Best Outfits to celebrate New Year

There is a good expression: You will live through the new year the same way you see it in. If you slightly adapt this phrase to the world of fashion, it will sound like this: wearing good clothes on New Year’s Eve, you will live well through it. In other words, your outfit, when meeting the New Year, acts as a certain symbol that can attract good luck and wealth for the next 365 days.

How to do it?

You should choose the right color, style and cut of the New Year’s garment so that the Metal Ox is satisfied with you and helps you. For celebration, choose clothes in light, natural colors, and don’t forget that gray, white, pink, silver and steel are also suitable shades.

No dark, deep or bright colors other than black. But most importantly, your festive look should be comfortable and acceptable to you. Therefore, we have prepared various options for how to celebrate, the Year of the Ox, as Joy Pup cites.

New Years dresses: fashionable styles

Fashion designers don’t focus on one style, on the contrary, women are offered to stay in complete freedom of choice for New Years Eve dresses 2021. You can choose following styles for New Year dresses:

Mini, midi and floor-length: women’s dresses for the New Year

0807 naryad midi joypup
Photo: Joy-Pup

The bull loves grace, femininity and simplicity. When choosing the style of a dress for New Year’s Eve, don’t get too excited about details and decor. It’s better to wear a simple and concise straight cut dress that won’t cause any problems while you’re walking. After all, the White Metal Ox also loves comfort. So leave lush ruffles, luxurious peplum and voluminous sleeves in the Year of the Rat. Metal decorations, rhinestones, sequins, glitter and paillette are really welcome on clothes. Shine on New Year’s Eve 2021 and the whole next year will be illuminated for you with success and good luck!

The symbolism of choosing a festive dress is also hidden in its length. If you want the year to be successful financially, choose long dresses to the floor, do not skimp on fabrics.

0859 naryad joy pup
Photo: Joy-Pup

A midi length dress will bring good luck in your career. If you want to get a promotion, wear a mid-length fancy dress for New Year’s Eve. It should fit well and attract attention with unusual chiffon or stylish details. For example, choose dresses with lace decor, accentuate the silhouette with a belt, or make an emphasis on accessories.

A mini dress worn on New Year’s Eve will guarantee you meeting your love soon. If you are ready to change your life, dress properly and pay special attention to the issue of what clothes to wear during the New Year’s Eve celebration.

Skirts and trousers: the best styles to celebrate New Year

1058 haute instinct
Photo: Haute Instinct

If you decide to wear an outfit with a fashionable skirt for the New Year, the Ox won’t mind your choice. This season, straight pencil styles, models with a cut or wrap are popular. Lush pleated skirts, floor-length models and unexpected asymmetries are also a great choice for creating festive looks.

The fabrics are very diverse – from light translucent chiffon and lace to leather and tweed.

Stylish trousers combined with a light blouse, chic top and jacket are also welcome in a New Year’s outfit. Choose from trendy wide-leg, high-waisted and cropped models. To please the animal of the year еhe colors should be natural and not vibrant. The Ox likes golden, black, gray, pink, beige, silver and green colors.

Blouses for New Year’s Eve

1627 amazon 1
Photo: Amazon

Translucent blouses, delicate tops and shiny shirts – that’s what you need to celebrate the New Year! See photos and get inspired for new looks.

New Years Eve outfits: color spectrum

Fashionable colors of New Years Eve outfits, since it will be held under sign of Yellow Earth Pig, natural predominance of natural shades, such as brown, green, orange, yellow will be logical.

Trendy yellow color is represented in all its variety like apricot, canary, citric, banana, saffron, champagne and gold.

1922 new years eve outfit 1
Photo: JoyfullyStyled

Stylists also recommend paying attention in to dark gray, olive, sea tones with notes of turquoise, indigo, and ultramarine.

In order to create feminine image for New Year , you can turn to pastel shades. Hot hit of season is red dress. This is win-win option for confident girls who want to be center of attention.

However, don’t forget, that red New Years Eve dresses is self-sufficient thing and don’t tolerating competition, so makeup should be neutral. Lipstick is better to choose maroon or transparent, according to Stay Trendy.

New Years Eve Dresses: current colors and finishes

List of trendy colors and shades of New Years Eve dresses to which attention should be paid: yellow, silver, brown, red, blue. Each of named colors has rich palette, but experts recommend choosing not bright, but light or, on the contrary, deep tones.

Mixing of several colors is allowed in fashion. So, noble brown outfit will be able to revive and decorate yellow or golden details. To refresh image will help union of silver and blue. Woman who decides to wear silver-red dress will certainly become object of admiring glances.

Those who prefer more conservative style, can choose white or black New Years Eve dresses, but in this case, outfit should be supplemented with bag or shoes of recommended shades. it’s advisable to give up rhinestones and beads. Emphasis should be placed on rich fabric (velvet or guipure inserts), drapery and embroidery.

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