Ghost of Tsushima: Release Date, Cast and Plot
Ghost of Tsushima movie. Photo: Youtube

Sony and Sucker Punch’s PlayStation 4 hit Ghost of Tsushima is being adapted into a movie with John Wick director Chad Stahelski at the helm, Deadline first reported on Thursday. Sony confirmed the film’s development in a blog shortly after.

Nate Fox, Game Director at Sucker Punch, broke the news in a PlayStation Blog post, revealing that Jin Sakai's story of revenge is going to be re-told on the big screen. And expect an emotional ride, as Fox starts with his piece by talking about how "We’ve all been brought to tears in a movie theater surrounded by strangers," crediting E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

In the announcement, Fox also explained some of the financial rationale behind the adaptation: Ghost of Tsushima is a hit with more than 6.5 million copies sold.

Of course, the Ghost of Tsushima movie has a high bar to meet in terms of cinematography and beauty. The game itself is as cinematic and as gorgeous as video games get. And just like the black and white Snyder Cut, Ghost of Tsushima offers a way to turn off the colors for a different look in its Kurosawa mode.

When will the Ghost of Tsushima movie premiere?

Ghost of Tsushima is Sony’s latest game franchise to be adapted into a movie. Tom Holland is starring as Nathan Drake in a movie adaption of the Indiana Jones-like Uncharted series that’s set to release on February 11th, 2022. Sony’s upcoming big-screen take on Metal Gear Solid will star Oscar Isaac as Solid Snake.

Sony is also working on a TV adaptation of The Last of Us for HBO, which will star The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey, known for her role as Lyanna Mormont in Game of Thrones, as Ellie.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Chad and 87Eleven Entertainment, to bring their vision of Jin’s story to the big screen,” said Asad Qizilbash, head of PlayStation Productions, in a statement to Deadline. “We love working with creative partners like Chad, who have a passion for our games, ensuring we can create rich adaptations that will excite our fans and new audiences.”

“We are happy to partner with Sony Pictures to make this happen,” Nate Fox, game director at Sucker Punch, said in a statement on the PlayStation blog. “And Jin is in very good hands with the film’s director. Chad Stahelski created something special with John Wick. His vision for what could be, backed up by years of experience, combined to create some of the finest action scenes ever created. If anyone could bring to life the razor-sharp tension of Jin’s katana combat, it’s Chad Stahelski.” Fox also confirmed that the Ghost of Tsushima game has sold 6.5 million copies since its release last July, according to Theverge.

Ghost of Tsushima movie: Chad Stahelski is directing

Ghost of Tsushima: Release Date, Cast and Plot
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While we're plenty excited to see the island of Tsushima on the big screen, the coolest news of the entire announcement is that Jin Sakai's story is in just the right hands. Chad Stahelski, the maestro of the John Wick franchise, will be directing the Ghost of Tsushima movie.

And while John Wick movies are known for their "gun fu," trust that Stahelski is going to be precise with the sword play. That's because gun fu is more than just bullets, as Stahelski describes the style as a mix of "Japanese jiu-jitsu, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, tactical 3-gun, and standing Judo."

And we expect he'll be seeking input from all the requisite experts, including the team behind the game, for a faithful adaptation. The John Wick movies are nothing if not obsessed with meticulous detail in fight choreography. Just watch Stahelski explain gun fu in this clip about John Wick 2, Tomsguide reported.

Who's in the cast of the Ghost of Tsushima movie?

No casting announcements have been made yet. But even if it's way too early to speculate on who might be in the movie, we can still consider which characters from the game might appear in the film.

Jin Sakai seems like a no-brainer. He's the protagonist of the video game, the last member of a samurai order tasked with organizing the resistance against the Mongol invasion. That probably means the movie's main villain will be the same as the video game's: the Mongol general and grandson of Genghis Khan, Khotun Khan. Jin's uncle and overlord, Lord Shimura, also seems like a logical choice — the game begins when the Mongols capture him, forcing Jin to mount a rescue operation.

If the movie borrows from the game and has Jin recruiting a ragtag crew of warriors, the movie could also include Yuna the thief, her brother Taka the blacksmith, the archer Sensei Ishikawa, the merchant and con artist Kenji, and the warrior Lady Masako Adachi.

What will the Ghost of Tsushima movie be about?

Ghost of Tsushima: Release Date, Cast and Plot
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Since it's based on a popular video game, the Ghost of Tsushima movie will have lots of source material to draw from. The question is, how faithful of an adaptation will it be? Even video game movies that closely adhered to the source material, like Prince of Persia or Silent Hill, still added elements not found in the games.

Even if it's a loose adaptation, the Ghost of Tsushima movie will probably involve the real-life Mongol invasion of Japan in 1274 CE, and it will probably be told from the perspective of the game's main character, Jin Sakai, who's the last living member of an order of samurai and Tsushima's only hope at stopping the Mongols. The game's plot involves rescuing Jin's jitō, Lord Shimura, whom the Mongols have captured. To do this, Jin recruits several warriors from the island to wage a guerrilla war on the numerically superior enemy. So, the movie will probably depict something like that.

But one thing does feel like a safe bet: Ghost of Tsushima will be directed by Chad Stahelski, director of the first four John Wick movies, so there will no doubt be plenty of kickass action sequences. He clearly knows how to film a sword fight, Looper cited.

Ghost Of Tsushima Game

Ghost Of Tsushima is a long-awaited action RPG game from Sucker Punch Productions, which was first announced as a PlayStation 4 exclusive back in 2017 at Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Paris Games Week press conference.

Ghost Of Tsushima is developed by Sucker Punch Productions, which is responsible for other popular series such as Infamous and Sly Cooper. The game will be published exclusively on the PS4 by Sony Interactive Entertainment, which also owns Sucker Punch.

The game is inspired by true events in Japanese history. It is set in the late 13th century on Tsushima island, during the first Mongol invasion of Japan. Players control Jin Sakai, one of the island’s last samurai, as he learns the way of the Ghost – a unique combat style – in an effort to drive back the invaders, NME wrote.

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