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Children’s Day is celebrated with great gusto on November 14 every year. Universally, the children's day is celebrated on November 20 every year.

In India, the day marks the birth anniversary of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of independent India. As we all know, he was fondly addressed as “Chacha Nehru” by kids. After his death in 1964, it was decided that his birthday was going to be celebrated as Children’s Day. Every school celebrates Children’s Day by organising cultural events, hosting a feast and letting children come to school in their favorite outfit.

But this year you can surprise your kids, too. Just like adults, children love receiving gifts and even a small gift can make them happy. Here are a few unique gifts that will truly delight the kids.

1. Piggy bank

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Giving a piggy bank to your kid is a great idea. It will teach the kids how to save and use the money and inculcate the habit of always thinking for the future. Once the piggy bank is full, let them buy something with that money.

2. Wrist watch

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All of us remember how adult-like we felt when we learnt how to read the clock. Indulge your kid in the same feeling by gifting them a wrist watch this year. Make sure to choose a watch which is made of a material which is not easily breakable and is water resistant.

3. A magazine subscription

Get your child a magazine or comic subscription this year. There are lots of options to choose from depending if you want to get a monthly or weekly subscription. A subscription is like a gift that your child will receive weekly or monthly.

4. A potted plant

Buy a cute potted plant and add a card with an interesting fact about the plant. Explain to your child how to look after the plant and trust them with the responsibility to give it water and sunshine as needed. This gift will encourage your child to be responsible.

5. Puzzles

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A puzzle is a great way for your kid to get them to exercise their minds. Buy them puzzles of things they are interested in. You can also solve puzzles with your child and enjoy a fun time together.

6. Activity Boxes as Children’s Day gift

Children love toys and games; so give them something useful instead. I am a fan on self help activity boxes, which aids learning with fun. There are many brands of activity boxes available online or offline. Select the age criteria and suitability according to your kid. Subscribe or get just one, these boxes are quite engaging and keep them off gadgets or T.V. addiction.

7. Reading Books – Stories, History or Adventure books

Books bring wisdom and good habit along with knowledge. Adapting it from an early age is favorable. Get them books as per age or interest level. Mine is 6 years and can read whole sentences without help, for her easy read it yourself books would be an ideal gift. Recommend to get hardback books, instead of an app based gadget. Let them LOVE and learn ‘care’ for books. Don’t forget to get gift wrapped them too.

8. Stationary – Notepads, Scratch-book or Doodlers

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Reasonable, and the best gift idea which works most of the times is get them some quirky stationary. Market is full of attractive Notepads, Scratch-books & Doodlers (that’s my personal favorite too) Let the creative juices flow and give them freedom from ‘do-it-yourself’.
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