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What is Nes of PUBG Mobile 1.1 update?

New Changes of PUBG Mobile Update Latest

PUBG Mobile in-game servers will not be taken offline for maintenance, and the update will be pushed directly to the app stores.

PUBG Corporation has announced the arrival of patch 1.1, and this update brings with it a slew of changes, including a new Metro-themed crossover that offers a brand new game mode called Metro Royale. Players can also expect a new underground world to explore as well as Metro-themed rewards when season sixteen launches later this month. Of course, new maps, new gear, and tons of bug fixes are also included with today's free update to version 1.1, which I'll detail after the break.

This new game mode also introduces several new items to PUBG Mobile like Night Vision Goggles, Grenade Launcher, and more.

Apart from players, the maps will be infested with various sorts of creatures who’ll attack the players but can be killed. Medikits and other supplies are chosen by the players before the game starts. If a player is successfully able to reach the extraction point, they will keep the items received in the game that can be used in future games. Eliminated players lose all their supplies.

How to download Pubg Mobile 1.1 Version?

Pubg 1.1 Update Download - how to download pubg mobile 1.1 update? PUBG Corporation has come up with Pubg 1.1 Update along with a Metro Royale theme mode.

You can downloaded Latest Version from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

*Link to Download PUBG MOBILE India and Global Version CLICK HERE

PUBG Mobile 1.1 update: More New Changes and How to Download
Download Pubg Mobile 1.1 Version

Pubg Metro Royale Download: Metro-themed underground mode is not that much new. Centered on Erangel, an equippable M203 grenade launcher, as well as a thermal sight, night vision camera, and heavy armour, players can also expect two new maps. Of course, the most critical addition is the latest survival-focused Metro Royale game mode, much like the Metro games that inspired today's themed patch.

If you have the game already on your device then update to Pubg Mobile 1.1 Version. If that doesn’t drop you into version 1.1, heading into your device’s app store of choice should do the trick. Check for updates through there and the download should begin.

But as the game is banned in India players from the country cannot download Pubg Mobile 1.1 Update. You can find the APK on our sister site APK Mirror (the OBB is needed, but if you've installed PUBG Mobile on your device at least once, the OBB files will automatically download). If you’re using an outside APK, look around your usual repositories for the new client.

General Combat Improvements

Various changes have been made to the Buggy vehicle, vehicle UI, and individual weapon settings.

  • Improved the usability of the Buggy and reduced the chance of rear wheels becoming slippery.
  • While in a vehicle, everyone’s currently equipped weapon type will be displayed.
  • Improved the reloading animation of the DP-28.
  • Increased max Gyroscope sensitivity to 400
  • Added Win94 sight sensitivity settings to the settings interface
  • Slightly reduced the time between throws
  • Grenade explosion markers are now different to gunshot markers
  • “Supplies” and “Enemy” markers now display on the mini-map
  • Health recovered through consecutive Bandages should now display properly.
  • Improved color accuracy of crosshairs on 2x and 3x scopes.
  • Improved the accuracy of materials used for the Holographic Sights model.
  • Buttons can now be made fully transparent
  • Vehicle UI can now be customized
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to get stuck in the ground at Paradise (Sanhok).
  • Improved collision detection that sometimes allowed players to move through walls.

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