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World Children’s Day is celebrated every year on November 20. However, Children's Day in India, is about to come on November 14th to remembering the extreme fondness of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru for children.

Even though schools and different organizations organize events and programs based on children and their interests, you can plan this day to have lot of fun with your children and make this day a memorable one for them. Here are some ideas to choose.

1. Organise a neighbourhood picnic

Organise a neighbourhood picnic with your children and get to know other families in your community. You could do a letterbox drop or create a Facebook event, and meet in your local park. This brings back that sense of community and enables your children to make friends in their own neighbourhood. Community support is important and it embraces the concept of ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, which is suggested in Kiwifamilies.

2. Treasure Hunt

We need not sweat over this one as we all know how it works. You hide a valuable artifact and hand the hunters with a map leading to various clues that help them reach it.

The only effort lies in creating a thrilling map and excitingly bizarre clues which makes it a lot more fun to guess the location of the treasure. So hide the treasure and watch them turn into the detectives they are, according to Edsys.

3. Dance Party

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Dancing is fun; there is absolutely no doubt about that. A great and cheap way to celebrate children’s day is to clear up the furniture in your living room, put on some of your kid’s favourite songs, and dance it out with them all evening. Once they’re tired, finish the day with ice cream and their favourite foods to experience a truly magical bonding experience with your kids on one of their favourite days of the year.

4. Playing Dress-up

collect a handful of clothes in various bags and provide one bag each to each kid participating in the game. Set up a timer for 2 minutes. The kid who changes maximum number of clothes in the set time frame wins. Make sure the clothes are comfortable enough to be worn on top of their normal clothes. Woolens would be great, Edsys suggested.

5. Organize Games of Children’s Interest

You can hide something interesting and ask children of your society to make two groups and find the treasure. The winning team will get a prize or dinner at your house, anything that you like to offer. Plan interesting games keeping in mind the age group of children included in your group.

6. Go On a Camping Trip

Make a group of children from your society and go for a camping trip. You can choose your backyard for the purpose. In this way parents of the children will also stay assured of the safety of their children. You can also include parents of the children participating if you want.

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7. Have a Movie Party

Call some of the friends of your children and plan out a kid’s movie party. You can organize the party at home with your home theatre on and make some popcorn and enjoy the day with your children.

8. Plant a Tree Plant

Helping your child take interest in nature is the best gift you can give to your child. Plant a tree or at least a flower plant with your child this Children’s Day and celebrate the day by taking a step towards saving our environment.

9. Bake with Them

Sometimes, being a part of the preparations is as special as the main event. Have your kids kneed dough with you, add some flavour, make some icing, and of course, have them taste the cookie dough or cake dough, while you bake some delicacies with your little ones. You can even give them cookie cutters in different shapes, sprinkles, and other decorations, so they can make special cookies. Once you’re done, sit with them and have a small party where you eat your special cookies, Parenting.firstcry noted.

What have you planned for the kids this children’s day? Whatever it is, make sure it is fun-filled, exciting and makes it a day to be remembered. At the same time do not forget to add the engaging ingredient to the recipe. Let them feel the involvement in each aspect and at the end of the day, they will feel proud and content to have celebrated the day with much responsibility and joy.

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