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Airlines recommend that travelers personalize their luggage by attaching a name tag containing their name and phone number to the suitcase for ease of identification.

At the check-in desk, passengers can also receive complimentary name tags from the airline. Airlines also point out that travelers can identify their luggage from a distance by attaching a clearly identifiable tag to the outside of their bags.

Here are 11 suggestions for preventing misplaced bags at airports.

1. Checked luggage: No valuable items

Don't put your precious belongings in your checked bag. Keep your valuables in your carry-on to reduce the likelihood of them getting lost.

We have already mentioned that traveling with only carry-on items is the best way to prevent lost luggage, but if you must check a bag, please don't overpack. While it may be tempting to cram as much as possible into your suitcase or bag, remember that if it is too full to close before the baggage handlers take it, it probably won't make it through the trip intact.

What should I carry on airplanes?

When traveling, it's best to bring only the bare necessities in carry-on luggage. Even if their suitcase is lost in transit, at least they have the essentials with them. Portable items including wallets, vouchers, important documents, electronics, charging cords, power banks should be carry-on.

2. Name tag

Photo Travel Leisure
Photo Travel Leisure

Put your name, phone number, address, and flight number on the outside and inside of your suitcase to clearly identify it.

This facilitates luggage retrieval and makes it simpler for employees to get in touch with travelers in the event of a loss.

Make your bag stand out

Not only will an eye-catching case help you find your luggage more quickly when you get there, but it will also make it easier for airport staff to identify it in the event that it gets lost during transit. A colorful new suitcase is a great solution, but there are less expensive options as well, like a colored luggage strap. Basic colored suitcases, like black, white, gray, etc., are more likely to be mishandled due to their frequent use.

3. Take a photo of your suitcase

In order to facilitate the airport staff's search in the event that your luggage is lost, take a picture of it. The picture might be useful if you are asked to describe it in the event that it disappears. In order to ensure that you know exactly what you've lost in the event that you need to file a claim, some insurance companies also advise snapping a picture of your luggage's contents before you leave.

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4. Early check-in

Checking in early will give you more time to review everything and make it easier for staff to assist you if there are any issues with your luggage or the procedures.

It stands to reason that there is a greater likelihood that your bag will be the one left behind if you check in the last for your flight.

Send your luggage ahead

Specialist luggage transport services like Luggage Forward, Send My Bag, and ShipGo allow you to send your luggage to your destination ahead of time when arriving without it is a must. These services are especially helpful for items like wedding dresses and snowboards that are too big to fit in a carry-on.

5. Remove old name tags

Remember to take off the old luggage stickers and replace them with your contact information so that staff members can get in touch with you in the event that your luggage goes missing.

You should take off all labels and tags from your luggage from prior travels before heading to the airport. Airport baggage scanners are easily confused by residual old data. Instead of pasting them all over your suitcase, save this label in a different notebook if you want to keep it as a memento.

6. Try on plastic wrap over your suitcase

Photo Telegraph
Photo Telegraph

In addition, it makes your suitcase stand out and be more easily recognized during transportation and on the runway. It's a great way to prevent luggage loss. The suitcase is protected from scratches and theft by the plastic wrap. If thieves wish to hook items in your suitcase, it will take a long time.

There is always a service to wrap plastic bags for checked baggage at the airport. But if you want to save even more money, you could use food wrap after applying duct tape several times at home. There are many different kinds of cling films with exquisite materials and designs available on the market right now.

7. Don't bring too many pieces of luggage

Some people make it a habit to pack their belongings into various kinds of suitcases. This is wholly superfluous. Because your chances of losing your luggage increase with the number of pieces you carry. Try to fit all of your belongings into one or two suitcases, then. You'll find it easier to move and organize your belongings as a result.

8. Buy baggage insurance

You can purchase baggage insurance at check-in counter. With a prepaid fee, visitors will be compensated for damage, risks caused by fire and explosion, loss of baggage or any transportation incident.

9. Find the right carousel

Photo Newsweek
Photo Newsweek

Passengers who have checked their bags will go to the conveyor belt area after landing. Typically, a screen displays the flight number and the carousel number together. To save time and prevent confusion, pay close attention to what is going on.

If your luggage is lost, notify the airline or airport personnel right away.

10. Consider adding in a stopover

When you make it onto a connecting flight, your suitcase is most likely to disappear. To ensure that both you and your luggage board the aircraft, you may want to consider splitting up your trip with a longer layover if you have short turnaround times between flights.

11. Use a baggage tracking device

Photo CNN
Photo CNN

These days, a wide variety of navigation devices with different pricing, designs, and features are available for purchase.

A product that meets your budget is available. This device fits easily in a checked suitcase thanks to its small size. In the unlikely event that they misplace their bags, travelers only need to make a connection to the phone in order to track the location and details.

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