Before cleaning your paintbrushes, it is worth preparing some needed materials and tools:

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Materials and tools

– Newspapers

– Mineral spirits

– Turpentine

– Mild liquid dish soap

– Small plastic buckets

– Paintbrush and roller spinner

– Rags

Acrylic paint takes extra attention because it dries so quickly. You don't want to leave your brushes out of the water for long with paint on them because the paint will dry on the bristles, and once acrylic paint is dry it is water-resistant.

However, you also don't want to leave a brush standing too long in water for it will ruin the brush. It is best to use a shallow tray to keep the bristles wet when you're not using the brush while painting, letting the handles rest on the rim of the tray; this will help keep the lacquer paint on the handle from getting wet and eventually flaking off.

Tips and Particulars Regarding Specific

Here are some tips collected from the you should know:

Always use separate brushes for oil painting and water-based medium; after all, oil repels water. It is not recommended to use a brush for acrylic that you have already used for oil.

Also use separate brushes for varnish, gesso, and masking fluid. Masking fluid is particularly hard on brushes so use cheap synthetic brushes when applying it.

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Best Tips to clean Paint Brushes

And this is the right way to clean Paint Brushes, which is collected from

Use up what paint remains on your brush on whatever you are painting.

Press the bristles against the inside of the paint can, and lift it up and out as you do—that will squeeze out more paint. Paint away the rest on newspapers, because cleaning a brush is made easier if you remove as much of the paint from its bristles as possible.

Next, examine the can of paint, and use the appropriate sol­vent.

The right solvent makes the job easy by loosening dried paint, but the wrong one will probably be no help at all. Fill a small bucket with one of the following depending on the type of paint you’ve used:

Mineral spirits or turpentine to remove oil-based paint

Hot water and mild liquid dish soap to clean paint brushes that have been used to apply latex paint

Immerse the paintbrush in the solvent.

Stir the solvent with the brush for about 10 seconds, wiping and squeezing the bristles on the sides of the container. Work the bristles between your fingers, and run a brush comb through them to remove excess paint without damaging the bristles. If some of the paint has begun to dry on the brush, soaking the brush may be necessary.

Wash it in warm soapy water in a utility sink or bucket.

Once the paint has been removed from the brush, warm soapy water will clean the brush of the sol­vent and remaining paint.

Shake or spin the paintbrushes dry.

Before you store your paintbrushes, you’ll want to remove all of the water from their bristles. Many DIYers will do so by shaking the brush at the top of a bucket and then blotting the brush dry with a clean rag or news­paper.

But, for those that have plans to do a lot of painting and wish to preserve their tools, a brush and roller spinner will come in handy. This dual-purpose tool will speed-dry either type of paint applicators using centrifugal force. Just attach a paintbrush to the bottom of the tool, then pump the top several times to spin it and fling all water off the business end of the brush.

When storing paintbrushes, hang them up or lay them flat.

Hanging paint tools from a pegboard in your workshop or craft room is not only a great organizational method, but it ensures that the brush’s bristles don’t get bent out of shape stuffed in a bin somewhere. Replace the packaging on your paintbrush to maintain its form and prolong its useful lifespan.

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