebooks.

The Zagat app features four different business categories, including restaurants. The Zagat app can be used to research hotels, stores, and nightlife. Zagat uses GPS to localize the search to your area, and its advanced search lets you use key words to hone in on specific results. You can use the app to submit your own reviews in addition to finding businesses and reading Zagat review data.

Zagat costs more than the other apps on our list because of the survey experience it has in its history. Zagat is a service that you can subscribe to for $9.99 per year. You should take note that using the app allows you to access the most recent Zagat data for a lot less money than you would if you purchased each updated guide separately. For about $16 at retail, a single printed Zagat restaurant guide for a single city is available, but there is no way to instantly add your own reviews.

5. DiningGrades

DiningGrades is a useful app to check before making a reservation because it assigns ratings to restaurants based on perhaps the most crucial aspect: cleanliness. The app makes it simple to browse through user-provided comments and a scoring system to ensure that the restaurant you want to visit is both tasty and clean. It's a simple but crucial step that will help you avoid feeling lousy the next morning.

Other high-rated restaurant apps in the US

Open Table - You can discover and reserve the table in the restaurant for free of cost. Also, you get some rewards related to the dining credits that work out in major tourist destinations.

Trip Advisor - This is the best restaurant app that every foodie should have in their arsenal. You can know everything through these applications & travel better. Also, you can follow friends and travel experts for personalized advice.

Panera Bread - It is the best fast food application for ordering healthy food such as Cuban Panini, Bacon Mac & Cheese, Plant-based, protein-rich, and nutrient-based diet that can be made as a part of your season.

Chick-fil-A - You can sign up for free and avail of their membership program. Distinct awards can be availed such as ice cream or sandwiches. Different members have different benefits and you can avail yourself of those points as well to be part of the silver or gold membership.

TheFork - The restaurant reservation app company has around 50 employees and the firm ranks on the third number in the list because it dominates the Australian market as the headquarter is based in Sydney, New South Wales.

FourSquare - This is another popular option for restaurants, cuisines, or several other businesses that provides out the breakfast, lunch, and dinner in some specific categories. Also, the swarm account can be integrated with it.

Seamless - It is one of the most popular food ordering apps in the USA founded in 1999 that has features exclusively different for customer app, restaurant app, and the driver application. The app has more than 1 million downloads.

Barzz - It is the best restaurant app having 100K+ bars especially in the nightlife authority. It is the most comprehensive source for finding the bars and restaurants at a nearby location. The app has more detailed venues in comparison to Google, Yelp & FourSquare.

GrubHub - The best food delivery app is available for both iOS and Android framework in which you need to simply enter the location & the app will showcase the restaurants nearby to your area. Also, you can search by typing the cuisines such as fast food and others.

Groupon - It is an application to save money on dining out where you have to pay the amount in advance & receive the wine tasting. Also, specific food items can be added as a taste to your bill amount just like distinct offers of around 30% off.

6. Dining in Downtown Canada

Over 200 restaurants in significant Canadian cities are listed in Eat Canada: Dining in Downtown Canada. This app is centered on the recommendations and reviews of restaurants from 10 of the most renowned food critics in Canada, including John Gilchrist from Calgary and James Chatto from Toronto. You can be sure that you are reading reviews from a local expert because each reviewer has carefully chosen restaurants, coffee shops, and bars that are unique to his or her city. Booking is simple thanks to links to OpenTable and restaurant hours. The app has helpful add-ons like the capacity to save your own notes and check off restaurants you've been to.

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7. GoMeals

This no-cost app serves as a calorie counter. To view a list of restaurants and fast food outlets nearby after installing this popular restaurant app, go to the restaurant tab in GoMeal. The best feature of this app is how it displays the menus of particular restaurants along with the nutritional information for the items on the menu.

You must be aware of the growing level of competition if you own a restaurant. To succeed in your restaurant franchise business, you must steer clear of all red flags and keep an eye out for important factors.

8. iRestaurant

How To Find the Nearest Restaurants in USA & Canada by Apps
Photo iRestaurant

One of the top restaurant check-in apps is iRestaurant, which searches for the best dining establishments nearby. You can get a list of restaurants close to you by simply choosing the type of restaurant you're looking for. This application is very small and has a few related features. However, it functions as one of the top local restaurant locator apps.

9. MoodFood

This Canadian-made app provides a distinctive perspective on the "food app" subgenre. The app, which is powered by Yellowpages, aids users in choosing nearby restaurants based on their mood. The app suggests nearby restaurants based on the color that the user selects to represent their mood. Though the reasoning behind the color pairings is a little hazy (at the time I was writing this article, I selected blue because I was bummed out to be stuck inside writing instead of having fun; the app suggested a hookah lounge), mood food offers a fun way to find out about new eateries in the area.

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