How To Clean and Purify Air in Your House By Salt - Natural Air Purifier Hacks
How To Clean and Purify Air in Your House By Salt - Natural Air Purifier Hacks

On average, each day, each of us consumes about 1.3 kg of food, and 1.2 kg of water, breathes 18 kg of air and spends 65-90% of our activities indoors. Therefore, cleaning the air is an effective way to prevent harmful agents from affecting health, especially the respiratory system.

Studies have linked poor outdoor air quality with a greater risk of lung cancer, stroke, and heart disease. In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also said that the air inside the home is more likely to be polluted than outside.

Along with that, we can also list the causes of pollution inside our living space:

• Dirt brought from outside into the house.

• Domestic waste, household appliances, construction materials,...

• Household appliance waste in the home is also potentially dangerous.

• Pet hair

Therefore, we cannot underestimate the impact of airflow in a closed room and it is necessary to have an effective indoor air cleaning solution to ensure the health and safety of the whole family. Check out some tips to improve air quality without using chemicals!

How To Clean and Purify Air in Your House By Salt

According to expert Astrea Taylor, putting salt in the house can cause them to emit ions and kill bacteria, so it is like an air purifier, helping your room clean, fresh air.

Salt also has antiseptic properties, putting salt in the bedroom can partly make people improve their mood, easier to fall asleep and sleep better. In addition, when in a clean environment, asthma and allergies will be somewhat reduced, and lung function and immune system, etc. will also be improved.

In terms of feng shui, placing salt in the bedroom will help recharge the room, fight negative energy, drive away evil spirits and bring good luck to the homeowner. If you wish for fortune, put a glass of salt water in the corner of the house in the direction of Fortune (Southeast direction), if you want to improve health, put it in Gia Dao (East direction). Salt crystals combined with salt bring high effects in feng shui. If you add metal coins, it will create reactions that help cleanse and dissipate negative energy even better.

To put a glass of salt water in the bedroom, fill the glass with salt ¾ full, and then place 6 coins in a circle. The coin must be placed on the salt, the positive side of the coin facing up. Next, slowly add water, place a glass of salt water on a cloth and place it on the nightstand.

Note, that when placing a glass of salt water in the room, you should not cover the mouth of the glass. It is advisable to place a glass of salt water in places exposed to the air, avoiding enclosed spaces such as cabinets, cabinets, etc.

In addition, you should keep that glass of salt water in the same place for a year, avoiding moving or touching it because if moved, the accumulation of energy into the glass of salt water will be broken.

When you have completed the purpose of absorbing negative energy into the glass of water, throw the water away.

Change the salt every 2 months.

In addition to placing a glass of salt water in the house, you can also sprinkle salt around the house to ward off evil spirits.

In particular, before moving into a new place, sprinkle salt into each room, especially the corner of the house to absorb the energy of the previous owner. After 1 day, sweep them away and go about your life as usual.

Uses of salt in feng shui

Photo: fengshuiwithme
Photo: fengshuiwithme

♦ Attract prosperity and improve health

Feng shui experts say, you should put the bowl of salt in the corner of the house, southeast direction (fortune) if you want the family's money to be abundant. If you want to improve the health of the whole family, you should put salt in the East. Every 2 months change the bowl of salt.

♦ Clean living space

You use salt water to clean the floor and then you can light incense.

With the effect of salt, it will help "recharge new life" for the indoor environment, making the space clean to welcome positive energy to your home or office.

♦ Attract wealth

Place the feng shui salt bowl in places with bad energy. By absorbing negative energy, salt water improves the prosperity of the home and certain areas of life.

Do not cover the mouth of the bowl. Leave the bowl of brine in the same place for a year, avoiding moving or touching. If shifted, the negative energy accumulation in the water bowl can be broken. When you have completed the purpose of absorbing negative energy in the house into the bowl of water, throw that bowl away.

♦ Fights negative energy, brings good luck

Salt water healing feng shui is a popular feng shui method to neutralize the potential negative effects of annual bad stars in a home or office.

Because of the effect of salt, there is a folk saying "buy salt at the beginning of the year, buy lime at the end of the year" to talk about the customs and habits of Vietnamese people in the new year. The ancients believed that salt was salty, anti-unclean, warded off evil spirits, and brought good luck in the family.

Other Natural Air Purifier Hacks and Tips Without Using Chemicals

1. Using lemon

Photo: queenofmaids
Photo: queenofmaids

What many people may not know is that citrus fruits have various antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, so they have the strongest germ-clearing abilities. Lemons also have bleaching properties because they contain acids. You can use lemon juice to clean microwaves, ovens, pots, and even wooden cutting boards. In addition, lemon also helps to effectively deodorize. Mix lemon juice with water and spray it into the air for a natural home fragrance.

2. White Vinegar

According to Webmd, white vinegar is a natural disinfectant and has many uses in home cleaning. Because of its acidity, white vinegar works to remove buildup, rust, and clots. You can use vinegar mixed with water to make a cleaning solution. White vinegar also eliminates mold and odors in the home.

3. Tea

You can use tea to polish wooden items in your home. Rubbing a cloth dipped in cooled tea will help keep the furniture shiny. It can also help deodorize and clean the toilet. In addition, placing a few green tea leaves in the refrigerator can eliminate odors easily.

4. Growing plants in the house

A great air quality improvement solution for every home. You can plant it on the balcony, place it in the living room or decorate your desk with a pretty pot.

A few types of indoor air-purifying plants are suggested: Ivy, Daisies, Chrysanthemums, Ornamental Palms,...

They not only have the effect of toxins existing in the air, releasing oxygen at night to give you a good night's sleep, ... but also a way to bring more vitality into the house.

4. Use essential oils to clean the air in your home

Many essential oils such as cajeput oil, menthol, etc. have antibacterial properties, but did you know these oils can also reduce bacteria in the air? You can use an essential oil diffuser to steam your home, which will promote many useful effects.

Besides, there are many more excellent options, such as essential oils like eucalyptus, clove and lavender that have been shown to help reduce the number of dust mites in your home.

The scent of essential oils is pleasant, spreading to help reduce stress, living space becomes relaxed, and easy to sleep.

5. Beeswax candle

In the air there is a lot of dust, fine dust that we cannot see with the naked eye and also other chemicals. The good news, however, is that you can use beeswax candles to neutralize these toxic compounds.

The advantage of pure beeswax candles is that it is odorless and almost smokeless, which will be suitable even for families with members who are prone to nose allergies. However, when using beeswax candles to clean the indoor air, you also need to note the following 2 points:

• First, avoid candles containing paraffin derived from petroleum.

• Second, be careful when lighting candles, stay away from flammable objects. You can also research LED candles for replacement and fire avoidance.

6. Always keep your pet clean

Pet owners know that pet hair, skin cells, or parasitic insects - are found almost everywhere. If you have a sensitive nose, you may be allergic to these in the long run. Regularly vacuum floors, pet nooks and furniture to clean them!


In addition to the above tips for cleaning the indoor air, there are many other ways to help you reduce air pollution and harmful substances: using activated carbon, limiting harmful cleaning chemicals in the house, etc. One or more ways can be applied to ensure the best home air quality. Good luck and don't forget to follow KnowInsiders for more great knowledge and tips!

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